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OCT 2017

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Mobility hme news / october 2017 / 17 financial c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e Threepeat a team representing v an p roducts, a r aleigh, n . c .-based dealer of new and used wheelchair vans, mobility prod- ucts and more, won a wheelchair basketball tournament in a ugust. t he tournament was part of the Bridge ii s ports a ugust m adness 2017, a fundraiser for Bridge ii s ports, a non-profit creating opportunities for children and adults with physical disabilities to sports. v an p roducts has been a major sponsor of the fundraiser since its inception in 2011. Where the two studies may dif- fer, however, is in the sizes of the companies that makeup the market. In the 2008 study, small companies with annual revenues of less than $5 million represented 53% of the market, with companies in the $5 million to $10 million range repre- senting 42% and those in the $10 million-plus range representing 5%. paper c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e agency to put a "stay" on the bid program; and review the coding structure, which it says "pigeonholes" certain prod- ucts, like wheelchair cushions and headrests, into codes that don't quite fit, reducing reim- bursement. T h e re i s a g ro w i n g list of stud- i e s d o c u - m e n t i n g the impact of competi- tive bidding a n d o t h e r regulations and policies on the delivery system for DME, but this paper ties them together and provides the big picture, Packer says. "We wanted to take all of the elements happening in the market—competitive bidding, coding, audits—and explain them (succinctly)," he said. The paper argues that the current delivery system is fall- ing apart and with it, a level of product and service quality needed to continue reducing mortality, hospital readmis- sions and costs of care. "If the care continuum loses this delivery system, it will have devastating and lasting effects," Packer said. "We're already seeing the rationing of health care." U.S. Rehab is asking pro- viders to share the paper with their lawmakers and patients. "The response has been positive," said Kayla Mahler, operations manager for U.S. Rehab. "We're getting traction with it." hme professiona l c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e driven by a protocol-structured environment." Although reimbursement in the complex rehab space, as with most DME, isn't where she would like to see it, Crump says she sees tremendous opportu- nity in the market. "We are just excited to be going in one direction," she said. hme The market has since gone through significant consolida- tion, driven by national providers Numotion and National Seating & Mobility, and a string of business closures—trends that will likely skew this year's numbers toward the higher end, Clayback says. RIT, which seeks data for calen- dar year/fiscal year 2016, plans to collect data throughout September and release a report by the end of October, Clayback says. hme medtrade booth 1105 Greg Packer

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