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New Products 22 / july 2017 / hme news Periodicals postage paid at Yarmouth, ME and additional mailing office. HME News (ISSN 10913823) is published monthly by United Publications, Inc., 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998, Yarmouth, ME 04096; 207- 846-0600. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or prices quoted in the magazine. Contributors are responsible for proprietary classified information. ©2017 by United Publications. All rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publisher is expressly prohibited. Reprints may be obtained from The YGS Group at 717-505-9701, ext. 100. Back issues, when available, cost $7 each within the past 12 months, $12 each prior to the past 12 months. Back issue orders must be paid in advance either by check or charged to American Express, Visa, or Master Card. HME News is distributed without charge in North America to qualified home medical equipment providers. Paid print subscriptions to those not qualified cost $65 annually to the U.S. and Canada and $150 to all other countries. All payments must be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. For subscriber services, including subscription information, please call 800-869-6882. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to HME News, PO Box 1888, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888. downward pressure on profits," Teijin said in a press release. "Based on current condi- tions and the outlook going forward, (we) ultimately decided to withdraw from the U.S. market." Investors like predictability, which is in short supply due to healthcare reform efforts, say analysts. "We're not going to see the investment we saw previously from foreign entities until we get at least a stable mandate (one the Afford- able Care Act)," said Brad Smith, managing director/partner at Vertess. "Whether good, bad or indifferent, a stable environment is what you need to attract investors." There's also the issue of Pacific Pulmonary Services' recent $11.4 million settlement* with the government for allegedly making patient referrals to sleep clinics in exchange for CPAP referrals. Still, analysts see signs of optimism, point- of business from our competitors. How do we know? They tell us." Poor experience can kill repeat busi- ness. It can be anything from products not displayed properly to just poor customer service, said Slavitt. "People enjoy the personal touch, they enjoy being respected," he said. "They like having someone really listening to their issue and not just try to sell them the first things that comes to mind." c ombat 'showrooming' with service While drawing repeat customers is good business, drawing people who don't plan to spend a dime in your store is not. Most brick-and-mortar stores—HME and otherwise—have had to put up with "showrooming," where a customer comes in to check out a product in person, often even taking up valuable employee time, and then buying online, on the theory that it's cheaper. For Slavitt, offering white glove deliv- ery service as part of the purchase price is the answer. Mobül will deliver, say, a lift chair, position it for you, install bat- teries, and remove other furniture if you want. The provider tops it all off with two years of free additional labor to the in- home warranty, says Slavitt. "If you were to go to the two leading online retailers that sell lift chairs and put that same chair in the cart, pay for their delivery, and add on the two years, guess what?" he said. "Our prices are lower than theirs." hme If there is one paramount consideration providers need to make in the retail mobil- ity field, it's that one size does not fit all, says Manny Huguez, vice president of sales and marketing for San Jose, Calif.-based Pathway Mobility. "Having a broad-based solution strategy is important—in a cash sales environment, you need to showcase products that bet- ter reflect the needs of the consumer and embrace new product designs," he said. "Customers self-funding realize they have more choices, including more lifestyle- and travel-friendly models. Providers should con- tinually research the market to keep a pulse on new and relevant product releases that will resonate with the consumer." s cooters roll along As consumer mobility intensifies its focus on retail, the scooter category has benefited from cash sales for several years, market analysts say. By appealing to consumer preferences, manufacturers have increased the aesthetics and developed new technology to keep the category relevant and vibrant. "Scooters are a much more popular item in the retail market and those who use this repeat biz c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1 ing to last year's acquisition of American HomePatient by Lincare, which is part of industrial gas giant Linde, which is merging with Praxair. "There may be some signs of hope for the Aprias and the Rotechs of the world," said Glass. In another sign that bigger may be better, Quadrant Management, which already owns other home healthcare