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Vendors HME NEWS / DECEMBER 2018 / WWW.HMENEWS.COM 21 BRIGHTREE C O N T I N U E D F R O M P R E V I O U S PA G E five topic areas: billing, scheduling, orders, clinical and other. "The communication goes both ways," Rogers said. Down the road, Brightree plans to expand Patient Hub's capabilities to include video, so a provider and patient can com- municate "in person" instead of over the phone to discuss, for example, the fit of a CPAP mask. "We believe this tool provides enough value to the provider and patient, that it's something we will continue to build on," Rogers said. HME AirAvant Medical plans to release the results of a clinical trial in January that com- pares the device to CPAP devices and shows that it meets all AASM guidelines for mild to moderate sleep apnea. VIVA THE VIVALIFT Half of Pride Mobility's booth at Medtrade this year was dedicated to the company's Vivalift Power Recliners. Pride rebranded its power reclin- ers to Vivalift about a year ago, but the company has since grown the line from four to 10 models. " We ' v e a l s o produced a new catalogue that highlights the fea- tures and benefits of the product," which include an automated footrest extension and power headrest, said Renae Storie, director of Pride Field Sales & Strategic Accounts. The recliners have an "aggressive" price point, Storie says, at $1,599 to $2,149 MSRP and $1,099 to $1,499 MAP. The other side of Pride's booth was dedi- cated to cash mobility products, including the new Jazzy Air 2. Storie says the company is stealing a page from Apple by continually and consistently releasing new models of the popular power wheelchair. "Our goal is, when you buy something from us, how do we make sure you buy again," she said. APACHETA RIDES THE WAVE Last year at Medtrade, Apacheta, which pro- vides a cloud-based mobile delivery manage- ment solution, launched a forms capability; this year, the company's President and CEO Gregg Timmons was talking about plans for an "open platform." "We want providers to be able to take almost any data from their back end (opera- tions) and put it directly into our platform, so there's one system," he said. "Integration is the next wave." HME RESMED MOBI C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 Austin, Texas-based Inova Labs. It for- mally introduced the Mobi in January of this year, but the product has been under a controlled launch ever since. Among the scant details on the Mobi from the call: The product is being manufactured in a facility in Singapore, which Farrell and COO Robert Douglas have visited; and it has what Douglas calls "the right bal- ance of features that make it the most usable product." "We've got a real- ly good battery life," he said. "We've got a great weight and a really good oxygen output that lets peo- ple be mobile and to use the device with confidence." Other than that, company officials advised analysts on the call to "watch this space." DEVICES DOMINATE Flow generator sales were the high- light of ResMed's financial results: They grew 14% year over year on a global constant currency basis in Q1, powered by 20% growth in Europe, Asia and rest of the world. Growth was 9% in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. "We continue to build our market share as healthcare providers and phy- sicians around the world are choos- ing ResMed devices not just for their intrinsic quality but also for the sus- tainable value proposition of the digi- tal health solutions we offer as part of our ecosystem," Farrell said. Mask sales grew 10% year over year, led by 11% growth in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Growth was 6% in Europe, Asia and rest of the world. BRIGHTREE 'BLIP'? One analyst noted a high single digit organic growth rate for Brightree in Q1, "kind of a slowdown" compared to FY 2018. "Is that a one quarter blip or is the high-single-digit growth rate kind of a go-forward rate," he asked. Farrell noted that total revenue from the Software-as-a-Service line of business increased 25% in Q1 for Brightree and HEALTHCAREfirst, a $126.3 million acquisition that closed in the quarter. "Look, it's the first quarter that we were integrating HEALTHCAREfirst," he said. "We have a team in home health and hospice at Brightree work- ing on the integration of those two platforms and in the core HME plat- form at Brightree." Farrell said a return to low-double- digit growth is "absolutely" realistic as the competitive bidding landscape improves, as providers clamor for more efficiency and as new solutions come to market. "I'm very confident that we can start to get that double-digit growth out of the core Brightree platform, while also integrating HEALTHCAREfirst and tying our home health and hospice value props together as we grow in the HME