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MAR 2017

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26 / march 2017 / hme news Through "persistence, integrity, produc- tive paranoia, hyper-focusing and outstand- ing service," he has managed to keep his company viable amid a chaotic and inhos- pitable HME environment. Ahead of the event, Burman shared some of his thoughts with HME n ews. hme n ews: What's an example of how your company has grown in the face of industry challenges? Steve Burman: Through our outstanding customer service—most notably in regard to our clinical knowledge of wounds. We are a resource to our referral sources in making the most appropriate choices in supplies. If your customer service team is better than your competition, you will grow. n aturally, this is not the case in a competitive bidding atmosphere and our business has not been impacted as much as the rest of the industry. hme : What has been the key to your suc- ceeding despite the challenges? Burman: Persistence, integrity, productive paranoia—understanding the need to keep reserves. While we don't know what crisis is around the corner, we understand that a crisis will occur. We are focusing on what we do well and not jeopardizing our service by taking part in competitive bidding. hme : What is the role of your leadership in that success? Burman: My role is to empower my employ- ees to perform their jobs as close to 100% h andy c ane Handy Cane The Handy Cane is a stylish walking aid that functions like a traditional cane, but also has a built-in, reaching grasper for picking up hard to reach objects. The grasper's ergonomic design makes it nimble enough to pick up a coin lying on the floor, and strong enough to grab a jar or book from a shelf. When not in use, the grasper remains tucked inside an elegant cane that provides support and stability on-the-go. Booth: 1169 t hermo t ek, Inc. VascuTherm 5 Introducing VascuTherm 5—the total solution to DVT/VT e patient management. Completely redesigned with physician- driven, customizable therapy profiles, the VascuTherm 5 offers the patient highly effective DVT prophylaxis at the calf (45 mmHg) or foot (100 mmHg). When combined with thermo-electric (iceless) cooling, heating, or contrast temperature management and vascular compression at the operative site, the VascuTherm 5's programmable multiple treatment modalities offers the physician, DM e provider and patient extremely safe and reliable post-operative therapy. Booth: 842 c ompass h ealth p roBasics s emi- e lectric Bed p ackage The p roBasics s emi- e lectric Bed p ackage is designed for true one-man delivery, making setup, cleaning and maintenance easy—no special tools required. It includes a single motor semi-electric bed, a polyester fiber core mattress, and your choice of clamp-on half rails or full rails. s upports patients up to 450 pounds. Booth: 605 m yung s hin m edical c ompany, U sa Nano Technology Far Infrared Heat Therapy Medical Domes Nano Technology Far Infrared Heat Therapy Medical Domes are used for pain relief and cellular detoxification. The domes are great for arthritis, muscle and joint stiffness. Far infrared heat penetrates 2-3 inches deep into the muscle, tendons and ligaments to dilate blood vessels and arteries to bring oxygenated nutrients to the capillaries. Booth: 769 m ettler e lectronics c orp. T e N s * s TIM 211, Over-the- Counter, T e N s and Muscle s timulation Unit Mettler e lectronics is pleased to introduce the T e N s * s TIM 211, two channel digital OTC, no prescription necessary, T e N s / e M s device. The large LCD display is easy to see from any angle and provides a visual for operation modes, treatment time and output. The T e N s mode provides eight preset programs and the muscle stimulation mode provides six preset programs that are all created for specific patient conditions. Booth: 1069 SHOW PRODUCTS dm E Software m edforce t echnologies, Inc. s ignCenter s ignCenter is a HI paa - compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool designed specifically for health care. Flexible management tools allow you to control the signing experience, indicating where and when documents can be signed, including by email or in person. a markup tool goes beyond signature and allows notations. s ignCenter works seamlessly within Medforce's suite of products to manage the full document signature lifecycle. It can also stand alone or integrate with third- party imaging systems. Booth: 710 BB m K t echnologies Niko Health Niko Health is an innovative, intuitive and user friendly cloud based software solution designed to help your company provider better patient care, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately allow you to make more money. Booth: 635 Brightree g et p aidHM e a pp Turn your mobile device into an instant payment tool with the Brightree g et p aidHM e app. g et p aid allows your delivery technicians, hospital liaisons, respiratory therapists or sales staff to process patient payments anywhere in real time. With g et p aid you can accept all major credit cards, e-checks and F sa /H sa cards, as well as email payment receipts. g et p aid allows the user to scan a sales order directly from the delivery ticket and the patient listing