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Business Development 22 / octo B er 2018 / hme news Accessibility: It's not a 'pizza franchise' Clarke Health Care Toileva T or and Toileva T or Grande Pla T forms ■ Discrete toilet base raises the toilet 3.5 inches. ■ Two sizes fit standard to elongated bases. ■ Easy to install; hardware, extensions included. EZ-Access T il T Toile T i ncline l if T ■ Combines functionality of heavy duty commode and lift chair into one easy-to-use solution. ■ Unit attaches directly to bowl for greater stability. ■ User or caregiver can operate the seat with push of a button. Alex Orthopedic P7253 r aised Toile T s ea T wi T h l ock ■ Arms give added security for sitting and rising. ■ Locks on the front of the toilet securing the seat to bowl. ■ Fits standard or elongated bowls. By John Andrews H ome accessibility—the business of modifying houses to accommo- date mobility clients' physical chal- lenges—is a category that has long offered hme providers the potential to build off sales of durable medical equipment. s ur- prisingly, it has been historically slow at gaining traction among those companies serving mobility patients, but in recent years has gained more interest, specialists in the field say. " t his market is doing well because for starters, the growth in the number of seniors over the past 10 years has been noticeable—they are everywhere," said a lison h arper, business development vice president for s avaria in b rampton, o ntario. "We know that there are more seniors, we know they want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and we know that stairs are one of the top concerns to realize that stay-at-home goal." Wade l awrence, regional sales manager for o akdale, Pa.-based c larke h ealth c are, also sees heightened growth in the acces- sibility market for hme providers. " i believe it has fared well and in the past few years i believe the trend is growing," he said. " y ou are seeing more companies offer this service that have not offered it before. i think the hme industry is look- ing at ways to grow, and with funding cuts, many companies are trying to grow their cash business." t o be sure, customer demand for home accessibility services is a robust market, said Robin c ampbell, president of b illings, m ont.-based a ccessible h ome s olutions. "We have approximately 11,000 people turning 65 every day—this is what's driv- ing 'aging in place,'" she said. " t he number of a mericans ages 65 and older is project- ed to more than double from 46 million today to more than 98 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group's share of the total population will rise to nearly 24% from 15%. t he average life expectan- cy is increasing each year and is currently around 79." hme providers are perfectly situated to serve this market, c ampbell said, because they are already seeing patients in the home c a T e G ory Accessibility G row T h P o T en T ial ■ Burgeoning market: Home accessibility is a natural extension for HME providers and demand for age-in-place services continues to grow with the graying baby boom generation. delica T e P rocess ■ Understanding clients: Home modification represents a major life change for mobility patients and their families, so patience, empathy and diplomacy are essential skills for contractors. don 'T overreach ■ Find a focus: Because the scope of home accessibility services is vast, HME providers need to concentrate on the areas of modification they are most qualified to do. ADLs Clarke Health Care m ove e asy v er T ical Pole ■ Free-standing pole attaches floor to ceiling, adjusts from 80 inches to 110 inches. ■ Beside bed or chair. ■ SafetyGrip texture. EZ-Step Mobility, Inc. e Z- sT e P sT air c limbin G c ane ■ Climb stairs, curbs and sidewalks. ■ Portable half step, lightweight, weighs 2 pounds. ■ Reduces range of motion required to lift leg. EZ-Access e Z- s ham P oo h air w ashin G b asin ■ Shampoo without getting out of the bed. ■ Caregiver can quickly shampoo and rinse the patient's hair without awkward lifting and bending. ■ Inflatable basin provides secure, form-fitting support. Alex Orthopedic P9707 sT andin G b ed r ail ■ Standing bed rail legs extend to floor. ■ Adjustable height. ■ Secures to the bed, slides under the mattress. GF Health Products, Inc. l