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APR 2017

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News 4 WWW . HMENEWS . C o M / A pril 2017 / HME NEWS 888-834-4381 4080 Lafayette Center Drive Suite 250 Chantilly, VA 20151 Bulky face mask attached to a noisy machine Can interfere with partner's sleep May not work in the event of electrical outage Difficult to travel with Forced air may dry out nose, mouth and throat May limit movement while sleep Small, lightweight, disposable & convenient Does not disrupt bed partner's sleep Is not affected by an electrical outage 30 Supply easily fits in your purse or pocket Can breathe normally using ambient air Can move freely while sleeping CPAP PROVENT Bulky face mask attached to a noisy machine Can interfere with partner's sleep Small, lightweight, disposable & convenient Does not disrupt bed partner's sleep CPAP PROVENT BE A PART OF THIS BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT FOR OSA GREAT COST CENTER POTENTIAL TO GET STARTED CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFO By l iz Beaulieu, e ditor AL b AN y , N. y . – n ew York and n ew Jer- sey are the two latest states to merge their HME associations. The n ew York Medical Equip- ment Providers Association ( n YMEP) and the Jersey Associa- tion of Medical Equipment Ser- vices (JAMES) formed the n orth- east Medical Equipment Providers Association ( n EMEP) in January. "We wanted to broker on our already close involvement," said Kim Voelker, executive director of n EMEP. "We also wanted to open up avenues for membership growth." For now, n EMEP has blend- ed the leadership of n YMEP and JAMES, so for each officer role there are two providers, one from n ew York and one from n ew Jersey, Voelker says. Daniel DeSimone of n YMEP is president, and Dr. Kevin Saluck of JAMES is president-elect, she says. Membership numbers for both associations have been down, espe- cially in the wake of two Medicare New York, New Jersey form NEMEP reimbursement cuts in rural areas in 2016, acknowledges Anthony Cecere, president of Homecare USA in West Babylon, n .Y., and past president of n YMEP. "We were able to hang on to more membership than we thought we would be able to, but there has been some contraction for both associations," he said. One association means being able to spread costs and share resources, Cecere says. "We can be more efficient finan- cially," he said. "There is no dupli- cation of efforts. n ow we have one executive director; we have one publication." One association also means more power, says DeSimone, president and CEO of Continued Care of Long Island in Farmingdale, n .Y. "It's an awesome thing to pull off, because it definitely strengthens our membership and unifies our voice a bit more," he said. n EMEP is open to adding other contiguous states to further strengthen its base, Cecere says. "We're in talks and I see us expanding," he said. h M e access due to low rates, too few providers and audit threats," wrote one provider. "They've temporar- ily delayed the program because it needs to be replaced with a whole new program that actually works." There are those, of course, that wish the whole idea of competitive bidding would go away. "Don't just delay the program," wrote one provider. "Put a stake in its heart, garlic around its neck and bury it in the CMS Hall of Shame." Providers acknowledge, howev- er, that CMS will likely be back on track with competitive bidding, in one form another, before too long. "I'm not reading too much into the delay," wrote one provider. h M e b I d d ELA y c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 3 decisions based on the higher rates, say stakeholders. "I think a lot of people made changes based on thinking it would go back to the Jan. 1, 2016, rate," Brummett said. Stakeholders also take issue with the timeline for the relief, which sets an implementation date of July 3, although the DME MACs can start processing affect- ed claims as soon as the revised fee schedules are available—on or after May 1. That's a long time to wait to be paid, they say. "Some providers probably haven't even submitted claims," Brummett said. "They're waiting for the fee schedule to be loaded as opposed to getting a partial payment." h M e A dju STMENT c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 Dr . Kevin Saluck, president-elect, and Daniel DeSimone, president .

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