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hme news / september 2017 / 25 b usiness Development DME In pediatrics, it's all about commitment Category Pediatrics Nebulizers Rehab By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor B efore jumping into the pediatric market, providers need to make some important considerations about what it takes to be at the top of this difficult, but ultimately rewarding, field. Aspects that providers might find allur- ing—no m edicare, no competitive bidding and a potentially lifelong patient base—are countered by a heavy reliance on m edicaid, across-the-product-spectrum patient needs, in-depth involvement in the pediatric support community, and a need for enduring patience and diplomacy skills in dealing with family caregivers. i t is not a business segment that can be entered as a sideline. Transitioning from the challenges of m edi- care competitive bidding and provider exclu- sion to the political games currently being played with m edicaid is merely trading off one beleaguered government program to another, market analysts say. " o ur industry has been under a constant barrage of cuts for many years now regard- less of which party is in control," said m ilena r imassa, marketing communications man- ager for Torrance, Calif.-based Convaid. "Cuts to any payer affect the entire payer system. Cuts to one causes pressures to providers, which causes pressures to manufacturers, resulting in fewer clinical choices for the cli- nician and end user. The only fix is a better understanding." r ecent attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act included nearly $1 tril- lion in m edicaid cuts, which ultimately led to failure, due to backlash from three r epubli- can Senators. Yet proposed m edicaid changes remain alive at the state level, with a num- ber of states drafting plans for new eligibility requirements and other program alterations. r ichard m edina, national account manager for g urnee, i ll.-based Veridian Healthcare's medical division, says if m edicaid cuts even- tually become national policy, they will defi- nitely impact pediatric programs. " n o funding means no m edicaid pro- grams," he said. "We need (bipartisan coop- eration on healthcare reform) to develop a comprehensive program." h ighly nuance D market p ediatrics is a business segment that stands apart in H me , not only because it has a stark- ly different patient base, but it also features different referral sources, payers and a broad product spectrum. i t requires that the pro- vider delve into the deeply nuanced specifics of reimbursement coverage, highly clinical patient and product evaluations, and broad context on disabled children's physical and emotional needs. "The primary factor in deciding whether to 'get into' pediatrics is whether or not you are committed to the sector," r imassa said. " p edi- atric patients are not 'little adults' —most have unique challenges that require understanding their complete environment and the goals of both clinician and parent." Serving children presents some unique quandaries, like constant growth, which makes it difficult to find the right-sized prod- ucts. p re-teen and teen years are especially hard for finding equipment that matches per- petually evolving body size and shape. p ediatric providers that properly furnish their young clients with the products and ser- vices they need while demonstrating a nurtur- ing touch and fastidious approach to solving problems can secure that patient's business for life. Yet it's not an automatic development, m edina said. " n o customer is dedicated to one supplier, since there is competition and displacement or simply the customer is moving away from M e D/M e D tra D eo FF ■ Fair exchange? HME providers serving the pediatric market may not have to deal with the harsh realities of Medicare competitive bidding and audits, but Medicaid brings its own set of challenges. The federal legislature's recent attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act aimed to cut nearly $1 trillion from Medicaid. Even though the initiative failed, some states are implementing their own versions of Medicaid reform. N ot a SID e LIN e ■ Stand-alone segment: Pediatrics is not a market for HME providers looking to augment their business portfolio with a part-time, add-on enterprise. It is a full-scale operation that requires total commitment to the patient base, their families and referral sources who serve them. $$$ N ee D e D ■ The technology issue: Manufacturers continue to invest in developing new products that have the latest technology, such as electronics and wi-fi capabilities, for pediatric patients. But payers have been slow to recognize and accept these improvements with increased funding, preventing some patients from having access to