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hme news / october 2017 / 21 b usiness Development Tax credit could lift home mods market Category Home modifications h o m e m o d i f i c at i o n s s e e pa g e 2 2 Commodes Bath Benches By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor T he h M e industry is poised to ben- efit from the "aging in place" move- ment, especially on the home modi- fication front. If Congress approves a proposed $30,000 tax credit for seniors to modify their homes, it could serve as moti- vation for more h M e providers to enter the business, manufacturers say. Currently being considered in the U.S. h ouse of Representatives, the Senior Accessible h ousing Act ( h .R. 1780) would "amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a tax credit to seniors who install modifications on their residences that would enable them to age in place, and for other purposes." Though it still has a long way to go before it could pass, tax credits for home modification could potentially jump- start a business segment that is a natural fit for h M e providers. "We were excited to hear about the pro- posed bill introducing the Senior Accessible h ousing Act," said Taylor Walker, director of dealer development for Barlett, Tenn.-based American Access. "Providing tax credits would be a great way to incentivize seniors to make needed home improvements." As a ramp manufacturer, American Access is already seeing an increase in h M e interest in the home modification business, Walker said. The tax credit, he said, would only accel- erate that business. "Many homeowners see our wheelchair ramps as a safe and affordable way to gain access to their homes," Walker said. "A home improvement investment will help seniors remain mobile and safe in their own homes, while reducing long-term cost of medical care from injuries and assisted living expenses." Jay e verett, national sales manager for Oak- dale, Pa.-based Clarke h ealth Care Products, agrees that if passed, the tax credit would "absolutely" boost interest in home modifi- cations and strengthen the "aging in place" movement. At this point, he says, h M e pro- vider involvement varies, depending on their category focus. " h M e providers have always provided home modification-type products and I'm not sure if they have really changed much," he said. "Some rehab providers are now offer- ing a higher level of service and dedicating a marketing force for this type of product line." One of the h M e industry's leading advo- cates for home modification is Jim Gre- atorex, vice president of the Accessible h ome Improvement of America division for Water- loo, Iowa-based VGM. To promote the "aging in place" movement and expanding h M e 's role in home modifications, Greatorex cre- ated a panel discussion for Medtrade 2017 that uses the tag line "the future's so bright, you need to wear shades." Indeed, Greatorex sees a bright future for "aging in place" and home modification, say- ing, "Many people are predicting the revenue in this niche could easily be bigger than what is spent on home oxygen right now. It's going to take about five to eight years to get there, but that is what's coming." c rossing the threshol D Instead of waiting for the market to develop, h M e providers can take steps now to cross the threshold into the home modification business, manufacturers say. In fact, thresh- olds are the perfect entrance to the segment, said Tim Vander h eiden, C e O of Chico, Calif.- based SafePath Products. " h M e operators could do more to capture this marketplace by looking for additional val- ue-added products when dealing with their customer base," he said. "In most cases for homes, there are vertical height thresholds at interior and exterior doorways. Many of these are vertical in height from three-quarters of an inch to three-inches high or even more at PL et H ora o F P ro DUC t S ■ m atter of degrees: t he extent to which an H me provider gets involved in home modification is up to each operator. t here are big and small jobs available, often for the same client. s mall jobs can include bath safety product installation, threshold transition surfaces, bed rails, and wheelchair-level door knobs and switches. Bigger jobs include entrance ramps and