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Medicare Market Marker The RemitDATA Denial Tracker SOURCE: REMITDATA: 901-767-9830 The RemitDATA Denial Tracker is an index of the percentage of Medi- care and commercial claims rejected on a monthly basis. The most recent month's data represents an analysis of approximately 2,388,217 Medicare claims and 4,127,920 commercial claims adjudicated between July 1, 2017, and July 31, 2017. The index is a categorized and weighted analysis of claims fi led by Remit- DATA customers. HMENEWS.COM 10/16 11/16 1/17 4/17 7/16 7/17 6/17 2/17 12/16 3/17 5/17 8/16 9/16 Most viewed stories in July 1. States move to single-source more and more DME 2. LifeCare Solutions leaves California 3. Home Health Depot pulls trigger 4. Stakeholders apply steady pressure for bid relief 5. Stakeholders grease wheels for possible action in September 6. Turmoil continues at Pacifi c Pulmonary *The Medicare Market Marker provides a monthly look at the number of Medicare benefi ciaries for whom the four MACs have allowed a claims payment. SOURCE: PDAC (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 1 3 9 0 : O X Y G E N C O N C E N T R A T O R E 0 2 6 0 : S E M I - E L E C T R I C H O S P I T A L B E D (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 0 6 0 1 : C P A P (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 0 0 1 : S T A N D A R D W H E E L C H A I R (number of allowed benefi ciaries) (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 8 2 3 : P O W E R W H E E L C H A I R * * HME NEWS POLL HMEDATABANK.COM The HME DataBank has the latest Medicare reimbursement data for the top 1,000 HME providers nationally in 103 key product cat- egories, as well as for all of the products in the NCB program. You can determine your market share, look for new product opportu- nities and check out your competition using the latest available Medicare data. Go to to learn more. data! data! **We are now tracking K0823 claims with certain modifi ers (NU, UE or RR/KH) to better refl ect the actual number of new allowed benefi ciaries under the 13-month capped rental. 5/16 2/17 1/17 3/17 4/16 6/16 7/16 11/16 12/16 8/16 9/16 10/16 " N e w H a m p s h i re H e a l t h y F a m i l i e s (Centene) is one of the MCO organizations for New Hampshire. It was recently announced that it would be mov- ing all of its incon- tinence clients to Medline. Providers were not involved or asked for input with this decision. We are disappointed and frus- trated. —Tamme Dustin, pres- ident/owner, Herron & Smith, Hooksett, N.H. 128,757 Region D 109,549 Region B 82,513 Region A 30,348 Region C 18,562 Region A 7,807 Region D Region B 16,813 Region B 52,707 Region D 66,207 Region C 100,386 Region A 45,334 290 Region B Region D 300 938 Region C Region A 119 44,524 Region C 17,894 Region B 16,220 Region D 18,254 Region A Month Percent denied Source: The Braff Group, 412-833-5733. The Braff Group M&A Insider Rehab (13.2, 18.5) DME (9.4, 15.5) Respiratory (5.8, 10.2) 5/16 2/17 1/17 3/17 4/16 6/16 7/16 11/16 12/16 8/16 9/16 10/16 5/16 2/17 1/17 3/17 4/16 6/16 7/16 11/16 12/16 8/16 9/16 10/16 5/16 2/17 1/17 3/17 4/16 6/16 7/16 11/16 12/16 8/16 9/16 10/16 5/16 2/17 1/17 3/17 4/16 6/16 7/16 11/16 12/16 8/16 9/16 10/16 Has a managed care organization successfully implemented a single- source contract for any DME and/or supplies in your state? NewsPoll based on 38 respondents. 224,129 Region C HME NEWS / SEPTEMBER 2017 / WWW.HMENEWS.COM Databank Is a managed care organization in the process of moving to a sin- gle-source contract for any DME and/or supplies in your state? 30 With the first six months of mergers and acquisition activity in the books, we can begin to see how the year is shaping up in home medical equipment. As il- lustrated in the graph above, if we annualize half-year results, the home medical equipment sector is poised to match the tally recorded in 2016. On its face, that's not much to write home about. But when you consider the fact that through mid-year, transaction volume for all the sectors we cover is down nearly 22%, the home medical equipment sector's steady results are com- paratively favorable.

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