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18 WWW.HMENEWS.COM / AUGUST 2019 / HME NEWS Business Development Remote Apps Alert BY JOHN ANDREWS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR P INPOINTING EXACTLY what "con- nected care" is can be a tricky exercise. In a broad context, it can be identified as a platform that enables electronic communications between patients and providers, facilitating the transmission of health data for moni- toring and analysis. But beyond that, connected care incor- porates a wide range of dimensions that include different media, functions and purposes, said Michael Cantor, MD, chief medical officer for Hartford, Conn.-based CareCentrix. "What is connected care? It depends on who you ask," he said. "Like managed care, it has several different components, like remote patient monitoring, various wear- able and stationary devices, monitors and sensors, predictive modeling and analytics. Then there is the issue of who is involved with handling and interpreting the data." Gregory Dench, director of connected sleep devices for San Diego-based ResMed, sees connected care as a healthcare man- agement model that gives providers a direct link to patients and their health data via technologies that allow for electronic mon- itoring and communication. "It eases the burden on providers by cre- ating a seamless flow of reliable informa- tion, allowing HMEs to identify those who need immediate attention and prioritize those patients who are acutely in need of support," he said. "Another benefit is that connected care has been shown to improve both patient adherence to therapy and, in turn, reimbursement revenues for HMEs." Because more patients and providers are looking for connected technologies to be a component of their therapy, Dench says ResMed cloud-connected its entire latest line of CPAP machines, the Air10 series, which has sold more than nine million units so far. While the connected care landscape is deep and wide, its applications are having a profound impact on the HME industry, said Tim Murphy, business leader of new business solutions at Andover, Mass.-based Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care "Connectivity is a crucial step in enhanc- ing patient experience, improving popu- lation health and reducing costs while decreasing clinician burnout," he said. "The intention of connected care is to collect information that provides insight into the patient condition and need. This information can then be used in discrete settings to respond to patient needs. This enables care teams, including those serving patients in their homes, with the ability to direct resources to those patients who are in need." As part of the multi-dimensional fac- ets of connected care, Ogden, Utah-based Freeus focuses on wearable technologies that keep patients connected with family members, clinicians and other caregivers. "HME providers can facilitate access to connected care by offering monitored mobile medical alert devices to patients," said COO Brock Winzeler. "With moni- tored mobile medical alerts, patients can live independently and have access to care Connected care a multi-dimensional domain Alert Sentry ISAFE MOBILE ■ Mobile alert. ■ Available exclusively through authorized dealers. ■ Become an authorized dealer and add to your private pay revenue stream. Freeus, LLC BELLE 4G LTE MOBILE MEDICAL ALERT ■ Certified on the Verizon 4G LTE network and lasts up to 30 days per charge. ■ With the press of one button at home or away, patients can speak with expert operators 24/7. ■ Operators can locate users and send caregivers or emergency personnel to assist, depending on need. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare PRESSURE-SENSITIVE CHAIR AND BED PATIENT ALARM ■ Pressure-sensitive pad connects to audio alarm and alerts caregiver when a patient gets out of a chair or bed. ■ Equipped with a safety alert, on/off switch and low battery warning. ■ Comes with a 9V battery. thera-LINK THERA-LINK ■ Telehealth solution for mental and behavioral health professionals. ■ HIPAA-secure video, scheduling, payment, notes, file sharing and secure messaging. ■ Custom waiting room—built by therapists for therapists. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare F&P SLEEPSTYLE APP FOR THE SLEEPSTYLE AUTO CPAP ■ CPAP patients can follow their progress and compare it against previous nights. ■ Helpful advice and troubleshooting tips to guide patients on addressing therapy issues. ■ SleepStyle App updates via Bluetooth, making data available immediately upon stopping therapy. Orbita ORBITA VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS ■ Voice- and chatbot- powered virtual assistants increases operational efficien- cies and improves consumer and patient experiences. ■ Intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces for business and clinical end-users and powerful low-code/ no-code tools for technical teams. ■ Used to enhance customer service, member wellness, population health, remote patient monitoring, care management, clinical trials and more. when and where