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MAR 2018

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Providers 14 www. HME n E ws. C o M / MA r CH 2018 / HME n E ws With the right CPAP mask, confi dence comes easy Fisher & Paykel Healthcare welcomes F&P Brevida™, nasal pillows mask, to its CPAP mask family. Brevida features both a simple, adjustable headgear, and the minimal, innovative AirPillow™ cushion which inflates to form a 'pillow' of air in and around the nose. For more information visit our website at, or contact your local DME. The Mask Matters Most ™ . F&P Simplus, F&P Brevida, F&P Eson, AirPillow and The Mask Matters Most are trademarks of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. © 2018 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited Visit us at Booth 325 at 2018 Medtrade Spring veteran Bernie Zimmerman. M A rrying t HE MA rgins C h M e offers a full line of DM e and respiratory equipment, enteral nutrition, negative pres- sure wound therapy, medical supplies and complex rehab. t hose last two product catego- ries are something that many h M e providers shy away from these days, says Barranti. " n ot every product has a good margin, but we have been able to marry the margins, if you will, of the good with the bad to continue to have a full scope of services," she said. M A n A ging t HE C y C l E One of the biggest challenges Barranti believes h M e provid- ers face is revenue cycle man- agement, a never-ending cycle of purchasing items upfront, getting them delivered quickly to patients, then waiting—and waiting—to get paid, a lag time that has only increased. Musing t HE futur E When asked whether she thinks the h M e industry will see more women move into the C suite, Barranti says she hopes so. " i t does seem to be the 'Year of the Woman' with everything that's in the news and all the movements," she said. " i t's coin- cidental, but i happened to be lucky to get into this position at this time and i believe that in the future that will be (more common)." HME BARRANTI c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 3 he said. One of the combined company's first plans: leverage their offerings to get more DM e providers to serve the hospice market, says DiCosmo. " i think as pricing pressure con- tinues from Medicare, more DM e providers will be looking for alter- native sources of revenue," he said. " i think it lends itself to where we want to take the company." For now, StateServe and h os- picelink will keep their respec- tive names, but eventually they'll explore creating a common brand. "We've doubled our team so now we are going to have bandwidth to focus on new endeavors," said t rull. "We're looking forward to making headway and we want to dominate in our core market." HME MERGER c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 3 family owned business has a long history of giving back to the community, a habit which was instilled in Scolnick and the company's nine employees by his father, company founder i rv Scolnick. " t hat's the sad thing with com- petitive bidding," said Scolnick. " t he companies that were awarded contracts, they're not from the area, so they don't pay taxes here, they don't support the community at all." t hat warmth and humanity is what makes Seventh Street Medical stand out from its competitors, says Scolnick. "We pride ourselves on pro- viding one-on-one service to our patients," he said. "We know our patients by their name, not by their h CPCS code or i D number." HME STEP UP c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 3 Smith says many of the buyers he talks to feel reimbursement may have finally bottomed out. "Right now, they can still buy on the cheap and gain tremendous market share," he said. "When- ever it starts going up and DM e becomes desirable again—those guys will sell." HME DA s C o leverages Apacheta to gain efficiencies WESTERVILLE, Ohio – DASCO Home Medical Equipment has added ap- proximately 2,500 new confirmed orders each month, after tapping Apa- cheta's mobile solution to gain more oversight of its delivery techs and streamline business operations. The provider has also reduced DSO by eight days, according to a press release. DASCO has implemented Apacheta's Transport Manager, which enables managers and customer service reps to centrally plan, schedule and monitor field force activity via a cloud-based application; and Transport ACE, which streamlines mobile proof of delivery operations. DASCO services patients in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. M&A OUTLOO k c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 ME dtrad E boot H 325

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