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26 / november 2017 / hme news 2017 s quid c ompression s quid Compression s ystem The s quid Compression s ystem offers powerful, portable cold therapy and intermittent sequential compression using a proprietary wrap and cold gel pack to relieve pain and direct edema toward the heart to speed recovery. s quid is available for seven parts of the body: ankle, elbow, leg, knee, shoulder, wrist, back. b ooth: 1467 Pride m obility VivaLIFT! VivaLIFT! is a lifestyle collection of power lift recliners featuring a variety of features and fashion-forward designs for broader consumer appeal. The recliners feature two-motor, infinite positioning mechanisms. a djustable power headrest raises head, neck and shoulders, and power lumbar support offers personalized ergonomic comfort. Lithium battery backup packs abundant power that lasts for days and replaces ordinary one-time-use backups. Convenient U s B charger ports in the hand control. b ooth: 1911 b lue c hip m edical Tradewind a T s -RC with Remote Control Tradewind a T s -RC alternating pressure, low air loss mattress system with wired hand held remote allows the patient to control their comfort and independence for the prevention and treatment of stage I-IV pressure ulcers. Ideal for acute, long-term care, hospice and the home bound patient. Multi-directional stretch cover conforms to the patient. Designed to fit all standard hospital beds. Meets California Technical Bulletin #117. a vailable in 36 inches, supporting 350 pounds; 42 inches and 48 inches, up to 750 pounds. b ooth: 1325 Progressive w ound c are s anity g 8 The new s anity g 8 with remote patient monitoring leverages the Internet of Things to view negative pressure therapy in the patient's home and expands the reach of direct clinical supervision. Designated clinicians can view the device in real time via a dedicated and secure web portal. e mails alert if the unit alarms. Clinicians can view an activity log to ensure the unit is operating at the prescribed vacuum levels. Downloadable charts for the patient's record help track wound healing progress and patient compliance. gps enabled. b ooth: 953 s igvaris CompReflex Lite with a ccuTab The CompReflex Lite is an effective, comfortable, and easy solution for patients who have trouble with high- compression stockings. The unique design makes the CompReflex Lite the preferred choice for many leading clinicians. The new a ccutab (patent pending) provides an easy and accurate way to set initial resting pressure. b ooth: 1710 n onin m edical The Life s ense II Wide s creen The Life s ense II Wide s creen capnograph/ pulse oximeter offers proven p ure sa T s pO2 and Nonin Medical's sidestream e tCO2 technologies for a wide range of clinical settings for both intubated and non-intubated patients. e asy- to-use, accurate and cost-effective, Life s ense II is perfect for s pO2 and e tCO2 monitoring of patients in and outside of the hospital, including procedural sedation, resuscitation, e M s transport and home care. b ooth: 2229 c ontour Products Kabooti Merchandiser Kit You already know the Contour Kabooti provides a 3-IN-1 Complete s eating s olution, but now it provides a complete merchandising solution, too. Meet the new Kabooti Merchandiser Kit, the easiest way to display and sell the Kabooti. s imply open the case, place the header and find a spot on your shelves. The kit includes two cases of Kabootis—one for immediate display and one for replenishment—and a coated Kabooti for display on a chair of your choice. b ooth: 1424 b io Protech Tens Units & e lectrodes Bio p rotech manufactures Tens Units & e lectrodes. Our units have three different timing settings and also feature three modes: B(Burst), N(Normal), and M(Modulation). The pulse rate, pulse width, and amplitude are adjustable to lessen acute pains/ chronic pains. For those who prefer an alternative to invasive medical procedures or high cost drugs, this may be the helpful for you. This product comes in both analog and digital, and are prescription units. b ooth: 2232 Drive De v ilbiss h ealthcare a ll-Terrain Knee Walker The 990X a ll-Terrain Knee Walker is an excellent alternative to crutches and allows those recovering from a below-the-knee injury or surgery to remain active. With a rugged steel frame and four, large knobby tires specifically designed to never go flat, the 990X can be used indoors or outdoors and provides additional comfort and stability on any terrain. b ooth: 811 Pilot, a division of m erits h ealth Products Navigator Model: e 604 The Navigator from p ilot is a true custom stairlift. a ll the 3-D curved sections of the rail are manufactured in one piece. This limits the number of joints to optimize the riding experience. It has a linked seat and footrest for easy folding when not in use. This unit will also come with an illuminated carriage perfect for dimly lit staircases, two remotes, an optional attendant controller, and a choice of rail and seat colors. b ooth: 1721 Alex o rthopedic Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion This cushion is constructed of durable polyurethane foam measures 18 inches by 27.5 inches by 3.75 incehs. The lumbar support is made into a cushion for the entire back. It is used to support and relieve pressure on the lower back. There are adjustable straps to hold the cushion securely in place. It comes with a removable, washable, navy cover. b ooth: 1944 c ompass h ealth b rands Ultra-Care p erimeter p lus Therapeutic Mattress s ystem The Ultra-Care p erimeter p lus is a combination mattress system providing both alternating pressure and low air loss surrounded by a high-density foam perimeter. The mattress features a 5-inch alternating pressure ventilated upper surface combined with an integrated 3-inch foam base to provide a full 8 inches of therapeutic support with bottom-out protection in the event of a power failure. The high-density foam perimeter allows for easy patient egress. s upports patient weights up to 450 pounds. HC p C s Code: e 0277. b ooth: 1105 SHOW PRODUCTS DME o xygen o xyGo OxyCare Total a dvantage OxyCare Total