they need it, with the press of a button." Mobile medical alerts can help keep those involved in the patient's care updated when family members, nurses and clini- cians are included as emergency contacts or case managers in the medical alert account. Emergency contacts can be notified dur- ing and after patient incidents, and case managers can receive detailed information about emergency events. INSTILLING CONNECTIVITY HME providers are becoming increasingly connected to connected care because HME has more connectivity functionality, Can- dor said, using home sleep therapy as an example. "When a patient has obstructive sleep apnea, the PAP is equipped with the capa- bility to upload specific data, such as how long the patient is on the device, breathing rates and other pertinent information that the respiratory therapist can monitor and review," he said. "This is not the future, but what is happening today." HME providers, as purveyors of these devices—some have to be prescribed — empower patient self-management because "a lot people want this info for themselves," Candor said. "Clinicians take care of the patient and it's up to the patient to be a partner in care," he said. "They need to be empowered to manage their diseases. It's really about teaching patients what it means to have a disease and what enables them to stay home and avoid the hospitals." FOSTERING ADHERENCE Numerous recent studies show that con- nected care—particularly remote and self- monitoring tools—not only create efficien- cies for the clinician, but also support bet- ter clinical results for patients, Dench said. "Of patients remotely monitored via Air- View, ResMed's provider-facing connected platform, 75% were adherent on therapy compared to 50% for those without cloud- connected PAP devices," he said. "That number jumps even higher when patients engage with their own health data—a study published in CHEST found that 87% of patients were adherent when remote moni- C O N N E C T E D C A R E S E E PA G E 2 1 CATEGORY Connected Care BROAD DEFINITION ■ Getting 'connected': It is difficult to pigeonhole the connected care domain into a narrow definition, but basically it is a platform to facilitate communication and data flow among patients, caregivers and clinicians. GOING MOBILE ■ Reaching out: The main advantage of connected care is making information and correspondence available to all stakeholders no matter where they are. Sleep testing data can be transmitted from the patient's bedside to the clinician's mobile phone. IMPROVING COMPLIANCE ■ Engagement key: Through better connectivity with patients, they are able to self-manage their conditions, increasing compliance with care protocols. CAIRE Inc. FREESTYLE COMFORT ■ 5-pound pulse flow portable oxygen con- centrator with innovative curved shape. ■ Features sensitive breath detection and safety technology, and meets FAA guidelines. ■ Wirelessly track device usage through CAIRE's telehealth solution, CAIREview. GCE Healthcare CLARITY CONNECTED CARE ■ Monitor device performance and carry out predictive maintenance. ■ Optimize assets, ensuring patients have the right device and manage adherence to prescription. ■ Track device location using GPS and GSM/ cellular technologies. Nonin Medical WRISTOX2 3150 USB ■ Nonin PureSAT SpO2 technology delivers reli- able oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings. ■ Provides accurate measurements in challeng- ing conditions like low perfusion and motion. ■ Offers continuous monitoring and data recording for overnight oximetry studies. ResMed AIRVIEW ■ Quickly access patient data via the cloud, share insights with other clinicians. ■ Connects to Air10/AirMini PAP devices, Astral/Stellar in-home ventilators. ■ 75% PAP adherence with AirView (up to 87% with ResMed myAir app). Invacare MYLINX PROVIDER PORTAL ■ Data supplied by a user's MyLiNX App allows providers to access diagnostics for that wheelchair or across a connected fleet. ■ Can help identify clients who are improperly charging batteries, allowing you to get ahead of potential issues. ■ Remote troubleshooting can help reduce unnecessary service trips to diagnose issues and a separate trip to resolve. Circadiance SMART MONITOR 2 ■ Enables physicians to remotely manage at-risk infants with cardiac and respiratory conditions. ■ Records and documents a complete record of cardio respiratory events. ■ Improves quality of life for baby and family. Philips Respironics CARE ORCHESTRATOR ■ Simplify operations and improve productivity with a cloud-based care management system for sleep and respiratory patients. ■ Access detailed reporting and monitor, qualify and assess patient condition from a single screen. ■ Intuitive data management, interactive data viewing and reporting, and extensive device compatibility. HC1126366/care-orchestrator Empirical Health Solutions SMARTHEALTH1ON1.COM ■ Alerts physician if blood pressure, glucose, weight or pulse is out of range. ■ HIPAA compliant, FDA-approved equipment with software designed to support Medicare RPM. Remote

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