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APR 2018

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Product Focus hme news / april 2018 / 17 Business Development Emphasize clinical components of O&P Off the shelf Sports By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor H ome medical equipment com- panies looking to compete effec- tively in the orthotics and pros- thetics market need the right peo- ple in place to conduct this business. That means having certified o &P professionals on staff to work with clients in this field. Having certified staff seems like a no- brainer, but H me companies that don't have them are being heavily scrutinized by the o ffice of i nspector General for "huge increases" in billing for off-the-shelf back and knee braces going back to 2014. The oi G reports that 90% of the o &P billings were from H me providers without certified professionals on staff. step 1: earn recognition o rthotics and prosthetics is a clinically intensive field, so having the appropriate clinical personnel is integral to the busi- ness. The two main accrediting bodies for o &P are the Board of c ertification/ a ccred- itation i nternational (B oc ) and the a mer- ican Board for c ertification in o rthotics & Prosthetics ( a B c ). Both groups require facilities to be staffed with board certified or licensed personnel appropriate to the scope of services they provide. " m y assumption is all referring physi- cians, and certainly their referral staff, are aware of whom they are referring their patients to for these ancillary medical ser- vices that are part of their current post- acute care plan," said Todd e agen, presi- dent of the o rthotic Prosthetic Group of a merica. " a ccreditation by these two bod- ies, which have a long standing and solid commitment to the profession of orthotic and prosthetic providers, can certainly act as a solid proof source that your care team is credible and qualified to provide the nec- essary care." The federal government is increasingly addressing the importance of certification in o &P. Recent legislation included a provi- sion making the patient notes, as they relat- ed to medical necessity, of certified and/or licensed o &P practitioners a valid and per- manent part of the patient's medical record. "This is a big step in recognizing cer- tified o &P practitioners as the medical professionals that they are," e gan said. " c ertified o &P providers must meet the same medical education requirements as other ancillary medical professionals, such as advanced registered nurse practitio- ners and physician assistants. a four-year undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree and residency in the desired discipline are requirements." Historically, the model for H me provid- ers on getting into the o &P market has been to start with off-the-shelf orthotics and, in time, add custom orthotics and eventually evolve to prosthetics. But e gan says the industry needs to put more empha- sis on hiring qualified people. i f they do that, he says " i do believe that o &P is a viable additional revenue source for H me suppliers, provided they have qualified and certified o &P practitioners on staff." step 2: D ivi D e an D conquer o nce an H me provider has the qualified personnel available, the mission is to find Category O&P get C ert IFI e D ■ Professionals wanted: HME providers looking to successfully compete in the orthotics and prosthetics market need to have the right people in charge of the business. That means hiring clinical professionals who are accredited by recognized O&P certification bodies. gett IN g t H e I r DU e ■ Gaining respect: The federal government is addressing the importance of certification in O&P, as recent congressional legislation included in a bill that privileged certified and/or licensed O&P practitioners patient notes, as they related to medical necessity, are a valid and permanent part of the patient's medical record. FINDIN g re F erra LS ■ The right docs: Among the most common O&P referral sources in the medical community are vascular surgeons, podiatrists, family practitioners, physical medicine, rehabilitation and geriatric physicians. the right referral sources, says Ryan Ball, director of the VG m m arket d ata program. " i n today's world of providing custom orthotics and prosthetics, with audits, endless documentation requirements and declining reimbursement, independent o &P providers must leverage business from more physicians to remain relevant and thrive in difficult times," he said. d oing that means identifying where o &P referrals originate. VG m research found that vascular