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New Products HME NEWS / NOVEMBER 2018 / WWW.HMENEWS.COM 21 the next round of the program is imple- mented and to extend 50/50 blended reim- bursement rates to all non-bid areas as part of a forthcoming final rule. Without an increase in reimbursement, access issues could worsen come Jan. 1, when the current bid contracts expire and an any willing provider provision kicks in. "You've unencumbered the contract suppliers who will make decisions on whether they want to take on unsus- tainable business," said Ryan. "The ones on the sidelines who have found other revenue sources should think long and hard about jumping back into what the agency has admitted is a program that's not sustainable with the current pricing." Stakeholders expect CMS to publish a final rule in November. HME Medical. "Valley's compliance rate averages 93% to 95% at three months using tech- nology and a lot of follow-up," he said. "Northwest's is 75% to 80%." Although Valley Healthcare's main focus is respiratory, the provider has diversified into power mobility, which is growing at a rate of 25% a year in Arizo- na, said Evans. The company is also doing more work for hos- pice agencies. "We may or may not expand those programs to Northwest M e d i c a l , " h e said. "For now, it's concentrat- i n g o n w h a t we know best: respiratory." This is Great Elm Capital's first foray into h e a l t h c a r e . The respiratory focus of Valley Healthcare and North- west Medical was a big attraction, says John Ehlinger, managing director, and Great Elm looks forward to growing the reach of both companies. "We like some of the financial char- acteristics of respiratory and we like the competitive landscape," he said. "We think there's opportunity for both companies to grow organically, but we'll also look at doing tuck-in acquisitions in the markets they are in now, and growing over the next several years and then spread out to a broader footprint." HME Periodicals postage paid at Yarmouth, ME and additional mailing office. HME News (ISSN 10913823) is published monthly by United Publications, Inc., 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998, Yarmouth, ME 04096; 207-846-0600. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or prices quoted in the magazine. Contributors are responsible for proprietary classified information. ©2018 by United Publications. All rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publisher is expressly prohibited. Reprints may be obtained from The YGS Group at 717-505-9701, ext. 100. Back issues, when available, cost $7 each within the past 12 months, $12 each prior to the past 12 months. Back issue orders must be paid in advance either by check or charged to American Express, Visa, or Master Card. HME News is distributed without charge in North America to qualified home medical equipment providers. Paid print subscriptions to those not qualified cost $65 annually to the U.S. and Canada and $150 to all other countries. All payments must be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. For subscriber services, including subscription information, please call 800-869-6882. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to HME News, PO Box 1888, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888. VALLEY HEALTH C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 "It was the right opportunity with someone who is as equally motivated as we are to continue to grow." –Ron Evans, Valley Healthcare SIGN-ON LETTERS C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 Precision Medical live Active Five The live Active Five is the new- est POC for patients who rely on the flexibility offered by portable oxygen therapy. Only Precision Medical's POCs use Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption tech- nology ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly regenerated every cycle. This results in clean sieve beds that produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time. WWW.PRECISIONMEDICAL.COM CKI Solutions Bed MadeEZ Made of friction resistant, durable polypropylene, the Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter eliminates repeated lifting and alleviates strain to the back, shoulders and neck when changing linens. With an angled, ergonomic design, it effortlessly lifts the mattress and box spring. The mattress is then held safely in an elevated position on the ledge giving ample working room to tuck in sheets, blankets and other bedding. Made in the USA. WWW.CKISOLUTIONS.COM ResMed AirFit F30 Unlike most traditional full face mask cush- ions, AirFit F30's sits below the nasal bridge, preventing top-of-the- nose red marks and irritation, and reducing feelings of claustrophobia for some full face wear- ers. Features ResMed's latest QuietAir vent, so it's quieter than ambient noise in the bedroom. Plus, magnetic clips make the mask fast and easy to put on and take off, while a one-size-fits-all headgear ensures an accurate, first-time fit. WWW.RESMED.COM Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Sports Ball Cane Tips Featuring soccer, tennis, golf and basketball designs, these sport-themed cane tips fit most three-quarter inch diameter canes and allow the cane to stand on its own. The cane tips easily replace lost or worn out cane tips with the use of tools and provide a strong grip while protecting floor surfaces from cane damage. WWW.DRIVEMEDICAL.COM Responsive Respiratory D/E Cylinder Cart New patient 6 cylinder D/E cart features a durable power coat paint finish and has rugged 6-inch wheels for maneuverability. Patient carts also feature an adjustable height handle for ease of use; and two- piece design allows for compact shipment and storage, significantly reducing freight costs for providers. WWW.RESPOND2.COM Therafirm Core-Spun Support Socks Core-Spun Support Socks are already known for the soft, comfortable quali- ties of an everyday sock, patented with