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OCT 2018

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Formosa c ultural c orporation F mh 51 F mh m edical & h ealth is a professional buyers' guide, printed every six months, where buyers of medical services and products can source directly potential suppliers. F mh is now also available online as a B@B platform. b ooth: 2219 K e G o c orporation s leep Noodle Developed by C pap ology, the s leep Noodle p ositional a nti- s nore Therapy Device offers a simpler, more natural method to reduce snoring. With a breathable mesh belt and self- healing zipper, the cylindrical foam insert provides a cost effective method to stay off your back. a vailable in three different sizes, the s leep Noodle always offers a good fit. s leep Noodle— s top snoring. I've got your back! b ooth: 2354 t he c ompliance t eam p atient Centered r espiratory h ome Introducing the first accreditation program specifically designed to help advanced respiratory care providers perform at the top of their license to better serve their "critical needs" patients. The Compliance Team's operations-based e xemplary p rovider accreditation program for p atient Centered r espiratory h ome enhances patient management practices through concise measures that cover access issues, provider coordination and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers. b ooth: 1850 VG m D mep O s g eographic Classifications m ap Tool designed to assess where C ms has deemed rural, non- rural and competitive bidding areas to be. Data is compiled from multiple public sources, and the maps are divided into four categories and contain the locations of critical access hospitals. a ccessible on the V gm D.C. Link website under the r esource Center tab, interactive maps for all 50 states allow providers to determine which category a ZI p code falls under. b ooth: 1627 Ari n etwork s ervices ar I r esponsive hme Websites ar I's r esponsive hme websites have recently expanded design capabilities. The enhanced design engages visitors and professionally showcases your products and services, allowing you to build trust and confidence in your prospective customers. ar I's latest r esponsive platform also proves better load time and a more user-focused experience, all while allowing you to take more control over the look and feel of your website. r esponsive's lead forms bring 30% more leads to your inbox, compared to our previous platform. b ooth: 1325 t he van h alem Group T pe /U p IC a udit p reparedness Kit & Competitive Bid p rep Kit Utilize our proactive claims audit to ensure the services you provide are meeting coverage guidelines and aren't at risk. Five claims for $250 or 10 for $475. Competitive Bid No m ore (any willing provider special)—Our "prep kit" includes a one-hour educational webinar on the product code(s) of your choice plus one hour of consultation time for review of forms, etc. m edtrade special price $400. b ooth: 1627 2018 26 / october 2018 / hme news Allegiance Group COLL e CT p lus COLL e CT p lus can help you take control of your patient pay billing and collections! The four-phase system includes an integrated patient payment portal and call center. a fter securing payment information up front, you can engage an accelerated billing and collection process to capture the remaining debt. The best practice workflow drives faster cash recovery, automates manual processes, provides clear patient statements and makes reminder calls. The COLL e CT p lus dashboard help keeps you focused on collection results. b ooth: 2229 b onafide m anagement s ystems s igTrax Live Inventory Devices Bonafide is announcing its new s igTrax Live Inventory Devices (LIDs). LIDs will allow D me providers to track equipment in real-time to within a few feet of its location. When combined with Bonafide software, providers can count, load, sell, rent and order their entire inventory from a single database. Connecting Bonafide's software with LIDs will reduce or eliminate lost inventory, improving overall revenue by about 15%. b ooth: 2526 Connected care Advanced Diagnostic s olutions Inc. a D s I a D s I is the first ever IDTF to integrate with Brightree, or any other hme billing platform, to help automate oximetry and home sleep testing programs nationwide. Our free integration allows Brightree users to focus on their business instead of duplicate data entry, faxing and other related tasks. b ooth: 2410 t riple w DFree Loss of bladder control? DFree is a first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the toilet. DFree sensor uses ultrasound to continuously monitor your bladder and sends notification to your phone when your bladder is almost full so you know when to go resulting in less "accidents." It is designed for seniors and people with disability who suffer from incontinence. b ooth: 2252 s mart c aregiver Wireless Fall p revention m onitor C ms compliant, wireless economy, quiet fall prevention alert to pager system can be set to silent to reduce in-room alert noise. This product is C ms compliant for non-restraint. When resident attempts to get up, a silent wireless signal is sent to the caregiver's pager or economy central monitor. The Wireless Fall p revention monitor is designed to work with corded bed and chair sensor pads, floor mats, seat belts, pagers and hallway alert and central monitoring units. Call button on front of monitor allows resident to call for assistance. b ooth: 1748 b rightree p atient h ub a pp Brightree is introducing