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APR 2018

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Providers hme news / April 2018 / 11 On the one hand, it may seem that comprehensive HME software is cost prohibitive. On the other, you can't afford to go without it. There is an affordable answer. QS/ 1 ® 's SystemOne ® software provides a comprehensive, integrated system that manages orders, documentation, claims, inventory and accounts receivable – all while helping you maintain full compliance with Medicare regulations. And within budget. Think all comprehensive HME software is out of reach? © 2018 J M SMITH CORPORATION. QS/1, the QS/1 logo and SystemOne are registered trademarks of the J M Smith Corporation. To learn more about affordable and complete HME software visit , call 866.590.9493 or scan the code. Bring It On. Whatever your problem, QS/1 has a solution. Visit us at Medtrade Booth 418 Binson's expands retail presence Binson's Medical e quipment and s upplies has opened a new loca- tion in a nn a rbor, Mich. t he 8,000-square-foot facility has dedicated retail space and will also serve as a distribution center to expand its delivery area. t he facility will allow Binson's to establish better ser- vices for the University of Michigan Medical Center, said n ick Binson, vice president of retail operations. t he family-owned company has opened six stores in the last five years as it ramps up its retail busi- ness. captured documentation, including a tracking number to verify delivery, using a dobe Sign, and submitted claims for reimbursement. a key factor in the success of the pilot, Usher says: exclud- ing patients who it wouldn't be appropriate for, and ensuring the patients who are have a sup- port system in place, especially during the initial set-up. "Usually we ask that some- one be there for the phone edu- cation, so if they are not quite understanding it, or need help lifting or opening the box," he said. "That's part of what we learned in the pilot; making sure everything is in place." Philips, which plans to roll out the program more widely this spring, already has a simi- lar program for c P a P devices that has also been a success, says Tony r oss, senior market- ing manager. "When the patient satisfac- tion and adherence data was compiled, it was clear we are truly on to something," he said. " c ustomers started to ask us about providing similar ser- vices for oxygen." HME v IRTUAL 02 C o n t i n U e d f r o M pa g e 1 providing faster service for oxy- gen delivery. We are in essence increasing the overall number of patients a D me can serve each day, without increasing staff." t he nudge While providers have historically been slow to adopt a non-delivery model, that appears to be chang- ing, says r oss. " m any of our customers are telling us they would like to move in the direction of non- delivery oxygen service—with home delivery or not," he said. "The issue is determining what the most effective model is for each provider. We will work with our customers to develop the programs that best serve patient requirements, while also meet- ing the business needs of D me providers." HME 02 DELI v ERY C o n t i n U e d f r o M p r e v i o U s pa g e M&A C o n t i n U e d f r o M p r e v i o U s pa g e your hard work—let us help you exit," said Jones, president of Troy, a la.-based Jones m edical Supply. That message is no accident, says a eroflow, which also sends emails and makes phone calls to keep their name front of mind for providers who may, if not now, in the future seek an exit strategy. "We want to work with the seller to help find the value they see in their company and the transition of their patients and staff over to a ero- flow," said a ndrew a moth, corpo- rate development manager. "The option is there when they need it." While r otech acknowledges that its acquisition program has gotten more active in the past two years, it also contends that it's a good option for a provider that's struggling. " i t comes to the point where we can purchase their assets or just get them out of a bind," said ceo Tim Pigg. "But we can't save everyone." HME ME dtrad E boot H 418

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