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NOV 2017

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24 / november 2017 / hme news O c t . 2 3 – O c t . 2 5 , 2 0 1 7 n g e O r g i a w O r l d c O n g r e s s c e n t e r n a t l a n t a 2017 By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor T he Medtrade e ducation a dvisory Board wants more direct feedback from attendees to liven up seminar proceedings, and they contend the pre- dominant "town hall" format will allow for just that level of dynamic participation. "We believe it is important for attendees to be engaged during the education pro- grams," said ea B leader Jeff Baird. " t his engagement facilitates learning and reten- tion. While the board has carefully selected program discussion leaders, we also under- stand that attendees have as much—if not more—to offer in each session." For Medtrade and Medtrade Spring, the ea B continually evaluates the topics, speakers and session formats to stay cur- Less lecturing, more engagement rent with industry concerns, as well as for providing an educational program that is fresh and compelling, said Baird, chairman of the h ealth Care Group at Brown & Fortunato. "Once the ea B feels comfort- able knowing what education h M e providers need to succeed, we then choose programs that meet those needs," he said. "We are definite- ly not taking the easy way out by approving a rehash of prior pro- grams. t o the contrary: We see each Medtrade show as a new event with new needs that must be met." r etail and home modification are two major themes that Medtrade 2017 orga- nizers are emphasizing as having strong commercial potential for h M e providers beleaguered by the decline of the tradi- tional Medicare reimbursement business model. t he educational sessions reflect that position, Baird said. " t here are 78 million baby boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day and they want to stay in their homes instead of going to a facility," he said. " h ome modification is a cash business and it is an opportunity for h M e providers." With regard to the retail focus, Baird says baby boomers are integral to the growth of cash sales in h M e as well. "Boomers will be more than happy spending their children's inheritance to purchase 'Cadillac' durable medical equip- ment," he said. hme By Jeff r owe, Contributing w riter ATLANTA – In today's environment, buying or selling a d M e business requires under- standing a range of valuation issues, cre- ative structuring concepts and legal risks to avoid. In "Modern Perspectives on Buy- ing and Selling d M e Suppliers," d aniel Brown, a partner at t aylor e nglish d uma LLP, will participate on a panel that will Choose your path b r o w N s e e pa g e 2 7 Jeff Baird speaker spotlight medtrade b OO th 1021

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