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Smart Talk 8 / August 2017 / hme news Social Media e fficiencie S Mobile Solution S 24-Hour c are Meet them where they are By Katlyn Bourget Q. How do i build relationships with influencers in a digital age? a . Social media influencers, bloggers, online news and podcasts are the new newspapers and magazines. And while these outlets are a bit different from the traditional print pub- lications that used to run the media world, Go out and talk to your patients By Melissa Koza K Q. How do i improve my patient experience? a . The best way is to go out and talk to your patients. Find out what their current experience is. It may sound too simple, but it's a critical step rarely taken. As a home infusion nurse, I saw on a daily basis how frustrated patients were with their care. And I was shocked when I learned a ssess need-want and environment By Brad Peterson Q. How do i assess and implement 24-hour care into my business? a . An important part of 24-hour care is suc- cessful implementation, with the goal of improving function, activity, participation and quality of life for the individual. The starting point is a comprehensive assessment of the individual's and the care- giver's needs and lifestyle, specific to their environments. By assessing and under- standing the need, it's clear how to imple- ment the provision of equipment, services and care over the 24-hour period. The assessment process will require an all-inclusive understanding of the indi- vidual, and the symbiotic relationship between different body systems. This is vital. For example, understand the link between poor posture and how it influ- ences the chest cavity resulting in pos- tural collapse or compression, further impacting the lungs and their ability to fully inflate or function in a healthy man- ner and the further effects that causes. The human body's main systems need to work in unison because they are interlinked, and therefore our assessment of need should be inclusive and mindful of these systems and the resulting impact of factors such as poor posture. Integral to the continued success of 24-hour care services and equipment are the family, caregivers, therapists and pro- viders. Forging professional relationships through continued support by providing services through education, training, safe working practices and equipment. The amalgamation of the "needs" and "wants" of the individual and their care- givers may often require some degree of compromise due to a variety of factors namely funding, lack of skilled resources, and environmental challenges. The great- est risk of failure in the implementation of 24-hour care may be due to an incomplete assessment of need-want and environment, which may lead to the inappropriate provi- sion of equipment and ultimately abandon- ment of equipment by the individual and their caregivers. hme Brad Peterson is vice president of Professional Affairs and Clinical Education at Invacare. Reach him at Lee Ann Hoffman, seating & positioning specialist at Invacare, contrib- uted to this article. Keep patient files at your fingertips By a i M ee s wo P e Q. How does mobile help with compliance and auditing? a . Maintaining compliance is key to running a successful HME company. Regulations con- tinually change not only for accreditation and equipment criteria, but also for maintaining your insurance contracts. Paper documen- tation and filing cabinets can be daunting and expensive to sustain, and leave room for human error. Companies spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost docu- ment, according to Fujitsu's Pam Doyle. In the face of an audit, providers often find themselves sifting through filing cabi- net drawers, scrambling to find or recreate missing documents. With 7.5% lost and 3% misfiled, this process is not only stressful, but can also lead to costly mistakes. When forms are completed on a mobile device, transferred electronically to a docu- ment management system and filed appro- priately, the delivery paperwork and patient files are always at your fingertips. A mobile solution will hold the most current forms that are compliant with the latest guidelines with- out providers spending hours making copies and tossing out stacks of unused paper. hme Aimee Swope is a customer success specialist at Apacheta. Reach her at similar tactics are needed to make sure your content has the best chance to be seen. Over the years, we've seen a shift in the industry from PR and social media as sepa- rate tactics, to working hand in hand. When thinking about your PR strategy, it's important to include social media as a key element. While content is king, you cannot rely on good content alone. An often overlooked, but highly necessary skill is relationship build- ing. Investing time in building and nurturing relationships with the right reporters, editors, assistants, influencers and bloggers will create a solid foundation for your outreach efforts. Even if you have amazing content, it's unlikely to go anywhere without those relationships. It's important to speak to influencers where they are active. Some reporters use Twitter to break news, talk about their personal lives or ask for leads. Meet them where they are. My tips for successfully forming rela- tionships with influencers via social media include: 4 Consistent messaging: build a credible social media presence by posting regularly with quality content. 4 Listen: whether it's reading their blog, Twitter feed or an article, stay in the know with what your influencers are talking about. 4 Engage: Participate in relevant conversa- tions. Retweet their content and reply with applicable messaging. 4 Be relevant: there is nothing influencers dislike more than being pitched something off topic. Make sure your content is to the point, timely and in their wheelhouse. 4 Be human: Influencers are like everyone else. Whether you have a shared interest in a favorite restaurant or reality TV show, use these commonalities as relationship building opportunities. hme Katlyn Bourget is digital & PR specialist at Pediatric Home Service. Reach her at kjbourget@pediatricho- how much money my bosses wasted deliv- ering experiences that only frustrated their patients. If you are spending money to keep your patients happy, and it mostly makes your patients mad, that money is worse than wasted—it is money you take out of your own pocket to hurt your business. Health care is all over the news, and the subject of most stories is the same: patient dissatisfaction with care, or the skyrocket- ing cost of care. Nobody knows this better than the typical healthcare provider. No matter how much more you spend every year to take care of your patients, satisfac- tion scores keep going down. A lot of times, there's little that can be done. But for one of the most common frustrations, there is an untapped opportunity to use technol- ogy—technology that can build healthier connections with patients, while elimi- nating large, legacy cost centers. HIPAA- compliant software and communications can provide patients with instant responses and help. So go out and talk to your patients. Show them that you see them as human beings, not numbers. You will probably find the most common frustrations are simple customer service complaints, like response times and knowledgeable staff. hme Melissa Kozak is CEO of Citus Health. Reach her at Take a deep dive into our comprehensive database of Medicare data to make well-informed business decisions. A 12-month subscription gets you unlimited access to: PROVIDER SHARE Top 1000 HME providers for Medicare's most popular DME products. PRODUCT SHARE Medicare reimbursement (national, state and county levels) for all products in the National Competitive Bidding program. PROVIDER LOCATOR Address and phone numbers for all HME companies in the U.S. that do business with Medicare. DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! DivE INTO Data! Sign up today! Sign up today!

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