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Business Development 18 / fe B ruary 2019 / hme n ews Bariatrics market requires 'all-in' approach Wheelchairs Category Bariatrics ro BUS t o U t L oo K ■ Perpetual need: Obesity data suggests that oversized adults of both genders will continue to need and use bariatric-grade beds and wheelchairs, among other products. Although manufacturers continue to create and modify new products, the general consensus is that even more are needed. D ee P er DIV e ■ Beyond stock: HME providers serious about the bariatric market need to understand the complexities of patient conditions and dimensions to furnish the appropriate product for every individual. IMP re SSIN g re F erra LS ■ Generating excitement: Promoting new products that help patients gain independence gets the attention of critical referral sources, such as physicians, nurses and therapists. An established reputation as a complete bariatric provider also helps spread the word among medical professionals. B a r i at r i c s s E E n E x t PA g E Dalton Medical Corp. K409 ■ Only $149. ■ Dual purpose wheelchair, 16 inches or 18 inches. ■ Can be used as standard or transport wheelchair. Quantum Rehab Q6 eD ge HD Power C H a I r ■ 450-pound weight capacity with ATX Suspension for enhanced performance. ■ Compatible with TRU- Balance 3 HD Power Positioning Systems. ■ 10-inch seat elevation at 3.5 mph with optional iLevel (400-pound weight capacity). GF Health Products, Inc. eV ere S t & Je NNIN g S Para M o UN t XD Fo LDIN g Bar I atr IC wH ee LCH a I r ■ Available in 26-inch and 30-inch seat widths with 19.5- inch seat depth. ■ Maximum weight capacity 650 pounds—evenly distributed. ■ Meets Medicare code K0007. Merits Health Products Ve C tor HD ■ Adjustable seat width (20 to 24 inches) and depth (16 to 22 inches) adjustments can be made in 1-inch increments. ■ Inline four-pole motors for enhanced efficiency, torque and range. ■ Center of gravity tilt 5 degrees to 55 degrees posterior. Dalton Medical Corp. B e D2100PK g ■ Only $369. ■ Includes semi bed, half rail and mattress. ■ Weight capacity: 400 pounds. Transfer Master Products Inc. Va LI a N t HD & SHD ■ Head, foot, and hi-low adjustable; height adjustable from around 13.5 inches to 23.5 inches. ■ Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac chair positions. ■ Heavy duty (600 pounds) and super heavy duty (750 pounds) weight capacity. ■ Handcrafted with care in the USA for exceptional durability and stability. Burke Inc. t r I -F L e X II ■ 1,000-pound bed capacity that folds for transport. ■ Low bed height (14 inches) and three- position pull out side rails. ■ Foam and air mattresses width adjustable; integrated scale and impulse drive available. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Pr IM e Care Be D ■ 600-pound weight capacity, height range 7 to 30 inches. ■ Auto-contour and cardiac chair, synchronized hi-lo control system keeps bed level. ■ Bed adjusts 36, 39, 42 inches in width, height up to 88 inches. Gendron Inc. g e ND ro N Ma XI r e S t Bar I atr IC Be D ■ Adjustable width 39-42-48 inches. ■ Patient weight capacity 800 pounds. ■ Fully electric bed articulation. Beds Dalton Medical Corp. PL4200 e -S ■ Only costs $795. ■ Electric patient lifter. ■ Weight capacity of 400 pounds. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare g ra VIS Bar I atr IC F L oor L IF t ■ Manual or powered base can support up to 600 pounds; premium electronics. ■ Audible alarms indicate battery life, object obstruction, weight overload, maintenance needed. ■ Features extended 5.0 V battery and six- point cradle with spring clips. Gendron Inc. Ma XI Care Bar I atr IC L IF t ■ 700- or 1,000-pound patient weight capacity. ■ Available with or without scale. ■ Fully electric operation to prevent caregiver injury. Lifts Pride Mobility Products LC-358 XL a ND XXL L IF t C H a I r S ■ 500-pound weight capacity on XL; 600- pound weight capacity on XXL. ■ Heavy-duty lift actuator and scissor mechanism ■ Wooden frame composed of engineered furniture grade laminate/ hardwood for added durability Lift chairs By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor E xperts in the bariatrics field contend that the category is much more than just heavy-duty equipment for obese patients. i t should be more than just a side- line business for HM