providers, including Landauer Metropolitan in Mount Vernon, N.Y., which it bought out of bankruptcy for $22 million in 2013, now has an opportunity to "take a more serious jump in the water," say analysts. "I think they are in a position to come in at the bottom of the market and build a national company," he said. "They can greatly increase the size of the business and greatly expand the geographic reach of their company." hme mobility c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 9 teijin kills bid for us market c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 product are using it more for age-related reasons versus actual disease-driven cause," Packer observed. "Scooters can be a great aid to get people around on vacations, fairs, or events but are more limited in use around the house due to maneuverability." New generation scooters offer more attach- ments and are built for longer transport, Packer says, "like a mini car, so the user can go down the block to the store and over to a friend's house and not be just confined to their living area." Advancements in weather protection with covered scooters allow users to use them in the rain and snow, as well, he said. Indeed, the scooter offerings and options over the past few years "have drastically changed," Blackmore agreed. "Travel scoot- ers are lighter, more compact and easy to assemble or fold." Moreover, the breadth of the scooter line has dramatically expanded to include many more options, colors, and quality available today, Copley added. "Medicare only pays for indoor devices for those people who are approved with a certificate of medical necessity," he said. "But we know that people want to live their lives and want to be able to go outside and therefore they look for a selection to fit their need." hme Apacheta Route Manager Using Apacheta's route optimization engine, Route Manager re-orders deliveries into the most efficient sequence for that day, factoring in time and distance to provide the shortest and quickest travel times between stops. This allows delivery teams to save significant time and vehicle costs, which ultimately leads to increased patient satisfaction and operating profitability. Route Manager will work in tangent with Transport Manager to obtain necessary information for each stop and send the optimized route to the TransportACE software. Drive DeVilbiss h ealthcare IntelliPAP CPAP Pillow Specifically designed for CPAP users, the new IntelliPAP CPAP Pillow can accom- modate back, side and stomach sleep- ers while helping to reduce tubing drag and mask shift. Made in the USA of hypoallergenic materials, the pillow comes with a fitted, machine‐washable pillowcase. Compass h ealth Brands Roscoe Dinosaur Pediatric Nebulizer System The Roscoe Dinosaur Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer System is a quiet, easy-to- use unit with child- friendly designs. The durable piston driven compressor provides a comfortable, effective treatment. It comes standard with a disposable neb- ulizer, kink-resistant tubing, pediatric mask, angled mouthpiece and five air filters. An optional reusable neb kit is available. R82 Wombat Living The Wombat Living Activity Chair has a fresh new look with modern colors. Perfect for daily activities, Wombat Living is available in three sizes and many different configurations. Choose between wheel sizes, cushions and frame colors, and how you want to operate the height and tilt adjustments. A DV e R tise R i n D ex Permobil M3 The M3 is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard speed of 6 mph. ActiveReach technology combines seat elevator height of 12 inches with up to 20 degrees of anterior tilt, allowing the user to access more within their environment. A combination of swing arms, linear spring design and FlexLink suspension enable the M3 to achieve full suspension at any elevation, seating position or driving speed, and the seating system moves rearward 3.5 inches to maintain three points of contact with chassis at all times for even greater stability. VirtuOx VPOD Dream The VPOD Dream is the first-of-its-kind pulse oximeter that measures not only SpO2 and heart rate, but also respiratory rate, oxygen desaturation by body position, and sleep time. These met- rics together provide a clearer and more accurate indication of the patient's true health status than traditional pulse oximeters. The VPOD Dream has a "good study" indicator that shows you its activity so you'll know if the patient wears the device throughout the night. Alex Orthopedic, i nc. Comfort Bed Socks Comfort Bed Socks are composed of 60% acrylic, 30% wool and 10% nylon. They are ideal for those with cold feet, those who don't like slippers, or those that just want to pamper themselves. The socks feature a non-restrictive, fold-down cuff, a brushed wool loop pile inner for warmth and a syn- thetic outer for strength and durability. The socks are available in 22 colors and patterns; three have anti-skid surfaces on the sole. Company ............................. 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