p atient h ub, a patient engagement app that is the easiest and most automated way for providers to connect with patients in the hme market, providing conveniences like payments, scheduling, insurance card uploads and order status. By consolidating all patient interactions into one h I paa compliant, secure platform, p atient h ub greatly expands a provider's reach without having to build it themselves. b ooth: 2108 Dale m edical Products Dale m edical p roducts Dale m edical p roducts manufactures latex-free products designed to save nursing time and reduce skin irritation, while leading to comfortable, trouble-free recovery. b ooth: 2509 h ygie h ygie Unisex Urinal Kit The h ygie Unisex Urinal Kit replaces the plastic or stainless steel urinal. No more spills and soiled bed sheets. The super-absorbent hygienic cover solidifies liquids, blocks smells, limits the spread of germs and maintains the autonomy, comfort and dignity of users. The h ygie Unisex Urinal Kit allows people of all ages to urinate discreetly, in all circumstances (in bed, in a wheelchair, on a trip, in a car) and eases the work of health workers. b ooth: 2315 s afe n s imple s impurity Derma p ro Waterproof s ilicone Tape s impurity Derma p ro Waterproof s ilicone Tape is latex free and has a silicone adhesive that is gentle to remove from sensitive skin areas. s uperior for securing wound dressings and repelling moisture. For use on all ages and skin types. s N s 57230 – 1-inch x15- foot roll or s N s 57232 – 2-inch x15-foot roll. b ooth: 2153 c ure m edical Cure Ultra Cure Ultra is a ready-to- use intermittent catheter for men. The pre- lubricated catheter tip is available in straight and Coude for men. s mooth polished eyelets on tip increase comfort. e asy gripper sleeve assists with insertion and a "no roll" connector/funnel end helps increase confidence when draining. m ade with high- quality materials and no scary chemicals. s upport of research in pursuit of a cure for s CI. a vailable in U sa and Canada. b ooth: 2353 VG m w ound c are New Wound Care p rogram V gm is launching an expanded wound care offering to help address the growing demand for treatment and care for people who have developed and/or are living with wounds. p rograms and resources will help providers expand existing wound care offerings or diversify into this growing market. V gm Wound Care will offer a full spectrum of products and services including negative pressure wound therapy, therapeutic support surfaces, compression therapy, surgical dressings and ostomy. Current V gm members can join for free. Booth: 1627 Disposables o ther b ort- s wiss o rthopedic s upply Bort s ellaTex Wrist Thumb Brace with s tabilo s trap for Kids Classic Wrist Thumb Brace with s tabilo s trap with additional immobilization of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb. p alm and dorsal splints stabilize the wrist and metacarpus. a djustable Dorsal thumb splint for additional thumb stabilization. b ooth: 1237 Lifestyle m obility Aids KN4000J r - Knee Walker Jr Knee Walker sized especially for anyone 3'6' to 5-feet tall. 250-pound weight capacity. Comes with a convenient tote bag. b ooth: 1439 Pediatrics s trongback m obility U s A s trongback24 Introducing the new 20-inch seat s trongback24 with a little more room in the seat but the same award- winning ergonomic design. s trongback m obility provides the first lightweight folding wheelchair to focus on the user's spine. Its unique ergonomic shape promotes a healthy, upright posture and ensures the user feels comfortable right from the start. s trongback m obility wheelchairs are ultra- lightweight, easy to use, and impress with their curved lines and meticulous attention to detail. b ooth: 2301 Lifestyle m obility Aids L2419-16 LB s uper Lite a luminum Companion Chair Comes with a water bottle holder and pouch on the back. It also comes with a seat belt. 300-pound weight capacity. Comes in three colors: blue, red and amber sunrise. www.lifestylemobilityaids. com. b ooth: 1439 A m F- b runs of America p rotektor Wheelchair r estraints am F-Bruns' wheelchair and occupant securement products provide critical stabilization for wheelchair drivers and passengers in the event of a collision or sudden stop. The pelvic and shoulder belts ensure that the passenger is always secure. Wheelchair attachment options include loops, J- h ooks or carabiners. am F-Bruns products meet all applicable safety regulations. a global leader for 60-plus years, am F-Bruns introduced the first four-point system for wheelchairs and occupants in the 1970s. b ooth: 2313 wh ILL, Inc. m odel Ci W h ILL's award-winning m odel Ci enables people who have difficulty walking to experience movement in a new way and explore their world in comfort, confidence and style. The m odel Ci is portable, yet durable and stable; it features W h ILL's patented front omni-wheels that deliver best-in-class indoor/outdoor versatility; and includes the latest in technology--Bluetooth and mobile data connectivity--for greater independence and peace-of-mind for both the user and their loved ones. b ooth: 1215 Wheelchairs n anjing w hole- w in t extiles c orp. r eusable Incontinence Underpad a mattress pad consisting of four layers which can be washed over 30 times. Its abundant liquid absorption can keep bed sheet dry with no need to clean sheet frequently. s uitable for patients, the elderly, menstruating women, and hospital and homecare nursing. b ooth: 1868

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