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24 / october 2018 / hme news 2018 G ce h ealthcare Clarity With Clarity, home care oxygen providers can monitor the performance of g C e 's portable oxygen concentrator, Zen-O, from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere, to improve patient care. p roviders can check how well the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator is working and get advanced pre-emptive notice of any issues promptly. Information ranges from flow to oxygen purity, device location ( gps ) and battery life. With Clarity, providers can offer enhanced customer service at reduced operating costs along with reassurance. b ooth: 1761 VG m r espiratory O2 p rofitability Calculator The oxygen profitability calculator is a tool for V gm r espiratory members to determine their growth margin based on the oxygen delivery model. The different models include nocturnal, stationary and portable with conserving device, self-fill system, liquid and portable oxygen concentrator. With each model, the member also has a tool for delivery expense. This is a fully comprehensive tool to have a better understanding of costs and expenses. b ooth: 1627 Perma Pure O2asis p ersonal h umidifier With O2asis, relief from oxygen dryness is almost here! The O2asis p ersonal h umidifier provides comfort when used with a home oxygen concentrator. The palm-sized device quietly humidifies oxygen and delivers comfortable warmed air through the cannula. Users can carry or wear the device when plugged in at home. p rovides hours of humidification on- the-go. O2asis provides so much more humidification than a bubbler, and none of the associated drawbacks. b ooth: 1231 mh I s afe-er-Grip Chrome h ybrid s afe-er- g rip Balance a ssist Bar This balance assist bar uses the same proven suction cup technology as the original s afe-er- g rip bars but is now available in a chrome finish with gray accents. The bar is 11.5 inches in length with suction cups that are 3.75 inches in diameter. s uction cup technology allows the bar to be easily attached to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface (no tools required). b ooth: 1548 Ponte Giulio U s A, c orp. h ug g rab Bars The h ug g rab Bars by p onte g iulio turn a standard safety feature into an eye-catching design element. They are part of a larger collection of bathroom safety products and accessories that puts a contemporary spin on functional elements. a ll of the products in this collection are available in multiple different color and style options. b ooth: 1352 t ub t ight TubTight Transfer Bench frame The TubTight Transfer Bench frame is fabricated of aluminum tubing. The seat is made of blow-molded plastic. It differs from other transfer benches because it has a steel clamp that attaches to the tub sidewall, thereby stabilizing the unit. This allows the user a secure entry and private bathing experience because the shower curtain can be fully closed. Look! No water on the bathroom floor! b ooth: 2451 ADLs o rthopedics/orthotics b ort- s wiss o rthopedic s upply e piBasic s port/Cool m ax e lbow compression support with additional s tabilo strap. Functional COOL ma X s OFTflex 3D knitted high tech fabric with a velvety soft surface structure for more elasticity and stability, and is very comfortable to wear. Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage. Form-knitted with reduced pressure zone over the olecranon. r egulates body heat, ensures dry and pleasant wearing comfort. Fast drying, soft, lightweight and breathable; easy to clean. a vailable in seven sizes. b ooth: 1237 Aspen m edical Products OT s s pinal Braces a spen OT s spinal braces offer a non-narcotic, non-invasive treatment option for patients experiencing muscle fatigue and spasms, which can cause pain. These low profile, one size adjustable braces combine trunk stability and targeted compression where needed to support tight muscles with the goal of regaining at the ability to participate in a DL. b ooth: 2053 Darco International a ll p urpose Boot with e V a sole Darco International is proud to announce the launch of our re-designed a ll p urpose Boot. This all weather, multipurpose post-operative shoe now boasts an e V a sole that is extremely lightweight, softer yet more durable, providing more comfort and pressure relief for the patient. a higher toe box provides adequate room in the toe region. The forefoot and ankle straps provide a secure fit but allow for bulky or compression bandaging. The Darco a ll p urpose Boot is available through Darco distributors. b ooth: 2251 o ssur Formfit p ro The Össur Formfit p ro range is the ultimate in breathable support technology for people who are passionate about their sport and activities. Unlike uncomfortable braces that trap moisture, the complete range is precision-engineered 3D knitted to deliver professional- grade compression. p roven moisture wicking and breathability, helping to keep skin cool and comfortable. b ooth: 2521 o rthozone Inc. Thermoskin Inventory s avers Kit r educe your orthopedic support inventory and increase your profits! Thermoskin Inventory s avers are one-size, adjustable supports that fit most people so you don't have to stock