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Product Focus 18 / june 2017 / hme news CPAP supplies Sunset Healthcare Solutions Deluxe Nasal Pillow CP a P Mask ■ Great value. ■ Small, medium and large pillows included. ■ 360-degree rotational elbow, flexible silicone tube and quiet vent design. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare F&P Brevi D a N asal P illows M ask ■ Winner of 2017 Red Dot Design and 2017 iF Design awards. ■ AirPillow seal forms gentle and effective seal, and prevents nasal irritation. ■ Adjustable headgear designed to stay in place during sleep. CPAP Comfort Cover CP a P Co MF ort Cover ■ Reduces skin irritation by providing a soft, absorbent fabric barrier. ■ Known to reduce air leaks from many mask styles. ■ Washable and reusable. Compass Health Drea Me asy CP a P Nasal Mask s tarter k it ■ Includes DreamEasy Nasal CPAP Mask with headgear and small, medium and large comfort cushion seals. ■ Sizing guide makes fitting a breeze. ■ Flexible design allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit. CleveMed s lee Pv iew Mo N itor + w e B Portal ■ Smallest, lightest, Type III, 8-channel home sleep testing monitor exceeding AASM recommended channel set. ■ HIPAA compliant web portal option allows secure access to home sleep test data, scoring & interpretation. ■ Ergonomically designed for easy use with 95% study success rate. Nonin Medical w rist o x2 3150 w rist- w or N Pulse o xi M eter ■ Soft sensor designed for comfort and proper alignment during overnight sleep studies. ■ Provides highly accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings in the widest range of patients and settings. ■ Simple and easy to use— data can be downloaded via a USB cable or Bluetooth technology. VirtuOx Inc. v P o D v erislee P ■ Meets the FMCSA mandate of chain of custody for home sleep resting. ■ Compatible with most HST devices on the market today. ■ Ideal for occupational/DOT testing. c pa p e v o lv e s s e e pa g e 2 1 By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor G reater public awareness of obstructive sleep apnea, ongoing technological advancements and stronger patient compliance are all contributing factors in the continued viability of the sleep therapy industry, mar- ket specialists say. Still, the sleep market is barely out of its nascent stage, working to overcome obstacles like apnea patient compliance with cpap therapy. Over the years, manu- facturers have steadily focused on improv- ing the devices, especially with regard to comfort and convenience for end users. Masks have been designed to provide a better fit, while smaller units can be more easily transported. " t here has always been a segment of the market that is very compliant with their therapy," said b rian p almer, director of marketing—sleep, for Somerset, p a.- based Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. " a s the overall market has grown, this segment has grown with it. Some patients don't sleep CPAP systems evolve to meet demand well going even one night without thera- py. t he smaller units reflect advancements and changes in technology, along with the growing consumer influence on product features." a my c ook, director of product mar- keting, healthcare informatics, for San Diego-based r esMed says providers need to make compliance "priority No. 1 for their patients," which can be achieved by laying a solid foundation from onboarding through regular usage. "Starting patients right is key, such as providing a new patient setup 'kit' that patients can take home with them to review," she said. "Setups can take 45 min- utes to an hour, and it is difficult for any- one to remember everything. So furnishing patients with references and guides to get them going right away when they get home can be helpful." Moreover, providers can consider doing group cpap setups to onboard more patients at once, thus reducing the time it takes to dedicate to each individual. Final- ly, ongoing patient engagement through programs like r esMed's my a ir involve the patient more directly in their therapy while helping them stay compliant for the long term, c ook said. o ut of the 'Blue' b luetooth monitoring has become a stan- dard for many cpap s now, added t im b ar- ber, president of c hantilly, Va.