stair lift installations. DI y or 3-1-1? ■ The labor factor: H me providers have a choice in how to handle the physical labor for in-home installations. t hey can partner with a local contractor or hire someone in-house to do the work. FU t U re INC e N t IV e S ■ Potential jump-start: i f c ongress passes a House bill currently under review, seniors could potentially get a $30,000 tax credit for home modifications. m anufacturers believe this could spur unlimited potential for H me providers. Merits Health Products Bar I atr IC Bat H Be NCH ■ Weight capacity of 500 pounds. ■ Durable molded bench and backrest. ■ Cross brace attaches width and depth to enhance stability. GF Health Products, Inc. L U mex 7921KD-1 K N o CK -Dow N Bat H Seat ■ Anodized aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and rust resistant. ■ Tool-free assembly - available with or without backrest. ■ Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS Code E0245. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Bat H Stoo L ( I tem# rt L12061 m ) ■ Ideal for individuals who have balance or mobility issues, the rotating padded seat reduces need to twist and reach while in the shower. ■ Seat rotates 360 degrees and locks every 90 degrees. ■ Seat height can be adjusted from 16 inches to 22 inches in one-inch increments. Clarke Health Care Products a q U ate C Bat HLIF t S ■ Battery powered lifts to lower and raise you safely in your tub. ■ Five models: standard, wide, side laterals and heavy-duty. ■ Seating and positioning accessories provide comfort and safety. ConvaQuip Ind., Inc. m o D e L 730 ■ Available with fixed or swingaway arms. ■ Seat width: 30 inches. ■ Capacity 1,000 pounds. Clarke Health Care Products wH ee LaBL e ■ Lightweight, wheeled shower commode chair folds to fit into travel bag. ■ Rugged plastic frame fits into narrow shower stalls or over toilets. ■ Push up arm rests, optional commode pan and solid seat cover available. GF Health Products, Inc. L U mex 7108 a 3-I N -1 Stee L Fo LDIN g Commo D e ■ Versatile design functions as a commode, raised toilet seat, or toilet safety frame. ■ Folds flat to less than 4 inches for convenient storage and travel. ■ Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS Code E0163. Dalton Medical Corp. BS-SHC930 m ■ Only $275. ■ Rehab shower commode chair. ■ Weight capacity: 230 pounds. Clarke Health Care Products Sa F ety gL o Be DSID e Ha ND ra IL ■ Glow illumination helps locate rail at night, to stand, sit or transfer. ■ Recharges with room light, lamps or daylight, no battery, no electricity. ■ Easy installation on beds with box spring, no tools necessary. Merits Health Products Sem I eL e C tr IC Be D - B211 ■ Semi electric, one motor hospital bed has a 450-pound weight capacity. ■ Offers a minimum deck height of 15 inches and maximum of 23 inches. ■ Interchangeable headboard and footboards for easy assembly. Flex-A-Bed F L ex- a -Be D H I -Low ■ Base can be raised and lowered vertically with a touch of a button. ■ Choice of one- touch wireless or wired controls. ■ Whisper-quiet motor with optional, dual timed massage; five year limited warranty. Invacare I NV a C are F ULL - eL e C tr IC Low Home C are Be D ■ Durable panels are impact and scratch- resistant and washable for easy cleaning. ■ Ergonomic hand pendant features heavy- duty, strain-relief cord. ■ Waterproof enclosures on motor system for easy cleaning. Clarke Health Care Products De C Pa C r am P ■ Carry accessibility with you—folding portable ramps are easy to deploy. ■ Lightweight, laminated fiberglass is weather resistant and low maintenance. ■ Two personal sizes, small enough to carry on your wheelchair. SafePath Products Sa F ePat H Pro DUC t S Sto N eCa P wH ee LCH a I r ram PS ■ Attractive granite surface. ■ ADA compliant. ■ No load weight limitations. Dalton Medical r am PS ■ RAMP-SE003: $69, RAMP- SE004: $103. ■ RAMP-SE005: $123, RAMP- SE006: $153. ■ RAMP-SE007: $180. Beds Ramps Invacare I NV a C are Care gU ar D t oo L -Le SS S H ower C H a I r ■ Tool-less assembly. ■ Deep and wide seating surface. ■ Contoured seat with ergonomic backrest. Dalton Medical B e D2100PK g ■ Only $369. ■ Includes semi bed, half rail, mattress. ■ Weight capacity: 400 pounds.

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