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MAR 2018

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Medicare Market Marker The eSolutions Denial Tracker SOURCE: ESOLUTIONS the eSolutions denial tracker is an index of the percentage of Medicare and commercial claims rejected on a monthly basis. The most recent month's data repre- sents an analysis of approximately 1,278,170 Medicare claims and 4,109,127 commercial claims adjudicated between January 1, 2018, and January 31, 2018. The index is a categorized and weighted analysis of claims fi led by eSolutions customers. HMENEWS.COM 4/17 5/17 7/17 10/17 1/17 1/18 12/17 8/17 6/17 9/17 11/17 2/17 3/17 Most viewed stories in January 1. AAHomecare investigates illegal online sales 2. Subcontracting exacerbates problems with bid program 3. CMS stacks deck against Medicaid 4. Enter Amazon? Negative impact would be felt far and wide, say poll respondents 5. Buckle up, 2018 is going to be 'huge' for M&A, analysts say 6. The year in review: Escalating turmoil, relief efforts dominate headlines *The Medicare Market Marker provides a monthly look at the number of Medicare benefi ciaries for whom the four MACs have allowed a claims payment. SOURCE: PDAC (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 1 3 9 0 : O X Y G E N C O N C E N T R A T O R E 0 2 6 0 : S E M I - E L E C T R I C H O S P I T A L B E D (number of allowed benefi ciaries) E 0 6 0 1 : C P A P (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 0 0 1 : S T A N D A R D W H E E L C H A I R (number of allowed benefi ciaries) (number of allowed benefi ciaries) K 0 8 2 3 : P O W E R W H E E L C H A I R * * HME NEWS POLL HMEDATABANK.COM The HME DataBank has the latest Medicare reimbursement data for the top 1,000 HME providers nationally in 103 key product cat- egories, as well as for all of the products in the NCB program. You can determine your market share, look for new product opportu- nities and check out your competition using the latest available Medicare data. Go to to learn more. data! data! **We are now tracking K0823 claims with certain modifi ers (NU, UE or RR/KH) to better refl ect the actual number of new allowed benefi ciaries under the 13-month capped rental. 11/16 8/17 7/17 9/17 10/16 12/16 1/17 5/17 6/17 2/17 3/17 4/17 "I am all for Trump and his administration. What CMS has to do is get rid of NCB. It's killing this industry and hurting patients." — Jim Fallon, Medirest, Birmingham, Ala. "Trump is a fraud...and has basically hijacked the Republican agen- da and provided tax breaks that will balloon the defi cit. It might be good now, but in the end, we will all pay dearly." —Anonymous 114,207 Region D 101,859 Region B 72,415 Region A 27,692 Region C 16,162 Region A 6,712 Region D Region B 14,051 Region B 53,024 Region D 69,869 Region C 102,327 Region A 45,356 323 Region B Region D 290 802 Region C Region A 121 44,586 Region C 18,033 Region B 14,906 Region D 18,509 Region A Month Percent denied Source: The Braff Group, 412-833-5733. The Braff Group M&A Insider Rehab (17.3, 18.1) DME (14.4, 15.6) Respiratory (11.3, 10.8) 11/16 8/17 7/17 9/17 10/16 12/16 1/17 5/17 6/17 2/17 3/17 4/17 11/16 8/17 7/17 9/17 10/16 12/16 1/17 5/17 6/17 2/17 3/17 4/17 11/16 8/17 7/17 9/17 10/16 12/16 1/17 5/17 6/17 2/17 3/17 4/17 NewsPoll based on 87 respondents. 199,730 Region C HME NEWS / MARCH 2018 / WWW.HMENEWS.COM Databank Has the fi rst year of a Trump adminis- tration had a positive impact on your business? This month we take look at one of the fastest growing sectors of health care services in M&A that you may have missed—autism services providers. Although a tiny niche within behavioral health care, autism treatment has all the characteristics that spike acquisition interest—ris- ing utilization, increased funding, market fragmentation, few sizeable players, favorable market perception, barriers to entry, and service line expansion opportunities. As a result, competition for a limited supply of acquisition candidates—especially from private equity – has sent valu- ations to near unprecedented levels, even for providers of modest size ($3 million to $5 million). The question, of course, is how long it will take for sticker shock to dissuade enough would-be buyers from entering the market, and in so doing, restoring more balance to supply and demand. And as predictable as a Kardashian vying for attention, in over heated M&A conditions, this is a question of when, not if. 23 11/16 8/17 7/17 9/17 10/16 12/16 1/17 5/17 6/17 2/17 3/17 4/17 What has had the most positive im- pact on your business?

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