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JAN 2018

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Vendors hme news / january 2018 / 21 Periodicals postage paid at Yarmouth, ME and additional mailing office. HME News (ISSN 10913823) is published monthly by United Publications, Inc., 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998, Yarmouth, ME 04096; 207-846-0600. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or prices quoted in the magazine. Contributors are responsible for proprietary classified information. ©2018 by United Publications. All rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publisher is expressly prohibited. Reprints may be obtained from The YGS Group at 717-505-9701, ext. 100. Back issues, when available, cost $7 each within the past 12 months, $12 each prior to the past 12 months. Back issue orders must be paid in advance either by check or charged to American Express, Visa, or Master Card. HME News is distributed without charge in North America to qualified home medical equipment providers. Paid print subscriptions to those not qualified cost $65 annually to the U.S. and Canada and $150 to all other countries. All payments must be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. For subscriber services, including subscription information, please call 800-869-6882. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to HME News, PO Box 1888, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888. v ALLEY FORGE, Pa., and SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Ameri- sourceBergen will purchase H.D. Smith for $815 million in cash, the two companies have announced. H.D. Smith is among the largest wholesalers in the country, provid- ing a full line of brand name, generic and specialty drugs from 10 distribution cen- ters across the U.S. H. D. Smith subsidiaries Triplefin, a pharmaceutical brand support provider, and Arete Pharmacy Network, a pharmacy services administrative organiza- tion, are not part of the acquisition. Ameri- sourceBergen plans to fund the acquisition through the issuance of new long-term debt. c om P ass h ealth B uys rI chmar This is 40 Rifton recently celebrated its 40th year in business with an open house at its facility in e lka Park, N.Y. In attendance were about 300 people, including customers and therapists. Rifton entertained attendees with factory tours and activities like apple pie making and tricycle rides. There was also a birth- day cake that was cut by Jerry Voll, who helped develop the first Rifton products; Tony Potts, who has been a part of the management team since its beginnings in 1977; and Bud Hossenlop, a therapist from Bleshman School in Paramus, N.J., who has helped the company over the years. M&A: Amerisource, Compass, Permobil CLE v ELAND – Compass Health Brands has acquired Richmar, a Chattanooga, Tenn.- based manufacturer of devices and con- sumables to treat patients with musculo- skeletal conditions resulting from degen- erative diseases, traumatic events and sports-related injuries. The two compa- nies have complementary products in the rehab and pain management markets and, when combined, will offer a "broader go- to-market approach through multiple sales channels," according to a press release. The acquisition of Richmar follows on the heels of Compass Health's previous acquisitions of the ProBasics and Meridian Medical brands. Terms of this latest deal are not being disclosed. Permo BI l makes secon D B uy I n n z LEBANON, Tenn. – Permobil will take over oper- ations of TiLite New Zealand. Earlier this year, Permobil acquired Durable Medical Equipment Ltd, the largest complex rehab company in the country. Permobil has been a partner of TiLite New Zealand for a num- ber of years. The two companies say they share, at their core, the same passion and mission. In 2014, Permobil bought TiLite in Pasco, Wash. Before the deal, Permo- bil had been selling TiLite wheelchairs in Canada. hme I NOGEN C O N T I N u e D F R O M P R e V I O u S PA g e with connected technology, company officials downplayed the trend—for now. CEO Scott Wilkinson noted that, unlike for CPAP devices, there are no compli- ance requirements for oxygen concentra- tors, minimizing the importance of the technology. "If we go back to what's really impor- tant, it's the right reliability and the right price—that's what we've focused on," he said. "It's patient preference, as well, and they don't have the burning need for con- nectivity right now. These wireless launch- es that we're seeing—we think it's a solu- tion that's ahead of its time." Still, Wilkinson believes there's a "long- term place for connectivity in oxygen." "That's why our engineers are working on it," he said. "That's also why we've built a product that's connectivity ready. We're not ignoring (the trend); it's just not the most important thing right now." Inogen's business-to-business chan- nel also recorded an impressive increase, 41.7%, adding more grist to the mill that an increasing number of traditional HME providers are converting their fleets to POCs. "Based on CMS data, the share of POCs in Medicare oxygen therapy was 8% in 2015 and 9.1% in 2016, and that doesn't include patient cash sales," Wilkinson said. "POCs are