e providers, they say, because there are myriad nuances to consider when providing products and services to this clientele. t he market has been one of HM e 's stron- gest performers in recent years and demo- graphic data suggest that demand for bariat- ric-grade products will continue to be in high demand. " r esearch shows that by 2020, 80% of men and almost seven in 10 women will be overweight or obese," said Jim Lein, presi- dent of Dalton Medical in Farmers Branch, t exas. " i t is sad that incidents of stroke and heart disease will dramatically increase and the need for bariatric products, such as extra-wide beds and wheelchairs will increase simultaneously." Consequently, Lein sees more HM e provid- ers jumping into the bariatric product arena and predicts "the competition for referrals will be fierce, as well." t o be sure, the bariatric market will con- tinue to be strong in 2019, and growth projec- tions are positive, said Jay Brislin, vice presi- dent of e xeter, p a.-based Quantum r ehab. " t he number of individuals requiring mobility equipment within this market seg- ment continues to increase and the ongoing need for new, innovative and technologically advanced products in this category is a main focus for us," he said. "We feel that product development needs to be more of a direct focus. We need to further evaluate the mobil- ity needs of this specific populations and cre- ate products that will meet those needs and offer the highest level of independence." t he bariatric market segment is continu- ally evolving and deserves increased attention to its characteristics, dynamics and business potential for HM e providers, Brislin said. "We continue to study this market and feel that we need to introduce more technologi- cally advanced offerings," he said. n uance D market As a long-time veteran of the bariatric market, Burke/Leisure-Lift p resident DuWayne Kram- er says true success in the business requires an "all-in" commitment from HM e providers. While some providers may only procure stock products for patients who need them, Kramer says becoming a go-to source in the bariatric market involves more extensive participation. " t hey need to go beyond ordering heavy- duty products," he said. " t here are so many different issues that bariatric clients have to deal with and some are pretty complex." Leisure-Lift specializes in furnishing prod- ucts with custom features for clients with extra needs, said Jim e rnst, COO. " e ach patient is different, so each solution is unique," he said. "We are among very few companies to have a wood shop, metal shop and upholstery shop under our roof, so we can adapt and customize as needed." t he key for HM e providers who are serious about bariatrics is a deep understanding about what each patient needs based on their physi- cal dimensions, such as weight, shape and size, but also physical anomalies caused by diabetes, phlebitis or abdominal pannus. i t is these clinical assessments by an astute techni- cian that determine the appropriate products, said Jerry t raylor, engineering manager. "Once i understand the patient's condition, i can let them know what they need," he said. "We can explore custom parts on the shelf and put together a package they can view before we build it." Sunrise Medical QUICKI e M6 ■ High strength, modular frame with 650-pound weight capacity. ■ Heavy duty components accommodate changing conditions. ■ Double-locking crossbrace and stabilizer bar minimize frame flex. PaceSaver Bo SS 4.5 ■ 450-pound weight capacity, midi-drive, with one-piece frame. ■ 150-amp controller, dual inline four- pole motors. ■ Multiple options, including custom seating, power seat and power anti-tips. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Bar I atr IC Se N tra e C Hea V y-D U ty, eX tra- eX tra wID e wH ee LCH a I r ■ Equipped with extra heavy-duty front forks and reinforced dual crossbars. ■ Extra-large padded armrests and aluminum foot plates (available separately) provide added support. ■ Steel gussets are reinforced at all weight-bearing points to provide additional strength. Gendron Inc. g e ND ro N r ege NC y 525 r e CLIN er wH ee LCH a I r ■ 525-pound weight capacity. ■ Adjustable back upholstery for patient positioning. ■ Seat width and seat-to-floor height options.

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