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AUG 2018

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Mobility HME NE w S / AU g US t 2018 / www. HMENE w S .c OM 15 VG m p RO c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e 810-653-5000 | Powerful API Connecting All Your Systems. Prom night t he p ermobil f oundation and n ational s eating & m obility teamed up with Lain's parents to get him in a new p ermobil wheelchair in time for his 17th birthday and his junior prom. t he chair, a p ermobil f 5 c orpus vs , features a vertical stander, allowing Lain to dance at the prom. " i will say, i have held it together all of this time, but when i saw him standing with his friends for the first time, i became very emotional," said Lain's mom. "He was at their height and smiling from ear to ear. i am beyond excited for all this has done for Lain and our family." t he icing on the cake: Lain and his date were named p rince and p rincess of the prom. t he p ermobil f oundation is the philanthropic arm of p ermobil. says the platform saves time and improves efficiency by allowing her to start the assessment process on- site using her tablet and return to it back in the office using her desktop. " i t's all there—no paper," said Campbell, president of Accessible Home s olutions in Billings, Mont. Campbell also highlighted the platform's product inventory, which allows her to show customers their options in their homes; and its photo capabilities. " i love it already," she said. hme supports and services for people with disabilities; opposing the ADA e ducation and Reform Act; and supporting the rights of disabled veterans by advocating for veterans benefits and health care. c A mpb ELL c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e age in place, but they're not prepared to acknowledge they need grab bars," she said. "They think, ' i 'm not ready.'" s o Campbell, who also has a construction company for more in-depth home modifications and remodels, spends as much of her time educating and selling people on the aesthetics of home modifications. " i t's as much design as any- thing," she said. hme dm ERT c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e tilt." The DM e RT Group launched its certification program in May, with the goal of not only making training repair technicians more efficient, but also advancing the profession. Traditionally, repair training hap- pens onsite with various manufac- turers, but this program happens in one place: online, Packer says. " i t's hard on all of our members to send their techs out all the time to get trained and keep up on all the equipment out there," he said. "We believe online learning is a great modality, if it's done right." The DM e RT Group is in the process of becoming accredited as a certifying body and its courses already meet standards set by the i nternational s ociety of Certi- fied e lectronics Technicians—two things that go a long way toward validating the work of repair techni- cians, Packer says. "We've made a significant invest- ment to become a certifying body, but we thought it was worth it to pull the industry into it," he said. "Patients deserve to have a quality piece of equipment." The DM e RT Group, a non- profit, offers the certification at a significant discount to VGM and U. s . Rehab members: The training bundle, for example, is $750 retail, $550 for VGM members and $200 for U. s . Rehab members. "(Van Miller) wanted this indus- try to be prosperous for the small independent provider and that's what we're trying to accomplish here," Packer said. "We don't want Bill down the street to do the same thing you do. We want you to be a certified technical repair center." hme ROLL ON c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e This year's R o CH, the seventh, was the first with the tagline "Join the Rolling Revolution," a nod to United s pinal's efforts to not only expand but also better connect its 52 chapters and members in all states across the country. "We want to empower our mem- bers," Bennewith said. hme

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