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hme news / july 2017 / 19 Business Development Power wheelchairs By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor W ith reimbursement dollars drying up for standard power chairs under m edicare, it's no surprise that the category is becoming more retail-oriented in scope for mobility providers. m eanwhile, the scooter business—which has been a strong retail category for years—continues to expand and augment its product offerings. Charting the decline of third-party provi- sion for standard power wheelchairs, Chris b lackmore notes that "the number of pro- viders willing and able to provide stan- dard power has drastically dropped." t o continue providing basic power products under m edicare allowables, hme provid- ers "count on selling the consumer some type of retail product or they count on their repeat business for another product," said b lackmore, national director of business and product development for Cape Coral, Fla.-based m erits h ealth Products. t o be sure, "the mobility market is evolving into a more retail environment and trending away from the third-party payer system," agreed C.J. Copley, execu- tive vice president for sales and marketing Consumer mobility intensifies retail focus for Old Forge, Pa.-based Golden t echnolo- gies. t hat dynamic puts more pressure on manufacturers "to be more innovative than ever to not only meet the needs of custom- ers, but exceed their expectations as well," he said. t o Greg Packer, president of Waterloo, i owa-based u . s . r ehab, "Consumer mobil- ity has become a much more risky oppor- tunity in the market at the current level of reimbursement. With standard power mov- ing to cap rental, reimbursement rates have made it even more challenging. i t takes 13 months to receive full reimbursement for the equipment. Along with billing 13 times to m edicare, you need to bill each month for your co-payment." Forging ahea D Despite the challenges with m edicare reim- bursement, some providers are continuing to operate within the system and some are even considering entering the business. What factors do they need to consider and how do they manage the business to keep it profitable? John Wright, executive vice president of sales management and business develop- ment for Carson, Calif.-based s hoprider m obility Products, says it takes taut con- trol of the entire operation. " e fficiency is necessary for every part of the transaction, from automating the order intake and referral source documentation processes, streamlining inventory control and logistics, and outsourcing or consoli- dating as many labor-intensive positions as needed within the company," he said. " t he provider that is willing to make these changes will always be viable as their com- petitors that are unable or unwilling to change, will dwindle over time." Cody Verrett, president of r OV i m obil- ity Products, s hoprider's rehab subsidiary, adds: " i think they first need to understand all the ins and outs of the entire process, so they can lay out the best options for their customer. i t's no secret the boomers have a substantial amount of discretionary savings and they don't always want their mobility limited to just what their insur- ance will cover. t he successful provider needs to clearly lay out all the options for their customers and then let them decide which choices are best." Category Consumer mobility reta IL t H r US t ■ Focus on cash: With Medicare dollars on the wane for standard power mobility, HME providers are repositioning their approach toward cash sales. By venturing in this direction, manufacturers and providers need to concentrate on consumer preferences and meet those expectations. H a N g IN g IN t H ere ■ Staying the course: Some providers are committed to the Medicare side of the business, but for them (or other providers considering it) to succeed, they need to keep a tight rein on operations by automating the order intake and referral source documentation processes, streamlining inventory control and logistics, and outsourcing or consolidating as many labor-intensive positions as needed within the company. SC oot IN g a H ea D ■ Expanded horizons: As the scooter category continues to grow its retail focus, manufacturers are widening the breadth of product offerings and improving performance, portability and convenience for users. m o b i l i t y S E E p A g E 2 2 Dalton Medical P r IM e CH a I r ■ Adjustable joystick from the armrest to a comfortable position. ■ Swivel seat can be turned to 45 degrees or 90 degrees for your comfortable position. ■ 300-pound weight capacity; as low as $745. Merits Health Products Fo LDIN g Power wH ee LCH a I r P181-P183 ■ Can be ordered in six sizes to accommodate up to 700 pounds. ■ Removable batteries and folding frame make ideal for transport. ■ Elevating legrests