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AUG 2017

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Mobility Briefs Performant initiates complex review for PMDs LIVERMORE, Calif. – Performant Recovery, the national RAC for DME, home health and hospice, has initiated a complex review for power mobility devices that are not subject to the prior authorization demonstration, according to a June 6 post on its website. This is a medical necessity and documen- tation review. It will affect claims that have a "claim paid date" less than three years prior to the additional development request, or ADR, date. The RAC listed the follow- ing codes that are subject to this review: K0800-02, K0812-16, K0820-29, K0835-43, K0848-55, K0890-91 and K0898. United Spinal names award winners NEW YORK – United Spinal Association host- ed a Congressional Awards Reception on June 13 as part of its Roll on Capitol Hill to recognize members of Congress for their outstanding service to people with disabili- ties and veterans. The association recog- nized Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., with its James J. Peters Disability Rights Cham- pion Award; Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., with its VetsFirst Congressional Bronze Star Award; and Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., with its Ju- nius A. Kellogg Congressional Outstanding Leadership Award. United Spinal also hon- ored Frances M. Ozur Cole, the president of United Spinal's New Mexico Chapter, with the 2017 Finn Bullers Advocate of the Year Award; and Jenn Wolff, formerly United Spi- nal's advocacy alliance manager, with the 2017 Grassroots Advocacy Award. Legislation seeks to ease air travel for disabled WASHINGTON – Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D- Wis., has introduced the Air Carrier Ac- cess Amendments Act to protect the rights of disabled passengers and close the service gaps they face. More than 30,000 airplane passengers last year filed disability-related complaints. "To keep America's promise of full equality for all, we must work to break down the barri- ers that individuals with disabilities and our veterans face when they travel," said Baldwin in a press release. "Equal access to air travel ensures individuals with dis- abilities are able to participate in today's economy and enjoy their travel opportuni- ties." Joining Baldwin on the bill: Demo- cratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Conn., Tammy Duckworth, Ill., Maggie Hassan, N.H., and Ed Markey, Mass. Short take: Travis Medical Travis Medical, a provider of pediatric and custom rehab equipment, as well as sup- plies, planned to close its retail store in Austin, Texas, at the end of June. The com- pany, which has locations in Texas, Florida and Oklahoma, is searing for a new loca- tion, according to a local newspaper. In the meantime, all of its equipment will move to another location in Austin. ■ NRRTS was a sponsor of this year's Roll on Capitol Hill for the first time. To find out why, see story below. 14 h M e new S / A U g UST 2017 / www.h M enew S .co M CMS comes through on wheelchair accessories. . . . . . . . 1 Prior auths expanded for K0856, K0861 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 U.S. Rehab donates adaptive tricycles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Numotion arranges surprise for customer . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Prior auths become law of land for two complex rehab codes AccessNSM sees 'steady growth' in home accessibility recap: r oll on capitol hill Q&A with Bill Fertig NRRTS backs wheelchair users b I L L f e r t i g s e e n e x t pa g e By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor WASHINGTON – HME providers in all states had to begin sub- mitting prior authorization requests for two complex rehab codes starting July 17. Providers in Illinois, West Virginia, Missouri and New York have already had to sub- mit PARs for K0856 and K0861 By Jeff Rowe, Contributing w riter KEW GARDENS, N.Y. - In mid-June, the United Spinal Association held its 6th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill, which brought hundreds of members to Washington, D.C., to advo- cate on behalf of individuals living with spinal cord inju- ries and disorders. HME News recently caught up with Bill Fertig, director of the association's Resource Center and a wheelchair user, By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor WASHINGTON – When wheelchair users rolled onto Capitol Hill in June to advocate for a number of issues, they had official support from NRRTS for the first time. NRRTS was a "Capitol" spon- sor for the United Spinal Associ- ation-organized Roll on Capitol Hill, a $20,000 commitment. "As the (manufacturer, provid- er and user communities) work together more, we saw this as an opportunity to show our cohe- siveness," said Weesie Walker, executive director of NRRTS. "We're all working together to support users—we're really By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor FRANKLIN, Tenn. – National Seat- ing & Mobility cracked the home accessibility market in 2015 and thanks to its recent acquisition of Colum- bus Medical Equipment in Columbus, Ohio, it now has 14 AcccessNSM locations in 12 states. C o l u m b u s M e d i c a l h a s a home accessibility busi- n e s s , p a v i n g t h e w a y f o r AccessNSM's first location in Ohio. " We w i l l c o n t i n u e t o e m b r a c e o rg a n i c g ro w t h , as well as opportunities to Let's go for a joy ride During the Heartland Conference in June, U. s . r ehab collabo- rated with a children's charity and r ifton to donate adaptive tri- cylces to four children in Waterloo, i owa. t he tricycles were pre- sented to the children and their families at a special ceremony during the conference's hog roast and fireworks. "With the help of Variety – the Children's Charity and our vendor-partner r ifton, we are changing the lives of four children," said g reg p acker, president of U. s . r ehab, a division of V g M g roup. First phase of process for K0856, K0861 began in four states in March for dates of delivery on or after March 20 as part of the first phase of the process. CMS officials told listeners during a July 6 Special Open Door Forum that the same rules apply in this second phase of the process, with one exception. They said claims for patients who have a represen- tative payee now require PARs, unlike in the first phase. During a question-and- answer session, CMS officials told listeners that they instruct- ed contractors to process any advance determination of Medicare coverage requests, or ADMC requests, through July 17. CMS officials also told listen- ers during the Q&A that they do not expect the national roll out to affect the timeframes put in place during the first phase of the process. Those time- frames include reviewing initial requests and postmarking deci- sion letters within 10 business days, and reviewing resubmitted requests and postmarking deci- sion letters within 20 business proud of that." NRRTS didn't have $20,000 in its budget, so it launched a grass- roots donation campaign to help cover the cost of its sponsorship. Before the event, it added a check box on its registrant renewal forms and it set up a page on its website for donations. It also spread the word on social media. All in all, NRRTS was able to raise 35% to 40% of the cost of its sponsorship from individual donations, with manufacturers also kicking in a portion, Walk- er said. "The notion that individu- als are giving their own money to support this effort says a lot," she said. "This is where they believe the most powerful mes- sage comes from—the users." They may believe in the mes- sage, but not all of them have the time or the resources to fly to Washington, D.C., to person- ally take part in the event, Walker said. "A donation was their surro- gate way of going to D.C.," she said. To acknowledge their par- ticipation, NRRTS included the names of donors as part of its exhibit at Roll on Capitol Hill. It also plans to list their names in an upcoming issue of its Directions expand through acquisitions and partnerships with like- minded companies that share our passion to serve," said Bill Mixon, CEO. NSM, one of two national complex rehab providers, also bought Home Health Depot's home accessibility business in 2016, adding Indiana to the list of states it serves. AccessNSM, which offers stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, ramps, door openers and bar- rier-free showers, has "main- tained steady growth at a stra- tegic pace," Mixon says. " W e s e e s i g n i f i c a n t N R R T S s e e n e x t pa g e A C C E S S N S M s e e n e x t pa g e p R I O R a U t H s s e e n e x t pa g e

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