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NOV 2017

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Mobility 18 www.h M e N ew S . C o M / N ove M ber 2017 / h M e N ew S On the one hand, it may seem that comprehensive HME software is cost prohibitive. On the other, you can't afford to go without it. There is an affordable answer. QS/ 1 ® 's SystemOne ® software provides a comprehensive, integrated system that manages orders, documentation, claims, inventory and accounts receivable – all while helping you maintain full compliance with Medicare regulations. And within budget. Think all comprehensive HME software is out of reach? © 2017 J M SMITH CORPORATION. QS/1, the QS/1 logo and SystemOne are registered trademarks of the J M Smith Corporation. To learn more about affordable and complete HME software visit , call 866.590.9493 or scan the code. Bring It On. Whatever your problem, QS/1 has a solution. Visit us at Medtrade Booth 1961 medtr A de booth 1961 FODAC covers logistics Representatives from Atlanta-based Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (F o DAC), which provides mobility aids to people with disabilities, traveled to storm-ravaged Houston in s eptember to help set up and manage national collection and local distribution of DM e to those affected in the area. F o DAC says more than 813,000 households have requested assistance, many with special needs residents. kIESCHNI k C o N T i N u e D F R o M p A G e 1 6 it's what we can do right now,'" she said. "It's something, until we can get them re-processed." Keischnik says everyone at Numotion, not to mention all the residents in the affected areas, are hunkering down for what will likely be weeks of try- ing to get back to normal. "The heart of the people in Houston is the big story," she said. "We'll always adapt, but it's that we know we have support that makes it doable and toler- able. That's regardless of reli- gion, color, whatever. Which is refreshing these days." hme but they have little experience," she said. Petito advises her therapists to soak in online education from r ESNA and N rr TS, but she knows that doesn't take the place of hands- on learning. That's why she tries to work them up from less to more complex evaluations. "Where they really learn is on CHAS GROU p C o N T i N u e D F R o M p A G e 1 6 the delivery of the equipment," she said. "That's where they see the puz- zle pieces come together." The challenges are worth tack- ling, Petito says, to fulfill CHAS Group's mission of taking a holistic approach to people with disabili- ties—one that includes not only their seating and mobility needs, but also their home accessibility and modification needs. "Even though we have a referral for a mobility evaluation, we look at every aspect of their daily life," she said. hme NRRTS C o N T i N u e D F R o M p A G e 1 6 clinicians on the issues affecting the complex rehab community. "A couple of months ago, I got a call from a physician from a large rehab center who had participated in an advocacy webinar we host- ed," she said. "He was in charge of advocacy efforts at the center and he asked if he could share the webinar with his colleagues. I said, yes, that's what it's for. He was not aware of the issues." Walker said N rr TS will be cast- ing a wide net at the event—the AC rm has more than 3,000 mem- bers representing more than 20 spe- cial interest and networking groups. "We need to move beyond our little circle," she said. hme TELEMED C o N T i N u e D F R o M p A G e 1 6 B e c a u s e C H A S G r o u p employs contract therapists, Petito says she also uses telemed to supervise their work, especially for thera- pists new to wheeled mobil- ity and complex seating eval- uations. This relieves some of the pressure of trying to grow a business in a field where there are few experienced therapists and few cost effec- tive, hands-on educational opportunities. "We're training them the best we can," she said, "and telemed helps." hme

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