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hme news / november 2017 / 27 2017 medtrade b OO th 1811 brow N C O N T I N U e D F R O M pa g e 2 4 Daniel Brown partner attorney, Taylor e nglish Duma LLC w ednesday, Oct. 25 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm Session: "Modern p erspectives on Buying and s elling DM e s uppliers" Contact: 678-426-4613(office) or 406-606- 2608(cell), o rthozone Thermoskin a rthritis s upports Display Kit Thermoskin is a well-established brand for arthritis pain relief. New at Medtrade 2017 is the Thermoskin a rthritis s upports Display Kit, which includes our top selling arthritis supports: three a rthritis g loves, three Circulation Thermal s lippers and three adjustable Knee s upports. Free counter display unit available with the kit while supplies last. Regular dealer price of the products alone is $201. Medtrade s pecial of only $99 per kit (limit one per dealer). b ooth: 1061 Doctor In t he h ouse Miracle Line of p roducts Our devices are developed by an orthopedic surgeon and tested in the real world on real patients. They work because they are literally designed from the inside out, restoring normal surgical anatomy and then building products that help patients heal without surgery. For those who do have surgery, they allow them to heal in optimal position. p roducts like the Neck Free s houlder and the Miracle s plint have kept thousands of patients out of surgery. b ooth: 1361 Software m ediware Information s ystems CareTend CareTend business intelligence custom reporting tools allow providers to customize all reports, dashboards, data cubes, and exception reports themselves. This allows them to create specific dashboards and content for each department of their business, so each department has metrics to track their progress and their goals. Data can be auto-scheduled. These custom reporting technologies allow providers to extract their data from the system and manipulate it and share it in any way they need. b ooth: 1923 Allegiance Groupp Collect p lus s ecure, compliant private pay billing and collections solution that lets you spend less time to recover more money. Four-phase, automated billing and collection system with an integrated payment portal. p ayment portal allows patients to set up recurring payments and auto-payment plans. p rofessional call center options provide support for handling patient questions and payments. b ooth: 2212 discuss the key issues involved in crafting a growth strategy through acquisition or sale at the right time using the best methods. hme n ews: Why include "modern perspec- tives" in the session title? Daniel Brown: t here's been a change in the business. t he economic environment sur- rounding d M e suppliers has caused ques- tions about why one would want to buy or sell or recapitalize. e conomic pressures on suppliers are forcing them to be clear about their long-term goals and plans. hme : What are the valuation issues and legal risks that can pop up in today's M&A environ- ment? How can they be overcome? Brown: On the legal side, buyers need to make sure their documents foreclose to the fullest extent possible all the liabilities of the business they're buying: audit risks, employee discrimination actions, tax issues, environmental risks, slip and fall litigation, malpractice. a ll need to be reviewed as part of due diligence. On the business side, they need to be clear about the value of the com- pany, which is a combination of the local market, the inventory, the payer mix and the product mix, among other things. t he offer price derives from those factors, then the parties negotiate. hme : What's the status of the M&A market for HME right now? And why? Brown: It's strong because of these market forces that are squeezing some suppliers' profitability. So as some are choosing to exit, others are looking to grow. Consolidation remains a key driver of the market. hme : If attendees take away one thing from this session, what should it be? Brown: t hey need continually to evalu- ate their market position with reference to growing their business or selling it. a nd they need to recognize that they should be on one path or the other and understand- ing what's involved in either direction. hme Leading the Charge on Policy & Advocacy American Association for Homecare | 202-372-0107 54,000 Emails sent to Members of Congress through the Action Center 262 Congressional visits made during the Washington Legislative Conference When we speak with ONE VOICE, good things happen. Do something for your business and your industry; become a member of AAHomecare today! 154 House members endorsed rural reimbursement relief thanks to grassroots advocacy Local Company - Global Reach Barber Holding LLC Advantages of PROVENT Advantages of PROVENT Small, lightweight, disposable & convenient Does not disrupt bed partner's sleep Is not affected by an electrical outage 30 day supply easily fits in your pocket Can breathe normally using ambient air Can move freely while sleeping This product is the first of it's type in the treatment of OSA GREAT COST CENTER POTENTIAL BE A PART OF THIS BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT FOR OSA F DA C L E A R E D B e c o m e a S u p p l i e r | 888-834-4381 TO GET STARTED CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFO

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