umex 5590 r -1 Pos T - s ur G ery h i P k i T ■ Essential items to help avoid bending or twisting after hip or knee surgery. ■ Shoe horn, reacher, long-handle sponge, sock aid and dressing stick. ■ Packaged in an attractive retail box. Dalton Medical Corp. ex -101-4 ■ Work out your legs from your own chair. ■ Place on a table to exercise arms. ■ 4/Case, $11.50/each. Lifts EZ-Access orbi T Pa T ien T Transfer l if T ■ A safe, convenient device to assist in the lifting and transferring of individuals with limited mobility. ■ Pivoting single post with articulating arm rotates 360 degrees, offering a reach of up to 5 feet in all directions. ■ Non-obtrusive design allows the unit to be placed in small bedrooms and bathrooms. Savaria s avaria c eilin G l if T s ■ Savaria ceiling lifts were designed from the ground up to be better in every way. ■ Lithium-ion battery technology delivers faster lifting, more cycles on one charge and an expected 5-year battery life. ■ The line up includes portable lifts and gantry, as well as fixed lift systems for simple and full coverage designs and slings. GF Health Products, Inc. l umex lf 500 Pro b a TT ery-Powered f loor l if T ■ Swan neck enables outstanding lifting range of 55.5 inches. ■ Ergonomic hand pendant with hook and large, padded handles provide easy maneuvering. ■ Lift can be operated with either control box or hand pendant. Merits Health Products n avi G a T or ■ Three seat upholstery options, four track color options. ■ Synchronous folding seat and footplate. ■ Weight capacity 265 pounds. Dalton Medical Corp. P l 4200 e - s ■ Low base height standard. ■ Foot pedal base opening for ease of chair commode access. ■ Weight capacity: 400 pounds; $795. Harmar Pinnacle sl 600 ■ Narrowest stair lift in the industry—only 10.5 inches wide when footrest and seat are folded. ■ Patented helical worm gear drive system for extremely smooth ride. ■ Optional folding rail eliminates trip hazards at lower landing automatically with no additional controls. a c c e s s i B i l i t y s E E p A g E 2 9 Commodes Clarke Health Care w heel a ble s hower/ c ommode c hair ■ Lightweight, folding shower commode chair fits into its own carry bag. ■ Narrow plastic frame rolls into non- accessible toilet and narrow shower stalls. ■ Includes push-up arm rests, adjustable footplates. Pan, bag and seat cover available. ConvaQuip Ind., Inc. m odel 730 b edside c ommode ■ "Tube in a tube" construction for added strength. ■ Seat width: 30 inches. ■ 1,000-pound capacity. Alex Orthopedic P7085 3 in 1 c ommode ■ Wing nut removable back. ■ Snap on seat and lid. ■ Easy to clean. GF Health Products, Inc. l umex 6438 a i m P erial c ollec T ion 3-in-1 sT eel d ro P - a rm c ommode ■ Extra-wide platform seat commode complete with pail, cover and splash shield. ■ Maximum weight capacity 600 pounds evenly distributed. ■ Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code E0168. Dalton Medical Corp. com - da 300-2 ■ Pull-pin release mechanism for unobstructed lateral transfers. ■ Includes: pail with lid and splash guards. ■ Weight limit: 300 pounds. Elevated toilets Clarke Health Care a qua T ec b a T hlif T s ■ Battery powered lifts to lower and raise you safely in your tub. ■ Several models: standard, wide, side laterals and heavy-duty. ■ Seating and positioning accessories provide comfort and safety. Alex Orthopedic P8024 b a T h b ench Tool f ree ■ Built-in handles and drainage holes. ■ Rust resistant aluminum frame. ■ Slip resistant rubber suction cup tips. GF Health Products, Inc. l umex 7921 ra Pla T inum c ollec T ion b a T h s ea T wi T h a rms ■ Tool-free assembly; maximum weight capacity 350 pounds, evenly distributed. ■ Available with or without backrest or support arms. ■ Adjustable seat height; designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code E0245. GF Health Products, Inc. l umex 6482 er -2 d eluxe Toile T s ea T r iser wi T h r emovable a rmres T s ■ Aids in sitting down on or standing up from the toilet. ■ Reduces bending effort by adding 3.5 inches to toilet seat height. ■ Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code E0244. Dalton Medical Corp. bs -30271G-1 ■ Raised toilet seat with arms. ■ Noncorrosive plastic seat. ■ Weight limit: 250 pounds. Bath benches

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