still the fastest growing modality and they still have significant growth opportunity before they reach full market saturation." hme IN v ACARE C O N T I N u e D F R O M P R e V I O u S PA g e "What I want people not to say is, all of a sudden we are on this rapid trajectory," he said. "There are going to be a couple of quarters, with the inertia that we have to move through, but I have a lot of con- fidence in the North America commercial team." Asked whether the sequential growth in net sales for North America/HME means Invacare is gaining back market share post- consent decree, particularly in the com- plex rehab market, driven by its recently launched TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair with LiNX, Monaghan said not quite. "The backlog we have, the commercial interest in the product—I think the fourth quarter should be decent and I think an inflection point for North America HME," he said. Overall, Invacare reported net sales of $250.9 million for the third quarter of 2017, compared to $268.1 million for the same period last year. It recorded a net loss of $18.6 million vs. $5 million. hme R x CLOUD 9 HELPS PRE v ENT AUDITS C O N T I N u e D F R O M P R e V I O u S PA g e system will calculate your error rate by contractor. This is important information to know because this is what will trig- ger one of those fatal consequences. The system will help you understand your exposure, or in other words, allow you to identify a potential problem that can be fixed before you have a real problem." While the RxCloud9 product aims to fill a void in the HME industry, Ferreira noted that the software can also be used by pharmacies, home health agencies, and even physician practices—"any company who will receive an audit from a payer," he said. Out of the gamte, Ferreira said the soft- ware package will be offered via a free "no obligation two-month trial." hme LOONZ v IDEO GA m E C O N T I N u e D F R O M PA g e 1 3 B m EDICAL SETS STAGE C O N T I N u e D F R O M PA g e 1 whose dream is to travel the world via hot air balloon, and how it's changing the way the assessment process is viewed. hme News: How did wheelchair technology get to a place where it can now support a video game? Gabriel Romero: It started with the i-Drive alternative drive control. We released a Bluetooth version this year, and it allowed us to connect to tablets and PCs, and to really start exploring. hme : Video games have a wow factor in and of themselves, but this one's also practical . Romero: One thing I've always noticed is the tremendous amount of fear during an assessment. The users don't know what the chair's going to do; the therapists and the parents don't know what the user's going to do in the chair. It was hard to get a true assessment. hme : How does LOONZ help? Romero: It has an Angry Birds feel to it, so it's goofy but captivating. There are 16 levels. The first level is using the control to get the elephant up to the balloon to get a coin. Once that stage is cleared, the next is using the left command to get another coin; the next, the right command; the next, an up and reverse command; and it keeps going. There are arrows to help direct the user, and it's very rich in graphics. hme : Why a video game? Romero: My hobby is video games—I'm the dad beating my kids at video games. They can stimulate your mind and teach you things. And there's meaning to this one. The elephant is bullied a lot in school. It's all-around about inclusion. hme four years of litigation. This was the first year where 3B's resources could focus entirely on developing new products." ResMed and 3B Medical announced a five-year settlement on Jan. 21, 2017, whereby ResMed agreed to make a one-time payment to 3B Medical to close ongoing litigation between the two companies in Florida, and 3B Medical agreed to make royalty payments to ResMed to continue selling its existing products. Here's what Lucio had to say about what's to come for 3B Medical in 2018. Inno V at I on Lucio says one area where 3B Medical has focused its new product development: interface technologies. The company has patents pending for silicone gel adhesives that regain their original tack with washing, much like those used in the backless NuBra. "Once we were able to get an adhesive application to maintain an air seal, we believes that we found a potential way to innovate in this space," he said. "We hope to make announcements in the second quarter of 2018." D IV ers IFI cat I on 3B Medical made its first foray into oxygen last year, when it launched the Cirrus 5 stationary concentrator. In 2018, the company will set its sights on the POC market, Lucio says. "Ambulatory patients are a different matter and are making their prefer- ence for a portable pretty loud and clear," he siad. "Every manufacturer is working on new solutions, and 3B Medical is no different." a cqu I s I t I on Lucio says 3B Medical is growing its product portfolio internally, but also externally through acquisitions. "We have looked at acquisitions and are near closing on our first, and we also have a fairly deep new product pipeline," he said. "We are hoping to announce our first acquisition in the next few weeks." hme

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