high stretch Core-Spun yarns that make them easier to put on, and the added benefit of true gradient compres- sion. Available in three compression levels: 10-15mmHg Light, 15-20mmHg Mild and 20-30mmHg Moderate Support, although not all patterns are available in every compression level. Core-Spun's ultra-stretchy yarns make them easier to put on and the sock thickness makes them comfortable for all-day wear. Moisture wicking yarns wick moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the sock, moving moisture up and out of the foot area. The new patterns are Monogradient, Slate Argyle and Pink Argyle. WWW.THERAFIRM.COM Cure Medical Hydrophilic Cure Kit The Hydrophilic Cure Kit includes ready-to-use 16-inch Cure hydrophilic catheters, ambidextrous gloves, BZK wipe, underpad and col- lection bag with universal connec- tor. Cure catheters have smooth polished eyelets for increased com- fort, hydrophilic coating for quick lubrication, and straight or coude tip. They do not kink went bent. The Hydrophilic Cure Kit is offered as a case of 90 units in French size 12-16. No DEHP, BPAP or natural rubber latex. WWW.CUREMEDICAL.COM ADVERTISER INDEX Tom Ryan Founded in 1974, Rick's Medical start- ed out selling first aid supplies, strollers and rollaway beds. Forty-four years later, the provider offers a full line of DME and has five locations: three in Rose- burg, including The CPAP Store, another branch of Rick's; a hospice warehouse in Medford; and a new retail store in North Bend. The provider also offers products online. While Rick's e-commerce enabled web- site hasn't generated a lot of online sales, Watkins says it has directed local cus- tomers to its brick-and-mortar stores, translating into phone calls and local deliveries. "We have Costco and Walgreens and Amazon all competing in retail sales and it's tough," said Watkins. "But we've been here for 44 years now and hopefully when customers, patients, or people in our community need supplies, they think of Rick's first." HME RICK'S MEDICAL C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 2 Quantum Rehab Edge 3 The Edge 3 features the added benefits of SRS technology (Smooth Ride Suspension), 4.5 mph iLevel option, standard fend- er lights, standard USB device charger, and standard drive-wheel accents corresponding with new shroud color choices. 4.5 MPH driving speed while elevated with optional iLevel meets the need for greater speed while elevated, such as when crossing busy streets. Standard fender lights and USB port. WWW.QUANTUMREHAB.COM Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation 1. Publication Title: HME NEWS 2. Publication Number: 014-683 3. Filing Date: 10-01-2018 4. Issue Frequency: Monthly 5. Number of Issues Published Annually: 12 6. Annual Subscription Price: Free/Controlled Circulation 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication: 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998. Contact Person: Barb Schrafel, 319-364-6167. 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Offices of the Publisher: 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor: Publisher, Rick Rector, 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998 Editor, Elizabeth Beaulieu, 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998 Managing Editor, Theresa Flaherty, 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998 10. Owner: J.G. Taliaferro, Jr., 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096-9998 11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities: None 15. Extent and Nature of Circulation: Average no. copies each No. copies of single issue issue during preceding published nearest to 12 months filing date a. Total Number of Copies(net press run) 15,448 15,052 b. Paid and/or Requested Distribution (1) Paid/Requested Outside County Mail Subscriptions 9,894 10,294 (2) In County Paid/Requested Subscriptions 0 0 (3) Sales: Dealer, Carrier, Vendor, Counter, and Other 0 0 (4) Requested copies Other Classes mailed Through USPS 0 0 c. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation 9,894 10,294 d. Nonrequested Distribution (1) Nonrequested Outside County Copies 4,292 3,833 (2) In County Nonrequested As Stated On Form 3541 0 0 (3) Nonrequested Other Classes Mailed Through USPS 0 0 (4) Nonrequested Distribution Outside mail 391 250 e. Total Nonrequested Distribution 4,683 4,083 f. Total Distribution 14,577 14,377 g. Copies Not Distributed 871 675 h. Total Issues 15,448 15,052 i. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation 67.87% 71.6% Electronic Copies a. Requested and Paid Electronic Copies 2,289 2,838 b. Total Requested and Paid Print Copies (Line 15c) + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies 12,183 13,132 c. Total Requested Copy Distribution (Line 15f) + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies 16,866 17,215 d. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation 72.2% 76.3% I certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. Rick Rector, Publisher 10-1-18 COMPANY.............................. PAGE................ WEBSITE .................................. PHONE AA Homecare ............................... 10....... ........................ 202-372-0107 Golden Technologies.................... 5......... ........... 800-624-6374 Green Roads ................................ 12....... ........ 844-747-3367 HME Webcast............................... 6......... .......... 207-846-0600 Home Health Technology Summit 17....... ... 207-846-0600 Invacare Corporation.................... 24....... ............. 800-333-6900 Masimo Corporation .................... 23....... ............................. 800-326-4890 Pride Mobility Products Corp....... 2-3 ..... ..................... 800-800-8586 ResMed ........................................ 11....... 800-424-0737 VGM Group .................................. 7......... ............................ 800-642-6065

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