them. p e d i a T r i c S s E E PA g E 2 6 Invacare Corporation I N va C are Matrx K ID *ab*ra vI Cu S h I o N ■ Designed to provide skin protection and positioning for individuals at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. ■ Three-part foam construction targets skin protection where it is needed most. ■ Moisture resistant and breathable cover available in black and Kid*ab*ra print. Ottobock Neo MPS Seat ■ Better patient outcomes: Thoughtfully designed positioning options to support pelvic stability and enhance patient function. ■ Enhanced durability: Aluminum seat and back, locking incremental recline mechanism, slim profile protraction pad. ■ User-friendly: Tool-less headrest adjustability, quick release/quick adjust belts and harnesses with pre-mounted installation points. Prime Engineering K ID Wa LK Dy N a MIC Mob ILI ty Sy S te M ■ Hands-free self-initiated exploration. ■ Quick exacting pelvic positioning. ■ Mid-wheel location for better control, smaller turning radius. Convaid r 82 Mu S ta N g ■ Anterior/posterior gait trainer provides positioning and support for children while they learn stepping/walking. ■ Excellent upper body support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt. ■ Full upright support in the posterior configuration and comes in four sizes. Invacare Corporation I N va C are So L ara 3 g tIL t- IN -S P a C e Whee LC ha I r ■ Tilt assist adjustment helps correct for uneven weight distribution. ■ Low shear recline option minimizes shearing forces. ■ Optional DeGage Dynamic Rocker Back accommodates those with involuntary thrusts. Ottobock ob SS o rtho-Sha P e b a CK ■ Clinically based solution developed for active and dependent wheelchair users with high positioning and pressure management needs. ■ The lightweight back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control and increased freedom of movement. ■ The lightweight and small hardware make the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back especially beneficial for pediatric clients. Convaid Co N va ID Cru IS er ■ 30-degree, fixed-tilt pediatric wheelchair: Convenient, lightweight and compact folding. ■ Includes Self-Tensio for increased seating tolerance and promotion of neutral pelvic positioning. ■ Five years of growth capability through seat depth extension and crash-tested. Thomashilfen North America ea SyS aD va N tage ■ All adjustments can be made by hand, no tools necessary—easy. ■ Features 180-degree recline with face-to-face seating; new tilt-n-space safety system. ■ Extra thick added cushioning, new suspension to absorb vibrations while keeping steering precise. Inspired by Drive uL t IM a a ND uL t IM a aCC e SS b ath Cha I r S ■ New slate gray frame and mesh seating in blue, lavender and gray. ■ Folds flat for storage and seat, back and leg angles adjust independently. ■ Includes two positioning belts and bacterial and fungal resistant ComfortMesh seat cover. Supracor Inc St IM u LI te Co N toure D Pe DI atr IC Cu S h I o N ■ Features a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of flexible Stimulite honeycomb. ■ Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish comfortably position the child. ■ Provides optimum pressure relief, stability, shear force reduction and ventilation to help prevent pressure sores. Sunrise Medical J ay Z IP K IDS ' Whee LC ha I r Cu S h I o N ■ Provides anti- microbial skin protection and fits to most children's wheelchairs. ■ The cushion's dual-layered foam base combines structural support and comfort. ■ An extra outer cover is included with every Zip cushion. Alex Orthopedic Pe DI atr IC Forear M Crut C h (P9113) ■ Thick-walled aluminum tubing with orthopedic handles. ■ Vinyl coated forearm cuffs. ■ Spring locks on cuff and leg, sold in pairs. Quantum Rehab Q6 eD ge 2.0 WI th Pe DI atr IC I Leve L ■ iLevel technology provides the ultimate in pediatric complex rehab seating and power mobility. ■ Full power seating from 12 inch x 12 inch seat sizes. ■ Up to 12 inches of lift at walking speeds up to 3.5 mph for true social integration. Sunrise Medical Z IPPI e x 'C a P e Ch ILD re N ' S Whee LC ha I r ■ Performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame. ■ Weighs as little as 19 pounds, allowing less energy for propulsion. ■ Easy to transport using just one hand to open and close. ROVI rov I x 3 ■ Only 23.25 inches wide with a tiny 20-inch turning radius. ■ ARC suspension system for enhanced stability. ■ USB charging port is standard to keep electronics charged. Philips Respironics W ILLIS the Wha L e Pe DI atr IC Nebu LIZ er Co MP re SS or Sy S te M ■ Friendly character designed, especially for kids. ■ Short treatment time—delivered in as little as six minutes. ■ Combined with highly efficient SideStream nebulizer.

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