available. Shoprider Mobility XL r 14 ■ Multiple battery configurations for range. ■ 14-inch mid-wheel drive system for stability. ■ Lower seat to floor height at just 18 inches. Rovi r ov I X2 ■ In-line battery configuration for stability. ■ Narrow overall width for indoor accessibility. ■ ARC suspension and EAD 4-pole motors for maneuverability. Sunrise Medical Q UIC k I e QM -7 ■ Drive performance, intelligent design, advanced mechanics, and electronic options. ■ For traction and handling, SpiderTrac 2.0 features independent movement of all six wheels. ■ SEDEO Ergo with biometric repositioning for independent repositioning. Merits Health Products S IL vera D o eX tre M e- S941L ■ Sporty design, full suspension and 9.6mph makes this an ideal outdoor scooter. ■ The Silverado Extreme has a 450-pound weight capacity. ■ Digital LCD dashboard, storage compartment are just a few additional features offered. Pride Mobility Products r a P tor S C ooter by Pr ID e ■ Exceptional community-use performance, with up to 14 mph, full suspension, 31-mile range. ■ Automotive styling, with full lighting and signals, LED dash gauges, spacious trunk. ■ High-performance 16-inch wheels; 400-pound weight capacity; plush adjustable seat. Shoprider Mobility eNDU ro XL4 P LUS ■ 500-pound maximum weight capacity. ■ Up to 25 miles of range per battery charge. ■ Full suspension system for increased maneuverability. Permobil M5 Cor PUS ■ Suspension geometry provides stability even in 14 inches of seat elevation. ■ FlexLink Pro suspension features vibration suppression with independent drive wheel suspension. ■ ActiveReach technology provides 20 degrees of forward tilt. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare tI ta N a XS M ID - wH ee L Dr I ve ■ The reclining captain's seat, available in seven width and depth combinations, is height adjustable. ■ Adjustable length joystick mount and programmable controller with Bluetooth electronics for easy troubleshooting. ■ Features adjustable headrest, armrests and flip-up footplate. Scooters Manual wheelchairs Dalton Medical Da L to N w H ee LCH a I r w I t H SH ower C o MM o D e FIX t U re S ■ Self-propelled wheelchair with 24-inch rear wheel, can be used as a commode. ■ Removable padded anti-bacterial seat and back. ■ Cushioned vinyl seat. Special price: $275. Compass Health Brands Pro b a SICS t ra NSF or M er wH ee LCH a I r ■ Lightweight K4 wheelchair with 24-inch quick-release removable wheels. ■ Quickly "transforms" from a self-propelled manual wheelchair to a transport chair. ■ Durable blue flame finish. Merits Health Products Pro DUC t Na M e: Co N verter – L405 ■ Easily converts from a companion chair to a self-propelled wheelchair. ■ Available in a 16-, 18- or 20-inch seat width. ■ Comes with height adjustable flip-up armrests. GF Health Products, Inc. e vere S t & Je NNIN g S t rave L er L3 P LUS ■ Two-position rear wheel and caster axle provide 2-inch seat height adjustment. ■ Tool-free adjustable front rigging, non-marking polyurethane tires, and anti-tippers. ■ 300-pound maximum weight capacity. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare ZooMe aU to-F L e X Fo LDIN g t rave L ■ Fully electronic folding in 15 seconds or less with wireless key fob; includes two ignition keys and one key fob. ■ Aluminum alloy frame, airline-safe lithium battery, easy throttle control, delta tiller for users with limited dexterity. ■ Auto-folding seat, secondary manual-release levers and toggle switch for folding. Sunrise Medical Q UIC k I e I r IS M a NU a L w H ee LCH a I r ■ Known for quality and durability, now with increased weight capacity. ■ The optional JAY lower extremity support makes adjustments even easier. ■ Improvements to seat pan allow for quicker installation of positioning components. Convaid Co N va ID Cr UIS er ■ 30-degree fixed tilt angle improves postural control through upper body positioning. ■ Custom built to your specifications. ■ Adjustable seat depth extends chair life. Seat backs Dynamic Systems S UNM ate ■ Viscoelastic, slow-flow body contouring with uniform weight distribution for pressure relief. ■ Support capability alleviates fatigue. ■ Eight pressure support levels. Action Products Inc. aC t I o N t w IS ter wH ee LCH a I r b a C k ■ Adjustable tension with hook-and-loop straps. ■ Incorporates Akton polymer cube inserts to reduce pressure and shearing. ■ Rippled design maximizes airflow. Varilite e vo LU t I o N C USHI o N ■ For wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. ■ Pressure distribution, positioning stability. ■ VARILITE air-foam floatation. Supracor St IMULI te S LIMLIN e XS C USHI o N ■ Soft top layer of specially engineered Stimulite honeycomb fused to a bottom layer. ■ Pressure relief, stability, ventilation. ■ Naturally antimicrobial and allergen free, machine washable.

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