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Business Development 18 / january 2019 / hme news Marry technology, service to succeed in sleep CPAP/Mask Other By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor C onsistent advances in electronics and information technology are bring- ing new potential for HM e providers in the sleep therapy marketplace, specialists in the field say. Yet they contend that suc- cess in the continually burgeoning field does not solely hinge on new hardware and soft- ware, and that it must be complemented by thorough research, context and specialized services. " t echnology in the sleep market has con- tinued to advance and can greatly assist HM e suppliers in dealing with declining reimburse- ment and the competitive bidding program," said d avid Lyman, vice president of Water- loo, i owa-based v GM Respiratory. "But i still believe that the sleep education program that suppliers provide has a larger role in compli- ance. t echnology plays a part in this, but it is not the main contributor to compliance." Ron Richard, co-founder of d eerfield Beach, Fla.-based a ir a vant, concedes that monitoring patient compliance related to sleep therapy has become easier and more affordable. t reatment options for patients have also increased and improved, he said, pointing to more comfortable masks, oral appliances, and auto-pap and other features built into the devices. e ven so, "another area where we are start- ing to see an impact in improving overall care is the addition of telemedicine visits and sleep 'coaches,'" he said. " s leep is a complex part of life and utilizing sleep coaches, as well as other such tools, will further benefit patients and increase adherence." s tudies have shown that patients who are engaged in a regular resupply program are more likely to remain compliant with their therapy and have improved clinical outcomes. Engagement 3B Medical, Inc. Luna II ■ Scaled down, lightweight CPAP. ■ Updated clamshell water chamber. ■ Comprehensive cellular coverage. Breas Medical, Inc Z1 a uto CP a P ■ Ultra-small, lightweight CPAP for travel. ■ LCD screen and buttons. ■ Optional PowerShell integrated battery pack. Hans Rudolph, inc. 6860 Ser I e S V2 Fu LL Fa C e Ma S k S ■ Anatomical design helps ensure snug fit. ■ One soft face piece with dual-sealing flanges. ■ Patented chin cup for secure position. Sunset Healthcare Solutions S L ee P net aSC end CP a P Ma S k S a V a IL ab L e F ro M Sun S et ■ Nasal and full-face kits include three sizes of patented, replaceable AIRgel cushions. ■ Flexible spacebar with AIRgel cushions ensures tight seal, while reducing skin breakdown ■ Active headgear connector swivels gently. Dalton Medical Corp. CP a P Ma S k w I th h eadgear ■ Nasal CPAP mask with headgear. ■ Order 10-plus for $19.95/each. ■ Size: medium or large. ResMed aI rF I t F30 ■ Minimal-contact, full-face CPAP mask. featuring ResMed's QuietAir vent. ■ Sits below the nasal bridge. ■ Fits 93% of users. CPAP Comfort Cover CP a P Co MF ort Co V er S ■ Helps reduce red pressure marks and air leaks. ■ Stays in place with latex-free elastic sewn into a fabric casing. ■ Can be laundered and worn over and over. Barber Holding, LLC. Pro V ent-S L ee P aP nea t hera P y ■ Provent is an FDA-cleared product used for treating obstructive sleep apnea. ■ Provent is a CPAP alternative: Great for frequent travelers or those who struggle with their bulky CPAP equipment or are non-CPAP compliant. ■ Provent is an option for individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnea who wish to explore other options with their physician. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Inte LLI P a P 2 a uto a dju S t CP a P Sy S te M ■ PulseDose Heated Humidification System provides optimal humidification with reduced rainout. ■ PureView AutoAdjust Algorithm detects and treats a range of patient events. ■ Bluetooth-enabled SmartLink App provides data wirelessly to patient and provider. Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care d rea M Stat I on g o ■ Dreamstation Go delivers same, reliable therapy as Dreamstation in discreet, slim- profile device weighing less than 2 pounds. ■ Simplest compact CPAP on market, with the fewest components to pack due to the device's unique built-in power supply. ■ Complies with FAA requirements. AirAvant Medical b ongo r x ■ FDA cleared, prescription device for treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. ■ Uses patient's own exhalation to generate expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP). ■ Soft nasal seals, easy to use, requires no power, small and reusable. Contour Products CP a PMax P ILL ow ■ Adjustable pillow— removable layers create the perfect customized height. ■ One pillow, two choices—cool mesh with air flow or plush fiberfill. ■ Ergonomically designed for proper alignment and comfort. VirtuOX/H.L.S. V I rtuC L ean ■ CPAP machine sanitizer. ■ Kills 99% of germs and bacteria in CPAP/ bi-level equipment in 30 minutes. ■ Requires no soap, water or chemical cleaning solution. Portable: weighs 1/2 a pound. ResMed M y aI r ■ Patient engagement app included with any ResMed Air10 device. ■ Sends CPAP data, daily score, tips. ■ More than 1.5 million users. Brightree Pat I ent h ub by b r I ghtree ■ App that personalizes patient experience for improved outcomes. ■ Secure platform automates communication. ■ Reduces staff workload, while speeding up payments and increasing efficiencies. 3B Medical, Inc. uL tra n o I r CP a P ho S e ■ Standard 6-foot, 22-mm CPAP hose. ■ Clear and black ribbed hose is modern. ■ Fits all CPAP brands. ResMed C LIM ateL I ne ■ Heated tube works with Climate Control System. ■ Increased flexibility, less mask drag ■ Additional products include ClimateLineAir and ClimateLineMAXTM Oxy. Hoses 3B Medical, Inc. I CodeConne C t w I th My Pat I ent w at C h ■ Compliance management and archiving system with an updated interface. ■ Exception handling alerts, rules for patient usage and compliance. ■ Free with no software to download. ResMed aI rV I ew ■ Cloud-based system. ■ Simplify workflows, collaborate across care network. ■ Access to patient data, enabling proactive monitoring, management and outreach. Remote monitoring Resupply ResMed r e S Med r eSu PPL y ■ Cloud-based software program to build and manage patient populations. ■ Contacts active patients on behalf of their provider, ensuring on-time orders. ■ Outreach is customizable to optimize revenues and reduce cost per patient. Category Sleep therapy te C h re V o L ut I on ■ Setting the scene: Technology in the sleep market has continued to advance and can greatly assist HME providers in dealing with declining reimbursement and the competitive bidding program. Monitoring patient compliance related to sleep therapy, as well as other conditions like diabetes, has become easier and more affordable. beyond te C h ■ Augmenting the gear: Some of the technology, such as mobile apps for monitoring disease state and educational videos to assist with cleaning and mask fitting, are becoming more available, but providers also need to bolster their sleep education programs to play a significant role in compliance. e M bra CI ng te C h ■ Finding the 'Fit': Wearable technologies like Fitbits have made inroads, as electronic monitors for public health and wellness gain in popularity with consumers. Even though these products are typically sold at national retail chains, market specialists believe they can also be applicable to the independent HME segment. "By having compliance data readily available, providers, physicians and pay- ers alike can clearly understand who is benefiting from sleep therapy and how," said James Barrett, customer and partner marketing manager for Lawrenceville, Ga.- based Brightree. " t his ensures that those patients who are participating in a success- ful resupply program are supported by their payers, where those who are non-compli- ant are not an undue burden on those same payers. c ompliance is a critical component to successful sleep therapy." a s more patients begin using c P a P ther- apy and other sleep and respiratory prod- ucts, HM e providers and physicians are in need of finding ways to better manage their growing patient populations, said Jim d oty, senior director, n orth a merica, field market- ing, for Murrysville, Pa.-based Philips s leep and Respiratory c are " c onnected care helps HM e providers and physicians do this by providing criti- cal data and actionable insights that mea- sure and inform effective care pathways and document the benefits of therapy," d oty said. "By helping patients become successful on P a P therapy, HM e s now have the potential to be partners in post-acute care, as well as a provider of quality service that results in a customer for life. s erving patients requires ongoing resupply of new masks, hoses, filters and water chambers." Mask and c P a P device technology, as well as digital technology, each have crucial roles in maximizing therapy adherence, said Bobby Ghosal, cto for ResMed. "P a P masks, for instance, are becoming smaller, quieter, more comfortable, and easier to fit and adjust," he said. " d igital technology S l e e p T H E r a p y S E E pa g E 2 2

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