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DEC 2018

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Medicare Market Marker The eSolutions Denial Tracker SOURCE: ESOLUTIONS The eSolutions Denial Tracker is an index of the percentage of Medicare and commercial claims rejected on a monthly basis. The most recent month's data repre- sents an analysis of approximately 1,378,914 Medicare claims and 3,376,614 commer- cial claims adjudicated between Oct. 1, 2018, and Oct. 31, 2018. The index is a categorized and weighted analysis of claims fi led by eSolutions customers. HMENEWS.COM 1/18 2/18 4/18 7/18 10/17 10/18 9/18 5/18 3/18 6/18 8/18 11/17 12/17 Most viewed stories in October 1. Stakeholders pressure CMS with two letters 2. Numotion to have new owner soon 3. Medtrade lookback: Manufacturers take center stage on show fl oor 4. Reimbursement cuts create opportunity, says investor 5. Jurisdictions A and B: Phone demo is coming your way *The Medicare Market Marker provides a monthly look at the number of Medicare benefi ciaries for whom the four MACs have allowed a claims payment. SOURCE: PDAC (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 1 3 9 0 : O X Y G E N C O N C E N T R A T O R E 0 2 6 0 : S E M I - E L E C T R I C H O S P I T A L B E D (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 0 6 0 1 : C P A P (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 0 0 1 : S T A N D A R D W H E E L C H A I R (number of allowed benefi ciaries) (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 8 2 3 : P O W E R W H E E L C H A I R * * HME NEWS POLL HMEDATABANK.COM The HME DataBank has the latest Medicare reimbursement data for the top 1,000 HME providers nationally in 103 key product cat- egories, as well as for all of the products in the NCB program. You can determine your market share, look for new product opportu- nities and check out your competition using the latest available Medicare data. Go to to learn more. data! data! **We are now tracking K0823 claims with certain modifi ers (NU, UE or RR/KH) to better refl ect the actual number of new allowed benefi ciaries under the 13-month capped rental. 8/17 5/18 4/18 6/18 7/17 9/17 10/17 2/18 3/18 11/17 12/17 1/18 "Due to the new devel- opments we have reduced all purchasing until the new year." —Anonymous "We continue to acquire equipment in line with our needs by location. We regu- larly monitor inventory levels and only keep a limited amount of inventory on hand so we don't get caught in a downtur n." —Anonymous 111,815 Region D 101,102 Region B 74,056 Region A 27,298 Region C 18,982 Region A 6,569 Region D Region B 13,432 Region B 57,519 Region D 76,954 Region C 122,352 Region A 52,061 263 Region B Region D 259 775 Region C Region A 172 50,105 Region C 18,026 Region B 16,174 Region D 22,669 Region A Month Percent denied Source: The Braff Group, 412-833-5733. The Braff Group M&A Insider Rehab (14.9, 16.8) DME (12.7, 15) Respiratory (10, 9.9) 8/17 5/18 4/18 6/18 7/17 9/17 10/17 2/18 3/18 11/17 12/17 1/18 8/17 5/18 4/18 6/18 7/17 9/17 10/17 2/18 3/18 11/17 12/17 1/18 8/17 5/18 4/18 6/18 7/17 9/17 10/17 2/18 3/18 11/17 12/17 1/18 Newspoll based on 62 respondents. 205,253 Region C HME NEWS / DECEMBER 2018 / WWW.HMENEWS.COM Databank Have you been holding off on equipment purchases in the months leading up to Jan. 1? 8/17 5/18 4/18 6/18 7/17 9/17 10/17 2/18 3/18 11/17 12/17 1/18 When do you expect to resume making equipment purchases? You no doubt are aware of the opioid crisis facing our country. What you may not know is how this is playing out in health care M&A. Although you may think you don't know what medication assisted treatment is, you do by a different name: methadone clinics. As you can see, interest in MAT accelerated dramatically between 2013 and 2016, refl ecting the fact that the therapy is both highly effective and comparatively inexpensive. So why the tail-off? Well, it goes to who the buyers have been. Led almost entirely by private equity, the focus has been on large, multi-state, multi-clinic operations. And in such a narrow niche, there are only so many of these companies to buy. What is more diffi cult to explain is why the smaller, follow-on deals have also declined. Our sense is that with patients' choice of which provider to use so dependent on proximity and convenience (rather than hard to come by referral sources), de novo startups are far more viable—and less expensive. Medication assisted treatment deal trends 23

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