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APR 2018

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Rx and Specialty Providers doors in December, after losing an appeal to reinstate its Medi- care billing privileges. Arriva serviced 450,000 Medicare beneficiaries in 2016, accord- ing to the HME Databank. "Are those people getting what they need?" said Ander- son. "I can't imagine a program that is already struggling, and you've got a major supplier that goes out of business—I can't imagine that it's going to be good." hme hme news / april 2018 / 15 866-551-2580 N I SUS ® N EG AT I VE P R E S S U R E WOUND THERAPY SYSTEM BETTER POWER. BETTER PORTABILITY. BETTER P R EC I S I O N. BETTER OUTCOMES. " The Nisus Pump reduced our NPWT service calls by 80%, allowing for BETTER PATIENT OUTCOMES." — M e d i c a l S u p p l y D i s t r i b u t o r Insulet: 'We are well on our way' moneyline BILLERICA, Mass. – Insulet Corp. report- ed revenue of $130.5 million for the fourth quarter of 2017, an increase of 26% compared to the same peri- od in 2016. u .S. revenue from the o mnipod was $76.5 million, an increase of 21%. Full-year revenue was $463.8 million and u .S. reve- nue from the o mnipod was $271.6 million. Among Insulet's highlights for 2017: It received Medicare cov- erage under the prescription drug benefit for the o mnipod, paving the way to capturing an additional one-third of the u .S. market. " w e are on a strong, sustainable growth trajectory and are well on our way to achieving our 2021 target of $1 billion in revenue," said p atrick Sullivan, chairman and CE o , in a release. i nves T men T firm D ives T s pe D ia T ric provi D er HOUSTON – Main Street Capital provided by physical and occupa- tional therapists. Introduced in both the House of r epresentatives and the Sen- ate in early 2017, the bill had 322 and 54cosponsors, respectively, aat press time. " w e need public pressure to keep attention on this," said w oodward. Although the bill has strong support, one of the concerns law- makers have raised is its potential cost. w oodward points to a study, published in the Health Econom- ics r eview in 2016, that looks at compression coverage in the state of Virginia, which requires insur- ers, including Medicaid, to pay for the therapy. Among its findings: hospital days decreased by more than 50%; and there was virtually no change in the number of claims submitted. "It's a good predictor of what would happen (with Medicare), and that helps make our case when we talk to Congress," said w oodward. "They find out the cost of compres- sion garments is so much less than the cost of the complications." hme Ly M p HEDEMA c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 has sold Marietta, g a.-based SoftTouch Medical to a spon- sor-backed strategic buyer, it announced Feb. 14. Main Street initially invested in SoftTouch, a provider of home medical equipment and services to pedi- atric patients in g eorgia and Alabama, in 2014. SoftTouch's p r o d u c t o f f e r i n g s i n c l u d e respiratory equipment, enteral nutrition, phototherapy and ventilators. hme inactivity. hme : How would you like to see that change? Eagen: Certified o & p professionals manage prosthetic care to improve the function and the health and the overall quality of life of the patients they serve. w e're trying to create a paradigm shift in how providers view themselves, not as a widget maker or a leg and arm maker—it is viewing yourself as the medical professional you are. hme : What else is on your agenda? Eagen: w e have two pressing pri- ortities. w e are still advocating for implementation of BI p A 427, which was passed in 2000 and defines a certified o & p profes- sional, and has never been imple- mented by CMS. The second is clarification of (the definition) of minimally self-adjusted for orthotics and is tied directly to the expanded threat of competi- tive bidding. hme TODD EAGEN c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e MAIL ORDER c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e medtrade booth 578

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