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hme news / october 2018 / 23 O c t . 1 5 - 1 7 , 2 0 1 8 n g e O r g i a w O r l d c O n g r e s s c e n t e r n a t l a n t a 2018 Speaker S potlight By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor A sk Medtrade e ducation d irector Jeff Baird how he and his colleagues develop the most relevant topics for HM e providers at the annual Georgia World Congress Center conference and expo, Oct. 15-17, and he will tell you it comes down to timing. " t he Medtrade e ducation a dvisory Board spends substantial time debating what is rel- evant to HM e providers today and into the future," he said. " t he ea B recognizes that the HM e industry today is different from what it was a few years ago and in a few years it will be different from what it is today. We look at proposals that have been sub- mitted and select those that we believe are most relevant and even then we may ask the speaker to modify the proposed program." t he education board also develops its own programs that it believes are relevant to the industry, Baird said. "In doing so, we reach out to industry experts who we believe are best qualified to present the pro- grams created by the ea B." Perhaps the most current topic on the education agenda concerns CM s ' recent proposed rule to substantially modify competitive bidding. t he proposed rule is "a posi- tive" for providers, Baird said. a s a result, the ea B created a new competitive bidding track, consisting of five programs that discuss all the facets and implica- tions of the proposed rule. e lectronic prescribing is another current topic and a panel presentation will explore its dynamics. a mong those on the panel are Wayne van Halem, president of the van Halem Group, and representatives of four e-prescribing companies. Participants will be discussing a recent meeting they had with CM s , Baird said. When it comes to perspective, Baird says both macro- and micro-level approaches are on tap for attendees. On a macro level, aa Homecare will pres- ent its legislative and regulatory update on Capitol Hill and CM s activities over the next year or so. Other programs focus on helping decision makers formulate short- and long- term strategies. From a micro standpoint, there will be programs that discuss operational efficien- cies, understanding " t argeted Probe and e ducate" reviews and working with physi- cians, hospitals and other referral sources, Baird said. hme By Jeff r owe, Contributing w riter ATLANTA – d o you know what your HM e company's key performance indicators ( k PI's) are? Chances are you don't, but according to experts, you definitely should. a t Medtrade in a tlanta, in " k ey Perfor- mance Indicators for your d M e r evenue Cycle," Joey Graham, general manager of Prochant, will explore how to iden- tify, measure and impact k PIs for HM e providers. hme n ews: What percentage of HME pro- viders keeps track of KPIs? Joey Graham: It's super scattered, both in terms of the level of implementation of k PIs and the way providers calculate them. Education for 'today and the future' Measure it, or it never happened j o e y g r a h a m s e e pa g e 2 9 t he g e O rgia wO rld cO ngress c enter is the unoffical home of Medtrade 2018. DM e S how product S h ygie Facili-T Folding Commode Chair The Facili-T Folding Commode is developed to fully meet the needs of all seniors, and people who are sick or have reduced mobility. It is used at the bedside and over toilet seat. It is foldable for easy storage. This commode can replace armrests and a toilet seat riser. It is sturdy, lightweight and free of porous surfaces for easy cleaning. The Facili-T Commode can be used with super-absorbent hygienic covers to make body waste collecting much easier. b ooth: 2315 s tander, Inc. s tander e Z Fold-N- g o r ollator The new e Z Fold-N- g o r ollator by s tander combines the utility of a full-sized rollator with the convenience and style of a lightweight walker. a t only 13.5 pounds, the e Z Fold-N- g o r ollator can support 250 pounds and still fold up with the touch of a finger. p added seats and backstrap provide a comfortable seat for anyone needing to get off their feet. s ix-inch wheels and a proprietary brake system provide a smooth and safe glide across any surface. Lifetime satisfaction guarantee. b ooth: 2039 Proactive m edical Products p rotekt 4000DX Introducing an economical and versatile alternating pressure/ low air loss mattress with an extended two-year warranty. Digital pump with a C s T Technology. 400-pound weight capacity. s tatic mode. Low pressure alarm. Options include: air or foam side rails; cell- on-cell mattress; 3-inch foam safety base; and XL 84-inch length mattress. b ooth 1118 Lifestyle m obility Aids B3500F- Deluxe Folding a luminum Commode This is our new large seat with large opening 3-1 aluminum folding commode. The commode comes in a retail box and has a nice finished white, powder-coated frame, and a toilet paper holder. b ooth: 1439 c ompression t herapy s ystems Devon24/ Devon 24 r p ortable, hose-less, DVT prevention therapy device. This product helps to enhance proper circulation of blood in the body by mimicking the body's natural muscle contractions, thus increasing venous blood flow to the patient's extremities. b ooth: 1967 Pride m obility Products c orp. VivaLIFT! a tlas Comfort and convenience in a robust power lift recliner. r etractable dual cup holders for a versatile aesthetic, along with U s B device charger. p ower recline and lumbar, with footrest extension and lay-flat position. b ooth: 1611 o xygen Precision m edical a ctive Five The a ctive Five is the newest p OC for patients who rely on the flexibility offered by portable oxygen therapy. p recision m edical's p OCs use vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology to remove water vapor and other debris from the sieve beds between cycles. This results in clean sieve beds that are not contaminated, therefore preserving the life of the sieve beds so they can produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time. b ooth: 1527 w estern e nterprises Compact Click- s tyle Oxygen r egulators Western e nterprises' O pa and O p L series oxygen regulators with click-style flow selection offer superior durability and flow accuracy for home healthcare applications. With options for post valve yoke connections (C ga 870) and handtight nut and nipple connections (C ga 540), these regulators fit all common home healthcare oxygen tanks. b ooth: 1852 r esponsive r espiratory s tore 'N s tay Cardboard Cylinder r ack The s tore 'N s tay r ack is an economical alternative to a metal or plastic rack, ideal for the storage of cylinders in the patient's home. The rack features heavy-duty, moisture- resistant construction with a simple pop-open, lock into place design for ease of use and durability. The racks store and transport flat to minimize transit space required for oxygen set-up equipment, enabling more patient runs per outing which reduces costs and increases efficiencies for providers. b ooth: 1555 c aire m edical C a I re Free s tyle Comfort The C a I re Free s tyle Comfort is a 5-pound, 5-setting pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator designed with an innovative curved shape, an LCD display, up to 8-hour user-replaceable battery, sensitive breath detection and safety technology. It offers wireless connectivity to C a I re 's telehealth solution, C a I re view powered by s ynsor m ed. Operational via wall outlet power, motor vehicle power, or by rechargeable battery power, the Free s tyle Comfort is designed for travel. b ooth: 2201

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