surgeons make up the largest pool of referral sources, followed by podiatrists, family practitioners, physi- cal medicine, rehabilitation and geriatric physicians. However, "the frequency fluc- tuates depending on the individual mar- ket," Ball said. Ball and his team conducted an analy- sis of which procedures and diagnoses are most utilized by these types of physicians. The list begins with above- and below-knee amputations, revisions, upper extremity amputations, hip and ankle disarticulation, post-amputation status codes, infections of the stump, diabetes and gangrene. " a fter identifying the top referral sourc- es in your market, you also need to seg- ment them into manageable contact groups based on their potential value to your prac- tice," said Ball. "Some common strategies include segmenting your target physicians into three basic groups, each with its own value and marketing contact plan." H me Ottobock a g ILIU m r ea C t I ve ■ Treats knee osteoarthritis for active patients using a three-point pressure system. ■ Lateral hinge design avoids interference with unaffected leg. ■ Universal sizing reduces inventory from 20 to two. Alex Orthopedic 9036 Neopre N e H IN ge D K N ee Bra C e ■ Beige neoprene with covered aluminum hinges and built-in hyper-extension stops. ■ Adjustable horseshoe buttress pads. ■ Straps above and below the patella; in sizes extra small through extra large. Orthozone, Inc. tH ermo SKIN K N ee Wrap WI t H S IN g L e pI vot H IN ge ■ PDAC Coding Verification Letter, L1812. ■ Open wrap design for easy application and better fit. ■ Lined with the exclusive Trioxon Advantage material for added benefit of heat therapy. Certified Orthopedics Zero- g a F o ■ Off the-shelf or custom unweighting AFO. ■ Allows patient to ambulate while being non-weight bearing. ■ Repeatable donning process assures the foot is offloaded each time AFO is applied. Orthozone, Inc. tH ermo SKIN H IN ge D eLB o W WI t H F L ex I o N & e xte NSI o N H IN ge ■ PDAC Coding Verification Letter, L3760. ■ Brace includes two flexion/extension hinges for maximum stability and control. ■ Lined with Trioxon Advantage material for heat and enhanced recovery. Rehband r x K N ee S U pport-5mm ■ A knee sleeve that benefits varied training for agility, support. ■ Patented anatomical four-panel design that provides injury prevention and improved performance. ■ Combines the key benefits of stability, compression, and warmth. ITA-Med Co. o rt H o Z o N e, I NC . ■ Helps in rehab and pain reduction treatment after lower back injuries and/or surgeries. ■ Designed to provide excellent support, warmth and comfort, while massaging muscles and reducing pressure from the lower back. ■ 25 magnets in the back and six in front create powerful full torso 3D bio-magnetic field. Limbkeepers L I m BK eeper S ■ Non-compression, seamless knit sleeves and gloves protect fragile skin. ■ Latex free yarns feature moisture management, permanent antimicrobial treatment, and four-way rebound stretch. ■ Made in USA. Alex Orthopedic 9630 o ver Door t ra C t I o N U NI t ■ Hangs from any door with a standard thickness. ■ Halter cradles the head in the proper position. ■ Water bag allows for weight adjustment. Vionic Group LLC Sp L e NDID mIDI p er F ■ Leather uppers, durable rubber outsole. ■ Firm yet flexible; removable insert. ■ Biomechanically designed to hug your arches and support natural alignment. ING Source FS4 o rt H ot IC So CKS ■ Patented FS6 plantar fasciitis technology. ■ Control and prevention of PF symptoms. ■ Reduce arch pain and control edema. ITA-MED t LS o -250 ( m ) / t LS o -250 (W) ■ Recommended by doctors to correct posture, and help prevent and reduce scoliosis and other spinal problems. ■ Highly breathable construction with 3-in- 1 support for lower back, upper back and abdomen. ■ Two flexible metal stays for support, reinforced straps, extra shoulder sleeves and criss-cross design with two additional pulls. Braces Other Supports Alex Orthopedic 9239 p ate LL a Strap W / g e L p a D ■ Neoprene strap with loop lock closure. ■ Gel pad for compression. ■ Universal sizing, available in black. Next month! Billing systems, services may ISSU e ■ For the Product Spotlight for our May issue, we will be accepting product submissions in the following categories: billing, documentation, compliance, fulfillment, patient co-pay, collections and other. ■ You'll need to describe your product in three brief bulletpoints. ■ Please keep an eye out for a Product Spotlight flyer from Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty at tflaherty@hmenews. com.

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