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DEC 2018

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News 4 WWW.HMENEWS.COM / DECEMBER 2018 / HME NEWS Get the resources you need to offer your patients the best care possible. Join today at Wound Care It's more than skin deep. Wound Care Manual Exclusive Pricing and Discounts Vendor Resource Guide Reimbursement Assistance Education Networking MAMES shatters records MAMES shattered previous records for sponsorships at its MAMES Excellence in HME Conference at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, Minn., on Oct. 3-5. The event drew 36 sponsors, a 38% increase over last year's fall event and a 106% increase over this spring's event, says Rose Schafhauser, execu- tive director. The increase in sponsor- ships allowed the association to pass on "significant registration savings" to attendees, resulting in a 20% increase in the number of companies represented and a 24% increase in attendance for the education and display hall. "I continue to be amazed and motivated by the dedication and determination of our members to continue to learn, share and change their business models to succeed in these turbulent times," Schafhauser said. MEDTRADE C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 3 was tighter, 3B Medical was an exhibitor with a bigger booth this year. CEO Alex Lucio called Medtrade a "branding exercise" for the company's lineup of new products, which will include the Lumin Bullet, a device that dis- infects CPAP hoses, in Decem- ber; and the Aer, a portable oxy- gen concentrator, in January. "We'll see what the ROI is," he said. "If we can get a few new cus- tomers, that will rationalize it." The number of new exhibi- tors may have been up, but attendee Patty Mastandrea was at Medtrade to check in with her company's existing manu- facturer and vendor partners. MedCare Equipment Co. choos- es its partners selectively, asking them to complete RFPs to earn their business. "That's our real goal hereā€”to see what they, specifically, have that's new or what they're offer- ing for rebates," said Mastan- drea, COO. "We've scaled down to about 10 partners. It minimiz- es invoice processing." HME GAP PERIOD C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 3 feel they must, however, Baird suggested, "jump back in, but on a non-assigned basis." " T h o s e ( b e n e f i c i a r i e s ) that we do accept, take cash upfront, submit claims and let Medicare reimburse them," he said. "That is a way to jump back into the market over the next two years without becom- ing dependent on Medicare." What about contract suppli- ers that have fulfilled their con- tracts but can no longer accept such low reimbursement? "You have an absolute right to quit taking Medicare ben- eficiaries, or switch to taking them non-assigned," Baird said. Regardless of what they decide, providers will want to have a story to tell patients and referral sources, Baird says. "Start prepping your patients and their caregivers and their doctors," he said. "Here's what we're going to have to do on Jan. 1. Take an ad out in the newspaper." HME SETTLE C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 3 " We a re i n a h i g h t i m e - demand business," wrote one respondent. "The more you wait, the less you make. At this point, a settlement is a win for us. The government has end- less resources and can take all the time in the world; unfortu- nately, we can't." Other respondents echoed this notion, saying a settlement could help them keep their doors open. "It's hard because we have never lost a case with the ALJ, but if things don't change quick- ly, we will be shutting our doors after 21 years of business," wrote one respondent. "Yes, I would take a lower rate simply because I don't think we will be here much longer." Some respondents are in a dire enough situation that they report they'll settle for even 60% of the net allowed amount. "I have actually received a settlement offer, as I had one patient awaiting a ruling from the ALJ," wrote one respondent. "I took the 62% check and ran with it." HME

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