-based b ar- ber DM e Supply Group. " b luetooth monitoring provides direct upload of data from the machine for the physician's review," he said. "We've also found that by keeping regular contact with our patients, we're better positioned to ensure that they're using the equipment as directed." With b luetooth, providers can pull data from devices through smart phones with- out incurring additional modem and cel- lular fees, p almer said. "Smart phone apps also have the advan- tage of providing some helpful features related to equipment or therapy, which reduces the number of service calls to the HM e provider," he said. "Our app has short videos to walk a patient through a number of routine activities related to their device. a simple color-coded dashboard helps patients easily understand how their ther- apy is progressing." c PAP on the go One innovation that has led to higher com- pliance is the development of smaller-sized travel cpap s, said Gary l ong, chief busi- ness development officer for l awrencev- ille, Ga.-based b rightree, which is owned by r esMed. "Sixty-five percent of cpap users say device size is the number-one reason they don't take their cpap every time they trav- el, breaking the cycle of adherence and exposing themselves to apnea's chronic effects," he said. "With smaller cpap s, we believe there is a greater likelihood that patients will use them wherever they travel, benefitting both their sleep and their bed partner's." r esMed recently introduced what it calls "the world's smallest cpap ," the a irMini, Category C pap therapy growt H M o D e ■ p otential aplenty: The sleep therapy market is still growing, evolving and maturing. a s public awareness of chronic sleep apnea widens and device technology improves the opportunities for HM e providers continue to expand. getti N g C o NN e C te D ■ p lug and play: Between Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the arrival of portable C pap devices, patients can improve compliance through digital monitoring and by taking smaller units along on trips to ensure therapy continuity while on the road. B u ND le B ewil D er M e N t ■ Big question mark: How proposed C pap bundling will impact HM e providers and patients is a mystery at this point. s pecialists say it could be detrimental or beneficial, depending on how it is implemented. VirtuOx v irtuClea N ■ Cleans CPAP/ Bi-Level equipment in only 30 minutes. ■ Extremely quiet. ■ Weighs less than 1 pound. Airway Management M y ta P P a P Nasal Pillow Mask ■ The myTAP PAP uses an upper tray to anchor the mask in place. This stability means less movement, no leaks and no headgear required. ■ myTAP PAP has the lowest pressure drop among nasal pillow masks. ■ One of the quietest masks on the market. Philips Drea M wear g el Pillows ■ Click-connect pillows cushion for DreamWear CPAP; provides ultimate comfort. ■ Less irritation and redness on face; better quality of sleep over traditional pillows masks. ■ Easy-to-use and low maintenance. Hans Rudolph, inc. 6860 s eries Q uest Ho M e C are F ull F a C e CP a P Mask ■ Better seal and fit eliminates leaks with Chin Cup. ■ Soft double seal avoids skin breakdown or sores. ■ Soft, simple and easy to mount headgear. Revsuppliance r esu PP ly s olutio N ■ Complete resupply solution. ■ Live callers, pick, pack and ship. ■ Inventory management. Home sleep testing Resupply Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare iN telliP a P 2 a uto aD just CP a P s yste M ■ PulseDose heated humidification system provides optimal humidification with reduced rainout. ■ PureView AutoAdjust Algorithm detects and treats a range of patient events. ■ Bluetooth-enable SmartLink App provides data wirelessly to patient and provider. CPAP Barber Holding, LLC Prove N t tH era P y ■ For people who cannot tolerate CPAP, or those who travel frequently. ■ Research has shown Provent to be an effective, prescription alternative to CPAP. ■ Discreet, disposable, FDA-cleared device that doesn't require a mask and machine. The Chin-Up Company C H i N - uP s tri P s ■ Chin-Up Strips support the chin during sleep to reduce or eliminate snoring. ■ Chin-Up Strips promote nasal breathing by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting. ■ FDA cleared indications for use by mouth breathers. Naturs Design Inc. r e M Z ZZ s CP a P Mask l i N ers ■ Absorbs facial moisture and oil. ■ Eliminates and/or reduces noisy air leaks. ■ Prevents skin irritations and pressure sores. Other

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