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Mobility Briefs Numotion website shares customer stories BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Numotion has re- launched its website,, with a heavy emphasis on showcasing its customers. The new website features a section called "Customer Stories" where 20 customers share their mobility journey and why they chose Numotion for their complex rehab technology. "Our mission is to help customers live active and indepen- dent lives and these stories showcase how we do just that," said Mike Swinford, CEO. The website also features a timeline that outlines the steps involved in the ordering process and a glossary that clarifies acro- nyms. Additionally, it features new blogs, including "Nu Digest," which provides tips like how to fly with a wheelchair; and "Wheeltime with Daniel and Shea," which offers service advice and tips. NSM buys Alabama Wheelchair Specialists NASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobil- ity has acquired Alabama Wheelchair Spe- cialists in Birmingham, Ala. NSM will serve the company's clients from its existing branch in Pelham, Ala. Assistive technolo- gy professionals Mike Oliver and Dave Nix, representing 77 years of experience, will continue to service clients from the Pelham branch. NSM will also add a funding spe- cialist and technician to the branch's staff. NSM also serves clients in the state from branches in Mobile and Montgomery, Ala. PA update: Docs may request decision letter WASHINGTON – The prescribing physician/ practitioner may contact the DME MAC to request a copy of the prior authorization decision letter, CMS has announced. The request for the letter may be included with the documentation sent to the provider as part of the prior authorization request, or may be made separately. The DME MAC will not automatically send the letter. AA- Homecare, which has expressed concern with the lack of physician involvement in the correspondence of the PA decision, applauded the change. "Unlike the PMD demonstration, under the PA expansion, DME MACs cannot automatically com- municate with referring physicians on the PA decision," the association stated. "AA- Homecare thanks CMS for the opportunity to provide feedback and for implementing a crucial modification to the program." In July, providers in all states began submit- ting prior authorization requests for two complex rehab codes, K0856 and K0861. AccessNSM taps new vice president NASHVILLE, Tenn. – AccessNSM, the accessi- bility division of National Seating & Mobility, has named Kalen McKenzie vice president. McKenzie previously served as regional ac- count manager at Dornier MedTech and vice president of national accounts at Invacare. ■ Kierra is a Numotion customer featured on the company's new website. See brief below. 16 h M e N e WS / october 2017 / WWW .h M e N e WS .co M NCART launches 2nd financial survey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 U . S . Rehab releases white paper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Professional Rehab drops respiratory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Van Products wins tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 NCART seeks updated financials Paper shows cracks A case for specialization: Professional Rehab zones in I wear my sunglasses… A number of Numotion's locations, including those in Brentwood, Tenn., and Earth City, Mo., were in the "path of totality" of the Solar Eclipse on Aug. 28. Employees at both locations gathered outside to view the once in a century phenomenon. The path, where the moon completely covered the sun, stretched from Salem, Ore., to Charleston, S.C. f I N A N c I A L S u r v E y S E E N E x T p A g E By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor WASHINGTON – A lot has changed in the complex rehab market in the last nearly 10 years—that's why NCART is looking to update its National CRT Provider Financial Survey. NCART announced Aug. 24 that it was looking for complex rehab providers to participate in the confidential survey, a follow- up to a similar survey conducted in 2008. "As we look to get addition- al benefits for the CRT side of By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor C o m P l e x R e h A b stakeholders now have another tool in their toolbox to lobby lawmakers to protect their products and services. U.S. Rehab in August published a seven-page white paper that details the importance of the current delivery system for complex rehab, as well as D me and o &P, to the entire care con- tinuum, including its role as a "cost-effective solution for the aging population." "With my past history as a legislator, when someone put something in front of me like this, it was so much easier for me to understand the issue," said Greg Pack- er, president of U.S. Rehab, who served three terms in the Kansas h ouse of Repre- sentatives. The paper, "The Delivery of D me P o S is in Jeopardy," calls on C m S to address a number of issues threat- ening the current delivery system, including competi- tive bidding and the current coding structure. It asks the By Theresa F L aher T y, Managing e ditor c HATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Profession- al Rehab & m obility went all in with its wheelchair busi- ness recently, when it sold off its respiratory and D me seg- ment, and rebranded. "It's just the direction we were headed—some of the talent that we picked up was heading that way," said The- resa Crump, president and co-owner. Professional Rehab now focuses on complex rehab, and standard power and man- ual mobility. The provider, formerly Pro- fessional Rehab & Respirato- ry, was launched in 2003 by respiratory therapists Crump and Vickie Jarrell, and offered respiratory therapy and D me , including beds, lifts, T e NS units and negative pressure wound therapy devices. the market, we need updated information to advocate effec- tively," said Don Clayback, execu- tive director of NCART. T h i s t i m e , N C A R T h a s tapped the Saun- ders College of b usiness at the Rochester Insti- tute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y., to conduct the survey. The Simon b usiness School at the University of Rochester, also in Rochester, conducted the pervi- ous study. Clayback expects to use the survey results to back the industry's argument that com- plex rehab is a high expense, low profit margin business, one that it says needs to be protected from the protracted reimbursement reductions impacting other areas of the D me P o S benefit. "We're really trying to tell the story behind those two points," he said. The previous study showed that, on average, 49% of a com- plex rehab company's dollars went toward paying for equip- ment and 46% went toward paying for expenses, leaving 5% before taxes for profit. In this area, Clayback expects similar data this year. " o ver the years, providers have managed this better, by cutting costs and working with manufacturers on better pricing, but there's a limit to that, with- out compromising quality and service," he said. delivery system In 2013, it added complex rehab to the mix, eventually growing it to about 78% of its business. "When I first started it real- ly paid to do everything," said Crump. "The market today is totally different and it drives you to be really good at one thing. "We want to be the mobility company that everyone goes to," she said. The complex rehab space has undergone a lot of consol- idation in the past few years, with both National Seating & m obility and Numotion roll- ing up smaller providers. b ut the much-smaller Profession- al Rehab, which has locations in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Johnson City, Tenn., and six ATPs on staff, isn't wor- ried about competing with the big guys, says Crump. Professional Rehab's nimble environment allows its ATPs to really work with patients. "I think we offer a little bit more flexibility than the corporate environment," she said. "I am not saying they are not good companies, but I think sometimes they are Respi R ato R y the R a- pists t he R esa C R ump (left) and Vi C kie Ja RR ell ( R ight) have decided to go all in on complex rehab and mobil- ity, selling their respiratory therapy and DME busi- nesses . Don Clayback Results will be used to back indsutry arguments that complex rehab is high expense, low profit W H I T E p A p E r S E E N E x T p A g E p R O f E S S I O N A L S E E N E x T p A g E

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