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NOV 2017

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Rx and Specialty Providers hme news / n ovember 2017 / 21 See why HME leaders choose Mediware software. CPAP Compliance Doesn't Have to be a Hassle. That's why customers choose CareTend. Have to be a Hassle. Have to be a Hassle. Have to be a Hassle. " With CareTend, I can satisfy all CPAP/ BiPAP documentation and billing requirements, which helps minimize denials and audits. " Brian Hawk, RRT Founder and Owner FreshAire CPAP & Supplies, LLC Request a FREE DEMO today! • 1.866.459.2254 • 1.866.459.2254 HME N E ws: Why did you do this study? Nora Bondi: Quality is at the center of every- thing we do at o ption Care and education is essentially the foundation. I wanted to be able to demonstrate the value that clinical liaison education has on patient outcomes and the best way to do that is with out- comes. n obody had really quantified the role of pre-discharge home infusion educa- tion on patient outcomes before. HME: When it comes to home infusion, what are some key tenets to achieve good outcomes . Bondi: Hand washing is crucial. We obvi- ously emphasize infection control and proper hand washing. f rom the very beginning that is something the clinical liaisons are demonstrating to the patient, reinforcing they must have a clean envi- ronment, good hand washing, and teach- ing that anybody that comes in contact with their central line is practicing clean technique. We stress the importantance of handwashing and how crucial it is to prevent an infection so they don't wind up back in the hospital. HME: Are patients receptive to education? Bondi: Absolutely. The more education that somebody receives the better they do. Just meeting the clinical liaison in the hospital in my opinion, eases patient fears since they usually have no idea what to expect transi- tioning to the home. HM E educ ATION C O n T i n u E D f r O M P r E V i O u S PA g E products covered by insurance. Having real-time access to glucose readings enhances CC s Medical's exist- ing l ivingConnected program, an online diabetes management program, said s ean Browne, chief revenue officer for CC s Medical. "When a patient tests, we get that information," said Browne. "When you're catching someone trending low or extremely low, you're able to ward off a trip to the hospital. We've got a bolus of companies that we are working with that want CC s Medical to manage their diabetes population. To best manage, we need to know where they are. This lets us help." HM E d A r IOH e ALTH C O n T i n u E D f r O M P r E V i O u S PA g E c O d ING C O n T i n u E D f r O M P r E V i O u S PA g E With the number of people in the U. s . with diabetes exploding, costing upward of $250 billion a year, for CM s to say it won't pay $50 for an insert that could pre- vent a foot amputation is shortsighted, says f ise. "If we are more concerned about the casting and being able to touch the model than they are about the quality of out- comes, it's hard to make advances in terms of quality," he said. HME s enators introduce sleep testing bill WASHINGTON – A bill that seeks to require the Secretary of Transportation to implement a rule to test and treat commercial transpor- tations workers for sleep apnea was intro- duced Sept. 28. The bill, S. 1883, is spon- sored by Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and co-sponsored by Sens. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Rob- ert Menendez, D-N.J. In August, the same group of senators sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation asking why the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration scrapped a proposal to require sleep apnea testing of transportation workers. The FMC- SA has been working on guidelines for test- ing and treating commercial drivers for sleep apnea for nearly a decade and it held public comment sessions on whether to require testing in 2016. "In the face of compelling facts that show sleep apnea is a direct cause of several tragic train accidents, the Trump administration has backed off a new manda- tory testing rule," said Schumer in a release. clinics and, especially, hospitals and physi- cians. You also have to provide some level of scale and continuity for managed care, so you can demonstrate the value of that service." s oleo Health now has 37 managed care contracts with access to more than 250 mil- lion members, with 18 branch pharmacies and licensure in 49 states. To boost its value in the market, s oleo has launched n utri s ole, a specialty parenteral nutrition therapy program, and s oleMetrics, a proprietary program that provides detailed outcomes data by therapy, disease state, drug, health system and payer. "Anybody who is in health care has to rec- ognize the importance of data," Walk said. "Hospitalization, financial outcomes, inter- ventions that prevent ER visits—that's criti- cal. We can show our clients, these are the number of interventions we provided for you this quarter." o ver the next three to five years, s oleo is looking to expand its core therapies and geographic footprint, says Walk. While the provider might consider a few small-tuck in acquisitions, he feels continuing to grow organically is the way to go. "We are not looking to do large consolida- tion—it's not easy to integrate into an exist- ing platform," he said. " o ur goal is to build a unique company. We have a very strong long-term plan that we feel good about." HM E S OL e O He ALTH C O n T i n u E D f r O M PA g E 1 ME dtrad E boot H 1923

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