a dvantage is a patient financing program for the home healthcare market— patients can own their equipment with monthly payments and providers are paid immediately. Increase patient pay for not only the Oxy g o family of p OCs, but any home healthcare equipment at a participating provider. b ooth: 845 Quality m edical Q-Connect Quality Medical has enhanced its customer portal, Q-Connect, helping HM e companies bring structure and control to equipment service. Companies can request RM a s, schedule pick-ups, approve or decline repair estimates, track their equipment, and manage their assets all from the convenience of this online portal, saving hours of administrative time in vendor management. a nd our new office in Cartersville, g a., provides faster turnaround for customers in the s outheast. b ooth: 712 r esponsive r espiratory Industrial Duty Cylinder Transport Carts with New s teel Caster Option New 5-inch heavy-duty steel caster option available on RRI's line of Industrial Duty Oxygen Cylinder Transport and s torage Carts. Ideal for use in cylinder transport and filling. Features RRI exclusive e asy-on casters—secures with just one bolt and allows for easy assembly and replacement. s ame-day shipment. b ooth: 2215 v irtu o x V p OD Dream The V p OD Dream is a fusion of medical and consumer electronics into a wrist-worn overnight pulse oximeter. The V p OD Dream will store and record HR/ sp o2 in 1-second increments, calculate sleep time by accelerometer and calculate respiratory rate from the plethysmograph. The device will also auto turn on when finger is inserted into the soft silicone probe. b ooth: 1951 G ce h ealthcare Zen-O lite Weighs only 5.5 pounds. Up to 1050ml of oxygen per minute. p ulse flow up to setting 5, half-inch setting increments. Field replaceable sieve beds. Zen-O lite features Rate Responsive Therapy (RRT) ensuring your patients receive an effective bolus size on every breath. RRT delivers more oxygen when your patients need it most. RRT keeps the patient saturated even with high breath rates without the need to change the device settings in advance. Made in the U sa and F aa approved. b ooth: 1362 Precision m edical e asy p ulseTOC The e asy p ulseTOC is the ideal product to help you reduce costly cylinder deliveries and eliminate the need for stationary oxygen concentrators. It is the perfect balance of mobile and stationary oxygen delivery. It delivers continuous flow and pulse flow all in the same unit weighing less than 11.5 pounds. No need to have two separate oxygen concentrators. It is also the only TOC that can satisfy low flow patients starting at 1/8 L p M. b ooth: 2023 Invacare Invacare p latinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator with Connectivity The p latinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator now with Connectivity can help oxygen providers through better asset utilization and control over costs, while helping drive overall business performance. The connected and durable p OC, end-user app and provider portal create a platform for great customer service. b ooth: 1621 CPAP r es m ed a irMini a irMini is the world's smallest C pap and perfect no-hassle travel partner. p acked with proven ResMed technologies and features like waterless humidification, it's designed to deliver a quality therapy experience anywhere you take it. More than 80% of users preferred a irMini over the two market-leading travel C pap s in a recent study. b ooth: 1011 o rthotics Dynatomy Vari g rip Uno Dynatomy's new, patent-pending Vari g rip Uno is the only thumb/individual finger exerciser with adjustable resistance for both flexion and extension, and an ergonomic design with stabilization points for extra support. Ideal for rehab/therapy, as well as improved range of motion for activities such as gaming, texting, smartphone use and office/mouse finger pain. Vari g rip Uno allows you to gradually adjust resistance ranging from extra-light thru extra-heavy resistance, and improve strength, dexterity, endurance, and range of motion. b ooth: 1348 Aspen m edical Products a spen OT s Introducing a spen's lightest weight braces, the a spen OT s line. This non-narcotic, non- invasive treatment option combines clinically proven therapeutic support with targeted independent compression to promote effective back pain relief, enabling patients to get back to activities of daily living. b ooth: 1856 o rtho s leeve Ortho s leeve F s 4 Orthotic s ock Ortho s leeve F s 4 Orthotic s ock incorporates award-winning, patented F s 6 technology. Wearing the F s 4 socks while active will aid in preventing p lantar Fasciitis symptom onset and act as an overall foot health aid. With precise targeted compression levels, F s 4 is designed for proper foot support and injury prevention. The seamless construction with light padding in just the right places creates surprisingly comfortable support. The soft, moisture-wicking fabric with anti-odor treatment creates a healthier environment for feet. b ooth: 1751 st &G U s A c orporation Zero g 2.0 The Zero g 2.0 ankle-foot orthosis ( a FO) is a prefabricated, offloading brace that relieves plantar surface pressure from the foot. a supple yet strong, adjustable, leather calf corset with Ratcheting Dial adjuster closures provides a total-contact, hydrostatic lift of the inverted cone shape of the calf to offload the foot. Malleable metal uprights transfer weight from the ground to the calf and not the foot and ankle, providing up to 90% non-weight bearing. b ooth: 935 s afe n s imple s ecurity Hernia/Ostomy s upport Belts s ecurity Hernia/Ostomy s upport Belts by s afe n s imple help provide the vital support of your hernia when it is required and can be worn for long periods of time with ultimate comfort. The s ecurity belt two-way stretch material has been specially developed to allow the stoma pouch to function without the fear of pancaking, leaking or digging in to your stomach area. The s ecurity belt has a unique glove design that allows for easy adjustment or removal and is great for those with dexterity issues. b ooth: 1355

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