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JUL 2017

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Smart Talk 8 / july 2017 / hme news Social Media e fficiencie S GCE Healthcare E-mail: Toll Free: 1-888-659-2102 International: 1-817-268-9220 Portable Oxygen Concentrators from GCE Healthcare • Up to 1050ml of oxygen per minute • Pulse only oxygen delivery • Field replaceable sieve beds • Weighs approximately 5lbs • Up to 2 liters of oxygen per minute • Continuous and Pulse oxygen delivery • Field replaceable sieve beds • Weighs approximately 10lbs MADE IN THE USA Empower your patients to stay active Harness the pixel By Katlyn Bourget Q. How can a f acebook pixel help my business? a . If you're new to the Facebook advertising world, a Facebook pixel is probably the last thing on your e xplore phone alternatives By Melissa Koza K Q. d o i need to hire a call center or answering service? a . When you ask companies why they provide phone support, they'll usually say because their customers often want real help from a real person, right away. In a lot of businesses, phone support can actually deliver that. If you call your credit card company, you'll reach a real person who can pull up your account, and resolve your problem right away. But if a patient or caregiver calls your home infusion com- pany after hours, the person they reach cannot actually help them. They can only initiate the process to get help for them. That process can take minutes or hours. When a patient does get a call back, it starts with them repeating every- thing they already told the person with whom they left a message. As a home infusion nurse myself, I have extensive experience with this process. I know that even sim- ple questions, left unanswered for only a few minutes, can cause a tremendous amount of unneces- sary anxiety. As we know, there are numer- ous hugely popular alternatives to the phone, like texting and chat apps. These are increasingly being used in healthcare—many of my patients prefer texting me. With a secure, HIPAA-compliant messag- ing tool with smart on-call rout- ing, there is no real need for call centers anymore. Some people think older people don't text or chat, or that it is less personal. Studies have shown that older smart phone users (65+) are open to messaging apps with a user- friendly interface. As far as being less personal: To me, patients tap- ping an app and reaching a nurse immediately sounds like better personal service than messages left with call centers. hme Melissa Kozak is CEO of Citus Health. Reach her at Melissa.kozak@citush- mind. But, it shouldn't be. The pixel has been a game changer when it comes to advertising on Facebook, allowing your content to get in front of the right audience. h ow does facebook pixel work? You can find your pixel code in Facebook Ads Manager. You will then need to add the Facebook pixel code into the original code of your website. I would recom- mend working with a social media professional and web developer to install your Facebook pixel. From there, you can create audi- ences based on visitors to your overall website, or even specific pages, and target those visitors with an ad on Facebook. There is no limit to the number of audi- ences you create. w hy should i be using it? The pixel allows you to get in front of customers who are spe- cifically looking for your products or services. With HME, we are not selling products or services that customers want, such as a t-shirt or game, but products that they need. Consumers searching for a spe- cific product or service online come across your website with a pixel in place. From there, customers are reminded of your company via a Facebook ad. In one recent example at Pedi- atric Home Service, we added key search words to our mental health webpage to bring traffic from those searching for these services online. The consumer would then click to our webpage. From there, we were able to capture and build an audi- ence and serve Facebook ads spe- cifically tailored to what they were originally searching for, mental health services. In the past week alone, we have had two inquiries for our mental health services. hme Katlyn Bourget is digital & PR specialist at Pediatric Home Service. Reach her at

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