is added to the delivery queue. Once the payment is processed, the app automatically posts payments back into the Brightree billing system, eliminating manual entry. g et p aid mobile pay helps you get paid on the spot, fast. Booth: 1021 ac U- s erve HI paa wise HI paa wise provides a simple, automated, and affordable solution to assist you in becoming HI paa compliant. HI paa wise has prebuilt templates that walk you through the elements of HI paa compliance and allows you to dynamically incorporate it as a safeguard against willful neglect. HI paa wise allows covered entities and business associates the ability to develop and maintain all documentation, policies and procedures, security risk assessments and more, in one easily accessible application. Booth: 735 a spen m edical Products a spen Lumbar s upport The a spen Lumbar s upport features a simple, elegant design with the essential elements required in a spinal brace to effectively relieve pain. Utilizing a spen's foundational inelastic design, elastic qualities have been incorporated for a tailored and comfortable fit. This innovative combination, coupled with a spen's patented compression system, provides effective low back pain relief for the active patient. Booth: 944 o rthotics c ore Products International FootFlexor a nkle Foot Orthosis The FootFlexor a FO is a dynamic aid for individuals with foot drop and similar conditions that require dorsal flexion support. When properly maintained and used, the FootFlexor helps improve walking, increases confidence in walking ability, and helps reduce the incidence of falls. Booth: 751 I n G s ource O s 1st D s 6 Decompression s leeve O s 1st D s 6 Decompression s leeve is a new overnight/ resting p lantar Fasciitis ( p F) treatment device. Recommended for more severe p F symptoms when chronic pain is present, this device will offer relief in the morning after sleep. D s 6 is made using patent pending K-ZoneTechnology for a comfortable overnight/resting therapy that offers benefits consistent with clinical taping. Designed to "decompress" the arch, it reduces strain on the soft tissue without discomfort or the bulkiness and inconvenience of straps and bindings. Booth: 863 s wede- o s wede-O Thermal Universal Thumb s pica s wede-O Thermal Universal Thumb s pica effectively stabilizes and restricts motion of the M p joint, CMC joint and the UCL to reduce the effects of hyperextension and promote healing. a malleable stay provides desired positioning for the 1st MC p . Useful for UCL injuries associated with sports, skiing and work related strain problems. e xceptional support, compression and heat therapy helps reduce or relieve thumb pain. Universal one size fits most. HC p C s coding verified L3923 or L3924. Booth: 731 r es m ed a irFit F20 & N20 ResMed's a irFit F20 full face mask and N20 nasal mask deliver positive airway pressure ( pap ) treatment for sleep apnea. e quipped with innovations designed to improve mask fit, comfort and ease of use, the new- generation masks offer helpful features, including an Infinity s eal silicone cushion and easy on-and-off magnetic clips. The masks are part of ResMed's a ir s olutions connected care portfolio. Booth: 1115 c ompass h ealth Dream e asy Nasal C pap Mask s tarter Kit Dream e asy Nasal C pap Mask comes in a convenient starter kit. The kit includes the Dream e asy Nasal C pap Mask with headgear and medium seal, along with individually sealed small- and large-sized seals and an easy-to-use sizing guide. e verything you need to set up new patients or transition existing patients—all in one resealable bag. Booth: 605 Fabrication e nterprises Lido s pot p ain Relieving p atch The p oint Relief Lido s pot pain relieving patch is designed to enhance your patient's pain treatment regimen. e ach patch contains the highest permissible amount of lidocaine (4%) without a prescription and 1% menthol. The patch is large enough to fit areas, such as the back or thigh, and can be cut to fit small, hard to fit areas such as the wrist or elbow. Booth: 1134 Sleep o ther correct as possible in a style and schedule that works for them. My role has included creating new programs that are clinical in nature and that benefit all interested par- ties by delivering better outcomes at a lower cost. hme : What new challenges do you see down the road? Burman: o ne of the biggest challenges is educating insurers so they understand that we are not suppliers—we are health pro- viders made up of pharmacists and nurses who understand how difficult it is to create good outcomes. hme : Why is the HME industry worth stick- ing with? Burman: Providers furnish more than equip- ment or supplies. It's almost shocking to me that anyone actually believes a mega pro- vider can deliver more value than a focused independent provider. o ur challenge and goal is to prove that our services actually do provide better outcomes at a reduced cost to our healthcare system. hme b urm A n C O N T I N U e D F R O M pa g e 2 4 Steve Burman C e O, Burman's Medical s upplies m onday, f eb. 27, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Session: " s uccess s tories in HM e : How p roviders Have g rown in the Face of a Declining Industry" 2017

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