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Mobility HM e N ew S / ju N e 2017 / www. HM e N ew S .co M 15 Managed care big topic at rehab conference State news: Texas By Jeff Rowe, Contributing w riter pl ANO, Texas – If you're an independent rehab provider in a state as big as Texas, you need to get together with your colleagues from across the state, on occasion, to keep from getting overwhelmed. That's how s andy c ormier, executive director of the Texas Rehab Providers' c ouncil, described the impetus behind the organization's recent 15th annual confer- ence in Plano, March 30 through a pril 1, which drew 246 attendees. c ormier says the highlight of the confer- ence was the opportunity to hear from the 'We had 16 speakers from 14 individual MCOs,' says Sandy Cormier, executive director of TXRPC the 15th annu- al conference of the Texas Rehab Providers' Council drew 246 attendees in April. Highlights included a panel of representatives from managed care organizations. The organizations now run the state's Medicaid program. managed care organizations that run the Texas' Medicaid program, now that the state has moved from traditional fee-for-service to privately run managed-care plans. "We had 16 speakers from 14 individual M c Os," c ormier said, "including four med- ical directors. It was great for our mem- bers to be able to get answers to so many of the questions they've had, and the M c O reps were grateful to be able to talk to us. In fact, they asked us to include them in future meetings." c ormier says other highlights included a panel on impending regulatory changes and a panel on Medicaid audits. "There was even a game of 'Reimburse Monopoly,'" she said. In addition to attendees, c ormier pointed to 43 exhibitors who "had good interactions with customers" and worked with a number of presenters to let them use their equip- ment in their presentations as impromptu demonstrations. "Our members got a lot of good informa- tion on different categories of equipment that way," she observed. a s for next year, c ormier said they're already planning to "expand our rela- tionship with the M c Os, so we can make sure we have more answers for our members." hme "If you're exhausted and confused, you're not alone," said a my c unniffe, principal of the Washington c ouncil at e rnst & Young. " h ow they are going to achieve all the objec- tives required by law and those that the administration strongly desires to achieve in the time available to c ongress—you're going to see a lot of overwhelmed faces (during your lobbying visits to the h ill). But there are potentially pieces of legislation that are going to move through the process and could serve as vehicles." a t the top of the list of what stakeholders want to get done: pass legislation before July 1 that permanently staves off Medicare's plans to apply competitive bidding-related pricing to accessories for complex rehab wheelchairs. c ongress in December temporarily delayed WOR k GRO up C o n T i n U E d f R o M P R E v i o U S PA g E p RIOR A u THS C o n T i n U E d f R o M P R E v i o U S PA g E cu STO m p RI c ES C o n T i n U E d f R o M P R E v i o U S PA g E the face of continuing cuts. "Providers are looking for informa- tion," she said. "Information about sales strategies, new products, show- room layout, what works and what's not working." Most providers have been dabbling in the cash retail market for some time, she noted, "but with the cuts it's time to jump in with both feet. It's time to get serious, and our goal is to help providers do just that." a s for how the group plans to get out the word, Plauche said they've already talked about webinars and are develop- ing a panel discussion for Medtrade in the fall. hme third forum, when a caller said she was still confused. h oover reiterated that accessories will be reviewed as part of affirming or non-affirming a device, but they will not, technically, be part of the affirmation or non-affir- mation. The caller asked when pro- viders will know if accessories have been approved, and h oover said when they submit a claim for payment. c M s kicked off the prior authoriza- tion process in four states on March 6. It began accepting prior authoriza- tion requests for dates of delivery on or after March 20. hme but that they were still "in the process of evaluating" the change, s tanley says. s wift industry reaction and action is responsible for the turnaround, s tanley says. "When we're united as an industry and when they hear us crying out in a strong way, they're much more likely to react quickly," she said. The DM e M ac s in Jurisdictions a and D never implemented the change. hme c O mpl E x REHAB C o n T i n U E d f R o M PA g E 1 the change from Jan. 1, 2017, to July 1, 2017. To make their case, stakeholders on a pril 27 conducted visits with more than 245 congressional offices, representing 35 states. Those stakeholders included 30 wheelchair users. "We've gotten very positive feedback from initial reports," said Don c layback, executive director of nca RT, which hosted the event with n RRT s . " a ttendees will be following up with their members to secure (support)." Longer term, however, stakeholders must also protect the complex rehab benefit, in general, amid continuing discussions around funding to keep the government open and upcoming discussions around budgeting for 2018, lobbyists say. "We're building toward a very busy fall, where a lot of legislation will be moving, and will involve spending and will likely require spending offsets," said s arah e gge, senior manager of the Washington c ouncil at e rnst & Young. "That's something to keep an eye out for." a nother possibility that may play out: c ongress spending a lot of time spinning its wheels, especially when it comes to repealing and replacing the aca , lobbyists say. "That may be a bridge too far to cross for some," said e ric g ascho, vice president of government affairs for the n ational h ealth c ouncil, of the appetite of some Republi- cans to support the president's and the party's plans for an alternative to the aca , amid the exchange's highest popularity rate in years. One thing working in the favor of stake- holders is Tom Price at the helm of the Department of h ealth and h uman s ervices. "We're advocating to them that (relief for accessories) needs to happen sooner rather than later," c unniffe said, "because the dead- line is quickly approaching." hme We have been working on POCs for 16 years, have become the market leader, and have dedicated ourselves to designing POCs to be patient and provider preferred. Now with a 5 year warranty, there has never been a better time to evaluate POCs for your business. POCs MAY BE NEW TO YOU, BUT WE'VE HAD 16 YEARS OF PRACTICE 1-800-230-6227 Introducing a 5 year warranty* standard on the Inogen One G3 ® © 2017 Inogen, Inc. All rights reserved. *5 year warranty off ered to homecare providers with an active NPI number. See warranty statement for complete details. MKT-P0074 5 YEAR WARRANTY

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