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Providers 12 / february 2018 / hme news Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel • New Orleans, LA • March 4-6, 2018 KEYNOTE SESSION: The impact of technology on home health care Dr. Shailja Dixit has an extensive background as a leader of transformation in every sector of the health care landscape, from provider organizations to health plans, pharma and devices. Her keynote address will look at the ways technology has shaped the delivery of health care and what the future may hold. Sponsorships are available. Contact: Rick Rector, Publisher Home Health Technology News 207-846-0600 x267 Silver sponsor: Register online today: Dr. Shailja Dixit Chief medical offi cer at Sutherland Healthcare without it and the power goes out at 2 a.m.?" asked one respondent. "Medicare guidelines state that we have to be there within two hours to fix the equipment. How will Amazon do that? They won't." The experience of providers already trying to compete with Amazon for basic DME hasn't been good, with 59% of poll respondents reporting the retail giant has driven down prices. "Everyone in the DME world thought prices couldn't go any lower, now enter Amazon," said one respondent. "Prices will defi- nitely be driven down, thereby forcing smaller DMEs out of business." It's especially annoying when customers bring up Amazon pric- ing in their showrooms, say poll respondents. "They expect us to meet it," said John Galvin, director of Kent Home Medical Equipment. "More and more retail products are fall- ing victim to Amazon—it was just a matter of time." Adding insult to injury, it's the local provider that consumers turn to when they buy DME from Amazon only to find they need help with it, respondents say. "So many times, we end up trying to help people that pur- chased from the Internet and did not receive the correct item, it was not assembled, or they there weren't sure how to even use it," said Marcy Ratcliffe, president of Home and Hospital Medical Supplies. Sure, Amazon may have the market cornered on all things retail, but it's unlikely the retail giant will ever embrace the entire market, say respondents. "I don't see Amazon ever billing insurance, therefore I don't see it as a really big deal other than reducing prices on some small cash items," said Jim Graham, president of Renaissance Medi- cal. "It just might be a blessing for them to deliver walkers." hme amazon c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 online c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1 Just kidding around a n atp for m inneapolis, m inn.-based r eliable m edical Supply made some sure-footed friends recently when he came across a pair of goats while out on a home evaluation. leaves California," CEO Robert Fahlman pointed firmly at the 40% rate reductions under the competitive bidding program as the reason why. And finally, our No. 3 most read story was about whether the Linde-Praxair merger would have any noticeable impact on HME providers (not likely, say analysts). Although Linde made a big splash when it acquired Lincare for $4.6 billion in 2012, the industrial gas giant has kept a low profile in the HME industry. The merger, reported in "Linde-Praxair: Will merger have impact on HME?" was announced in February. hme review c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1 companies are ignoring federal and state laws, and we had no response," said Goodman, co- founder and president of CPAP. com, a Houston-based online provider. "Nobody asked for us for a prescription, and it wasn't a mistake." As an HME provider who must follow a mountain of regulations, Goodman says it's particularly vexing because Amazon doesn't appear to be held to the same standard, even in Texas, where it has a large distribution center. "Texas is on us constantly about prescriptions," he said. "They come in and want all the files for the last 12 months." hme

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