industry," he said. HME Pride mentors students Pride Mobility Products and Quantum Rehab hosted a mentoring day for stu- dents with disabilities at a company facility on Oct. 18, as part of Disability Mentoring Day. Participants met with professionals to learn about typical job responsibilities, and the knowledge and skills needed for specific vocations. They also toured the production area and saw a new, expanded test lab. "Our plan is to continue to be a very friendly company," said Scott Meuser, chair- man and CEO, in a press release. "We're always trying to make products that make a difference in people's lives." Q&A: CANNALLY C O N T I N U E D F R O M P R E V I O U S PA G E MEDTRADE C O N T I N U E D F R O M P R E V I O U S PA G E BRIEFS ResMed wins in court SAN DIEGO – A trial court ruling from the Mu- nich District Court says the headgear used on two CPAP masks from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare—the Simplus full-face and Eson nasal—infringes a ResMed patent in Ger- many. In a separate decision, the Opposi- tion Division of the European Patent Of- fice had already stated the patent asserted against F&P is valid, according to a press release from ResMed. F&P may appeal both decisions. MK taps Merdinger as prez ANAHEIM, Calif. – MK Battery has named Wayne Merdinger as its new president. Merdinger succeeds Mark Wels, who co- founded the company in 1983. Merdinger has served as MK's executive vice president and general manager since 2013. Wels will continue to serve on the board of directors and as vice president and general manager of MK's parent company, East Penn Manu- facturing Co. Harmar launches LiftSquad SARASOTA, Fla. – Harmar Mobility has launched the LiftSquad Installation Support Network. Harmar has long maintained a network of trained and certified installation professionals, and by formalizing that net- work, the company creates a strong platform to serve nearly 1,000 veterans every month, along with purchases from its dealer network. Every LiftSquad installer is trained and cer- tified by Harmar through a rigorous training program. Invacare launches BluePrint for Success ELYRIA, Ohio – Invacare has launched a pro- gram with resources, tools and support to help HME providers succeed. Invacare Blue- Print for Success can help providers consider whether to diversify into new channels or fine- tune their business practices, according to a press release. "No two providers are alike, but the most successful have one thing in common: a plan," said Courtney Sankovich, director for channel marketing at Invacare. VGM releases playbook ATLANTA – The VGM Group has released its latest playbook: "Industry Insights: Billing and Reimbursement Preparation in 2019." It's the third such playbook that VGM has made available for download to help provid- ers adjust to an ever-changing business cli- mate. The playbook includes, among other things, an analysis of CMS's recent bid-relat- ed proposed rule and an outline of new op- portunities in bid areas. Bonafide launches tracker ATLANTA – Bonafide Management Systems has launched a Live Asset Tracking Sys- tem. The system allows providers to track and monitor vents, infusion pumps, moni- tors, wheelchairs, beds and other high-value equipment. It includes a small device that can be affixed to any equipment and soft- ware that tracks the physical location of the equipment in real-time. "Utilizing this solution could reduce or eliminate lost inventory and all of the associated costs, improving overall profitability by an estimated 15%," said CEO Scott McDanel. Mick Farrell education approach to accreditation. We give providers tools like self-assessment checklists, and give them access to call advisers and a website to stay up to date. HME: Why did The Compliance Team go above and beyond accreditation, and launch different Exemplary Provider des- ignations? Canally: When you look at what's hap- pening in healthcare overall, such as value-based care, we wanted a way to identify providers and enable them to increase their business. It's truly a pro- gression of them elevating their status with payers and referral sources by meet- ing advanced standards, like care plans and care coordination. It shows that they're not just an equipment company. HME: What else is in the pipeline for The Compliance Team? Canally: We'll have another designation for HME providers coming out in the next six months. It's important. These are the providers that care more than any other about the community they serve. They deserve to be recognized. HME: Are you doing anything to commem- orate 25 years in business? Canally: We're putting together plans right now. Next year, we plan to have a 10x20 island for booth space, which is bigger for us, and plan to have a big bash there. HME

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