multiple sizes. Over 15 styles available for the ankle, knee, elbow, hand and shoulder. m edtrade s pecials on a s tarter Kit for only $199 or a full planogram for $499. b ooth: 1863 VG m Fulfillment Compression Fulfillment V gm Fulfillment is expanding its offering of services outside of C pap fulfillment to now offer compression stocking fulfillment. p artnering with major manufacturers and with two distribution centers, the new service allows seamless delivery or resupply of compression stockings to patients or providers located throughout the U. s . b ooth: 1627 s unPolar International Compression s tockings s un p olar is a compression stockings manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in compression stockings in medical and sporty lines. We specialize in anti-embolism stockings, which could improve blood circulation and opening in the ball-of-foot for easier monitoring blood circulation without removing the stocking. Breathable, comfort, and elastic stocking. b ooth: 2435 Sleep Parks h ealth Products Kalmia Therapeutic s leep s ystem s leep should be easy. Our designers and engineers have created a therapeutic sleep system from the ground up. What does that mean to you? p ain relief. Temperature control. Less snoring. a bed that's easier to get in and out of while fitting in with your home décor. a nd most importantly: a better night's sleep. The Kalmia Therapeutic s leep s ystem is easy on your body and it's easy to experience. b ooth: 1263 w estern m edical e xpion360; e X p 38 pr O & e X p 72 pr O Whether there's a power loss or you just need to get off grid, e xpion360 has your back! It offers more power, durability and versatility than other products. Imagine powering your C pap , cell phone, laptop, drone, ham radio, and more, all with one battery. e X p 38 pr O and e X p 72 pr O have closed ports to keep out water and grime, come with a C/DC charging cables and a carrying pouch. b ooth: 2248 K e G o c orporation h oudini C pap h ouse s upport s ystem Developed by C pap ology, the h oudini offers C pap users the ability to support their hose and mask from above the bed while using their C pap device, allowing the freedom to move from side to side without restriction. The h oudini is easy to assemble and compact enough for packing and travel. The h oudini disappears behind a pillow when not in use. b ooth: 2354 3 b m edical, Inc. Luna II 3B m edical announces Luna II, its next generation C pap platform. The Luna II includes m y p atientWatch, 3B m edical's intuitive and easy to use patient management software with exception reporting. The Luna II pap platform leads the wireless cellular technology curve with both NB Iot and Cat m 1. The newer m 2 m technology provides cellular coverage even in difficult to reach geographies, a critical factor considering carriers dropping support of 2 g and 1X CD ma technologies in 2019. b ooth: 1405 AirAvant m edical Bongo r x a ir a vant m edical proudly introduces the Bongo r x, the next leap in sleep therapy. The Bongo r x is an FD a cleared, clinically tested device for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. With its soft nasal seals, the Bongo r x is easy to use and requires no power. Bongo r x is reusable and is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket so patients can use it anytime, anywhere. Booth: 1448 Software Universal s oftware s olutions s tow p oint s tow p oint is a modern solution for content management that enables providers to not only scan and store images of hardcopy documentation into electronic patient files, but also to hold video and audio files in the same place. s tow p oint users will enjoy batch scanning features, as well as the ability to highlight, note and redact on content they have stored. p remise or hosted packages allow providers to right-size our solution to their business. b ooth: 1961 c omputers Unlimited/ t I ms s oftware TI ms Delivery s treamline your entire organization's processes, including delivery, with TI ms Delivery. Create optimized delivery schedules with TI ms s cheduler or r oadnet Integration. On the road use the TI ms mobile app to securely access patient information and delivery prompts, check inventory and pricing, scan barcodes, and submit forms. Collect credit card payments at the time of service and print/email custom receipts immediately. Our user-friendly app syncs in real-time, giving you the power to take TI ms just about anywhere. b ooth: 1844 Assistech s p C- e ye C- e ye is an innovative system that uses eye tracking to communicate and rehabilitate patients after traumatic brain injuries, stroke, coma and others in severe neurological conditions. With C- e ye, patients are able to communicate with the surrounding, their comfort is enhanced and recovery is faster. C- e ye also improves the work of therapists, medical staff and caregivers accompanying patients every day. b ooth: 1163 Complex rehab s tander, Inc. s ignature Life s ure s tand p ole Display The s ignature Life s ure s tand p ole Display houses the top selling s ure s tand p ole along with a host of accessories and attachments designed to prevent falls and maintain independence. b ooth: 2039

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