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MAR 2018

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Mobility 16 www.h M e N ew S . C o M / M a RC h 2018 / h M e N ew S R E T A I L S O L U T I O N S D R O P S H I P P R I V A T E L A B E L F I N A N C I N G RIGHT PARTNER. RIGHT PRODUCTS. RIGHT DIRECTION. Explore the opportunities. #GearUpCHB Gear up with Compass Health Brands for our platform of products and programs that will drive your long-term success. Learn more at Join us at Medrade Spring for our Merchandising and Maximizing Profits Conference on March 27 at 1 PM ® NU m OTION C O N T I N u E d f r O M p A g E 1 5 'No White Flags' Steve g leason, a former football player for the New Orleans Saints who was diagnosed with A l S in 2011 and who is a Numotion customer, was the keynote speaker for the company's annual employee meeting in January. f or the first time, the company broadcast the keynote live on f acebook, drawing more than 31,000 views by the following week. g leason has used the anthem"No White f lags" to build a movement against A l S. customers like having the con- venience of a single source for both complex rehab but also medical supplies. "When we talk to them about seating and cushions, it's easy for us to also talk to them about bladder and bowel manage- ment," Swinford said. hme r EHAB m ED C O N T I N u E d f r O M p A g E 1 5 Therapeutics, a Columbus, Ohio- based wound care company that provides therapeutic support sur- faces, in a move that not only diver- sifies its product portfolio but also leverages the synergies between the two businesses, Rankin says. "We're just starting to merge some of the business models," he said. With Rankin now more focused on the big picture, Rehab Medical has also added William "Rusty" Mattingly as ATP clinical manager. The company has about two dozen ATPs on staff, many of them part of the "new generation" of ATPs, Rankin says. "It's nice to see people get into such a niche market," he said, "and provide such great service. We're all just excited about making a differ- ence in people's lives." hme CON f E r ENCE C O N T I N u E d f r O M p A g E 1 5 issues finished, we're gearing up for a big push," he said. No T a Cu R e a T all Finally, stakeholders plan to use the visits to express concerns with a provision in the 21st Century Cures Act that requires CMS to limit the federal contribution to Medicaid payments to bid-influenced Medi- care payments. The change affects 37 complex rehab codes, Clayback says. "Any reduction in reimburse- ment will create serious access con- sequences," he said. hme C r T f L y IN C O N T I N u E d f r O M p A g E 1 things off on the morning of April 25, followed by a panel of policy- makers and lobbyists on the tem- perature in Congress; a panel of stakeholders on industry related updates; and an orientation for the next day's visits to Capitol Hill. Per tradition, about two-doz- en consumers will participate in those visits to the Hill. "Having a consumer there just brings more awareness to our issues, not only for the legisla- tors and their staff, but also for the consumers themselves," said Weesie Walker, executive director of NRRTS. "I went on visits with a mom and her little girl, and after two visits, she told me, 'I had no idea the process it takes to get my daughter's equipment.'" While the conference has always drawn a core group of con- sumers, organizers are also trying to recruit new consumers, espe- cially from states like Indiana, where legislators haven't signed on yet to support industry efforts. "There are also states where we want to maintain that level of sup- port," Walker said. hme

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