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AUG 2019

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W H E E L C H A I R A C C E S S O R I E S PA G E X X VOLUME 25 — NUMBER 8 AUGUST 2019 $7.00 HME NEWS POLL ■ Doug Westerdahl works to preserve access to complex rehab technology. See page 8. N E W S ■ Heartland Conference offers peek at future. PAGE 2 ■ Newspoll: CBD calls, but will providers answer? PAGE 2 ■ Q&A: Barb Stockert. PAGE 6 S M A RT TA L K ■ This month, our columnists tackle fi nancing, e-prescribing. PAGE 11 C O M M E N TA RY ■ Payers are large companies with protocols, policies and business practices. Understand who you need to work with to get contracts, says Steve Selbst, CEO and co-owner of Healthcents. PAGE 9 ■ Product Spotlight: Check out the latest in connected care solutions, like the ResMed AirView remote monitoring system. See page 18. ■ Are you concerned that product choices for disposable medical supplies are becoming limited? Results on page 22. DEPARTMENTS PROVIDERS ■ AdaptHealth announces merger. PAGE 12 ■ Tricare still frustrates. PAGE 12 ■ Round 2021: Providers do their homework. PAGE 12 MOBILITY ■ Manual access issue passes another hurdle. PAGE 14 ■ Consumers make mark on Capitol Hill. PAGE 14 ■ SHME meets 'huge need.' PAGE 15 RX & SPECIALTY PROVIDERS ■ PE fi rm acquires diabetes provider. PAGE 16 ■ Q&A: Aerofl ow's Jennifer Jordan. PAGE 16 ■ Soleo sees opportunity in data. PAGE 16 VENDORS ■ It's an all-new Ameda. PAGE 19 ■ HME VIP joins VIP. PAGE 19 ■ Invacare fi lls 'key roles' for North America. PAGE 20 Stakeholders stand their ground ROAD TO ROUND 2021 Do AOs police fraud? FARMacy Valdosta, Ga.-based Barnes Drug Store allows a local farmer to set up shop in its parking lot a couple of times a week to sell fruit and veg- etables to patients, employees and the community. "The farmer gets a lot of attention from patients coming in to fi ll a script or exchange tanks," says Heather Sardina. See story page 12. RESNA targets younger professionals Provider, which closed on July 8, was owned by Cardinal UroMed exits market, creates void for supplies B I D R E L I E F PA G E 2 1 BY THERESA FLAHERTY, Managing Editor WASHINGTON – The bid window for Round 2021 opened July 16, but industry stakeholders are still racking up co-sponsors for H.R. 2771 and working on a Senate companion bill. "As we move forward (with BY LIZ BEAULIEU, Editor ARLINGTON, Va. – RESNA has made two changes that should help to grease the wheels for potential ATPs. The organization announced at its annual conference in Toronto in June that it has BY THERESA FLAHERTY, Managing Editor S U WA N E E , G a . – Providers say they've been fi elding calls from patients scrambling to fi nd a new source for urology and other sup- plies in the aftermath of UroMed's announcement that it would close in July. "We're getting multiple calls a day from customers that have no idea what to do or where to go," said Chris Malcolm, president of First Source Catheters in Cum- ming, Ga., and a former employee of UroMed. "They are not being led in any direction one way or the other." In its June 4 letter to customers, UroMed stated, "The customer service team will be available to work with you regarding custom- er transition." Also, in a subsequent email to BY LIZ BEAULIEU, Editor A CCREDITATION ORGANI- ZATIONS help to prevent and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare pro- gram, but it's not their main job, they say. A f t e r n e w s b r o k e e a r - lier this year of "Operation Brace Yourself," a $1.2 billion fraud scheme involving med- ical unneces- s a r y b r a c e s , HME providers shook their heads wondering, "How are they accredited?" The scheme involved illegal kickbacks and bribes by HME providers in exchange for referrals of benefi - ciaries by medical professionals the program) it gets more com- plicated, but Congress has the power and the authority to (make changes) at any time through leg- islation," said Jay Witter, senior vice president of government rela- tions for AAHomecare. In May, Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., and Dave Loe- bsack, D-Iowa, introduced H.R. 2771, a bill that would provide relief from the bid program in rural and non-rural non-bid areas, and eliminate the budget neutral- ity requirement for oxygen. It cur- rently has 31 co-sponsors. Now it's time to push for a Sen- ate companion bill, most likely spearheaded by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. approved allowing a person to sit for the ATP exam before they meet all of the education/train- ing and work experience require- ments for the certifi cation and, if they pass, earn the distinction of Candidate for ATP or ATP(C), says Charlie Raphael, director of certifi cation and education. "Nothing changes—they still have to meet all of the require- ments to become an ATP and they still have to apply for the certifi cation, but this way, we're getting people who are in the earlier stages of their career focused on this area," he said. HME News, Cardinal Health, the parent company of UroMed, as well as Edgepark Medical, stated: "Edgepark is working diligently t o e n s u r e a seamless tran- sition of care to a provider of each customer's choice." The discon- n e c t m a y b e the result of Edgepark and UroMed focusing on different payers, providers say. "I know Edgepark is well- contracted among the managed care organizations," said Gayle Devin, CEO of Minneapolis- based ActivStyle. "My under- standing is they don't deal with a lot of the fee-for-service for the Bert Burns U R O M E D E X I T S PA G E 1 7 A C C R E D I TAT I O N A N D F R A U D PA G E 2 0 R E S N A AT P PA G E 1 5 Sandra Canally Senate joins House in criti- cizing CMS's plan to include vents in bid program. See story on page 2 T H E B U S I N E S S N E W S P A P E R F O R H O M E M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E N T P R O V I D E R S W W W . H M E N E W S . C O M

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