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NOV 2017

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Smart Talk hme news / november 2017 / 11 machine learnin G oxy G en mana G ement medtrade booth 1105 p artner with manufacturers By G E o RGE Coppola Q. What steps can i take to expand my marketing opportunities and increase retail sales of my oxygen therapy products? a . The first step is to take a look d evelop healthcare journey By St E v E Wo GE n Q. h ow can machine learning help with communication and collaboration? a . Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow practi- tioners to improve the three core pillars of the healthcare industry to improve post-acute care—col- laboration, coordination and communication—and develop a customized health care plan for patients that will provide a cost- effective solution and avoid hos- pital readmissions. Machine learning platforms are closing the gap in healthcare communications by helping iden- tify potential issues and patient needs, which, left unaddressed, will result in higher costs and sub- par health outcomes. The analyti- cal technology has the capacity to identify obstacles that could pre- vent patients from following their physician's instructions before they happen, thus improving out- comes. For example, machine learning platforms can inform healthcare providers of stores near the patient's home that pro- vide a specific food or nutritional product being recommended to a patient for their diet, or alert them when a patient needs transporta- tion support to keep a follow-up appointment at their office. Additionally, these smart net- works serve as a matching sys- tem to help identify intelligent protocols that will benefit a par- ticular patient, treating them as an individual and not as a member of the general population. This holistic approach allows provid- ers who otherwise would not be connected to collaborate online to develop the best healthcare jour- ney to fit each patient's needs. This allows the patient to avoid a trial-and-error care approach that can accrue unwanted healthcare outcomes and costs, and replace it with a planned direct path of care that can ensure best results at a lower cost. hme Steve Wogen is chief growth officer for CareCentrix. Reach him at stephen. at your current marketing plan for your oxygen therapy products. Ask yourself where are you spend- ing your ad dollars? What is your return on investment? Second, I would reach out to your manufac- turer to explore ways you can work together to increase awareness and generate sales. A retail partnership program with your manufacturer is a great way to form a strategic relationship that is a win-win for everyone. By lever- aging marketing dollars from both parties you can ensure you will have a wider reach of potential custom- ers thanks to combined resources. Review your efforts together and look for areas where you can col- laborate. For instance, co-branding print ads have proven to be a suc- cessful way for the manufacturer to help the provider promote their products. Many manufacturers have print ads ready to go. Also, digital advertising is a must in today's marketing mix with countless opportunities to drive frequency and reach to your web- site utilizing search engine market- ing and display ads on high traffic sites. Imagine what you could do if you and your manufacturer put your heads together to launch an ad words campaign together? Don't forget social media when reviewing your digital strategy. It is a great place to increase messaging around your product offerings and educate your patients about ways they can improve their health. Finally, is your website outdated? Reach out to your manufacturer's in-house marketing team to receive updated product imagery and con- tent. Also, don't forget to link to product videos or commercials if they are available. hme George Coppola is the director of marketing at CAIRE Inc. Reach him at

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