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■ The 4Front helps Quantum provide a fuller product mix, says Jay Brislin. See story below. Vendors court consumers online . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Brightree's Mellott on his first year as CEO . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Caire debuts new website . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Q&A: 3B Medical's Brett Townsend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Vendors 28 hme news / no V ember 2017 / Briefs Golden Technologies lines up consumer financing OLD FORGE, Pa. – Golden Technologies has partnered with CareCredit to offer its deal- ers a new financing solution, the lift chair manufacturer announced Sept. 6. Through the partnership, dealers can now offer their customers a dedicated line of credit to pay for costs not covered by insurance. Financ- ing offered through CareCredit can span six, 12 or 18 months, with dealers receiv- ing payment in just two days, according to a press release. "DME retailers often face challenges in helping consumers get an ideal product while working under the con- straints of increasing deductibles and ris- ing insurance premiums," said C.J. Copley, Golden's executive vice president of sales and marketing. "CareCredit's financing so- lution program will help consumers cover the costs for retail-cash purchases at a time in their life when they need it most." Virtu o x buys ProFox CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – VirtuOx, a healthcare IT company providing diagnostic tools and services focused on sleep and respiratory disease states, has acquired ProFox As- sociates and NPF, it announced Sept. 28. ProFox and NPF both offer oximetry soft- ware and technology. "This is the first of many acquisitions for us," said Steven Lica, CEO of VirtuOx. "Our ability to create in- teroperability among multiple platforms will continue to drive us toward increased in- novation with a goal of cost effectiveness and accuracy for healthcare providers and patients alike." Vertess advised VirtuOx on the transactions. c U launches trio of mobile devices at event BILLINGS, Mont. – Computers Unlimited launched three new mobile products at its annual users conference in September. TIMS Assistant provides real-time access to customer and prospect information, inven- tory pricing and availability, plus the abil- ity to create orders and accept payments. TIMS Electronic Delivery combines routing logistics, asset pricing and tracking, and mobile payments in one application. TIMS Warehouse comprises a suite of apps de- signed for tracking warehouse inventory and streamlining order fulfillment. "These new mobile apps will help our customers reduce operational costs, while increasing the quality of work performance," said Da- vid Schaer, president. s hort takes Atlanta-based Brightree has launched au- tomated resupply enrollment program for patients managed by both Brightree and AirView by ResMed...Invacare has received PDAC coding for its TDX SP2 Power Wheel- chair, which launched in August. The codes are K0848, Group 3 rehab seat; K056, Group 3 single power; and K0861 Group 3 multiple power...PlayMaker, a sales plat- form for post-acute care, has added Holly Miller as vice president of sales. QUALITY, PRICE DRIVE SLEEP TECH Brightree taps customer input Caire: Depend on us Ball Ground, Ga.-based Caire, a manufacturer of oxygen con- centrators, has launched a new website, www.cairemedical. com, with new branding and content. The website features messaging that encourages end users to improve their health by adhering to their oxygen therapy. It also features expanded educational materials, including FAQs on oxygen therapy and links to resources from premier health organiza- tions. "We want our customers who have been prescribed oxygen therapy to connect with us as a company they can depend on us in their hour of need," said Earl Lawson, presi- dent of Chart BioMedical. Quantum Rehab moves upfront Q&A: 3b Medic A l's brett townsend B R I G h t R E E s E E n E x T p A G E By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor A t LAN t A – When CMS rolled out competitive bidding pricing nationwide in 2016, Brightree leadership spent much of the next year on the road to see and understand firsthand the chal- lenges their provider customers were facing. "This challenge magnified the urgency of our mission and compressed the timetable we had set for ourselves for By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor T he S leep therapy market has long been dominated by the "big three." One of Brett Townsend's goals as the newly minted vice president of sales and marketing for 3B Medical is to make that the "big four." h ere's what Townsend, formerly of Chart Industries, which owns AirSep and Caire Medical, had to say about his growth plans for 3B Medical. HME N E ws: Tell us a little about your back- ground . Brett Townsend: I was at Chart for almost nine years. My final role there was director of sales and mar- keting. I was able to be a part of the team that made several large acqui- sitions to grow Chart's respiratory business and brought several new products to market. p ost-Chart, I was vice president of sales and mar- keting at p anakeia, which manages oxygen contracts for the VA. HME: How does that background inform your new position at 3B Medical? Townsend: I bring several years of prod- uct management, and sales and marketing experience across the spectrum of respira- tory products. This includes patient care, and manufacturing and distributing devices. I have a passion for improving patient out- comes and developing new business chan- nels. HME: Where do 3B Medical and its products fit in the current dynamic in the sleep market? Townsend: 3B Medical has a broad spectrum of masks and devices that are of the high- est quality. Due to our efficiency in manu- facturing and distribution, we are able to offer these at prices that larger companies with significant overheard aren't able to By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor EXE t ER, Pa. – With demand for rear-wheel drive complex power wheelchairs diminishing, Quan- tum Rehab in October launched its first ever front-wheel drive chair to complement its exist- ing offering of mid-wheel drive chairs. Company representatives spent much of September dem- oing the new 4Front with provid- ers and therapists. "As we grow as a complex rehab company, we know we need to offer a full product mix," said Jay Brislin, vice president. "It's all about offering consum- ers choice, so they can get the best possible product they can." The 4Front is the biggest inno- The result: a number of enhancements to its resupply program meeting with customers and developing needed solutions," said C e O Matt Mellott, who replaced Dave Cormack as C e O in July of last year, just as the second and last wave of cuts were going into effect. "With our customers' need to more efficiently serve their patients and the impact on their own financial health, we are mov- ing fast." Much of where Brightree has made moves this year is in the area of C p A p resupply. In June, the company announced it had integrated with VGM Fulfillment to allow providers to drop-ship supplies directly from VGM Fulfillment's ware- house. In September, it announced it had launched a n a u t o m a t e d resupply enroll- ment program for patients who are managed by both Brightree a n d R e s M e d 's Airview. In between, in July, Brightree announced it had bought Joliet, Ill.-based AllCall Connect, adding live calling solutions for C p A p resupply to the mix. "We're really proud of Bright- ree's renewed focus on C p A p resupply," Mellott said. "We've seen how important success- ful resupply is in improving patient care and outcomes, while also benefiting provid- ers. The AllCall acquisition punctuates our commitment to helping providers operate a successful C p A p resupply program." B r i g h t r e e l e a d e r s h i p planned to continue informa- tion gathering, as well as facil- itating information exchang- ing between customers, at its Brightree Summit at Medrade in October. vation to come out of Quantum since the company launched its i l evel seat elevation technology in 2015, Brislin says. The 4Front has been a num- ber of years in the making, with B . Townsend Matt Mellott Quantum Rehab says the 4Front is its biggest innovation since iLevel . q u A N t u M r E h A B s E E n E x T p A G E q & A : T o W n s E n d s E E n E x T p A G E

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