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Rx and Specialty Providers Moneyline: BioScrip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Classic SleepCare launches offshoring biz . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PHS employs telemedicine for some visits . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 AOPA's Fise to step down . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 ■ Travel CPAPs are poised for a new wave of growth, says Jay Levitt. See story this page. 16 hme news / may 2018 / By T. Flaher T y, Managing e ditor P r o v i d e r s e x p e c t to see sales of travel cp A p s increase as the devices become more visible in the public domain. "You had the initial surge of early adopters who tend to be early tech adopters," said Jay Levitt, founder of s an d iego-based Lofta. "Now we are seeing a big- ger second wave, in which people are seeing them being used on airplanes or reading accolades about them. p eo- ple are buying them." t here are four primary t r a v e l d e v i c e s c u r re n t l y on the market: r esMed's AirMini and p hilips' d ream- s tation Go, both of which launched in 2017; s omnet- ics' t ranscend; and Human DENVER – Bio s crip reported net revenues of $182.6 million for the fourth quarter of 2017, down from $198.7 million in the third quarter. Net loss from continuing operations for the quarter was $1.2 million, compared to $ 1 2 . 4 m i l - l i o n d u r - ing the third quarter. t he c o m p a n y ' s core product mix for the fourth quar- ter was 75.5%. A d j u s t e d e B i t d A w a s $16.8 million for the fourth quarter, compared to $45 mil- lion for the same quarter in 2016. Net revenue for the year was $817.2 million; net loss was $61.3 million, compared to $34.4 million in 2016. c ore By T. Flaher T y, Managing e ditor ROSEVILLE, Minn. – A patient homecare visit that would normally take about six hours with travel time took respira- tory therapist Jill Anderson 30 minutes to complete using telemedicine. "We were able to do her oxygen follow-up completely remotely," said Anderson, an rt with p ediatric Home s ervice. " i estimate i save about 40 hours a month driving to and from these visits." p H s , a provider of home i n f u s i o n , n u t r i t i o n a n d respiratory services to children, began offering telemed to its oxygen patients about six months ago. Using the Zoom mobile communications app, Anderson sets up the call and sends an invite. d uring the actual call, she goes through her typical visit checklist, checking where oxygen tanks are stored, making sure they know how to put the regulator By Theresa Flaher T y, Managing e ditor AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – o ffshoring has often gotten a bad rap, but for c lassic s leep c are, it was a mat- ter of survival and, now, a new business opportunity. t hree years ago, the 20-year- old company outsourced some of its employee functions to Manila, in the p hillippines, where the cost of employing someone is about 50% less than in the U. s . i n the first year, it saved $4.6 mil- lion in payroll costs. "We wanted to continue to service patients but be able to survive," said Katherine r oys- ter, executive vice president of business development. "We had to do something drastically dif- ferent but didn't want to compro- mise patient care." Now c lassic s leep c are wants to help other HM e providers do the same. i t recently launched Travel CPAP market ready for 'next wave' d esign Medical's Z1. t r a v e l d e v i c e s h e l p t o address a major pain point of therapy for many sleep apnea sufferers. " t here's a big benefit to being able to set up in under a minute in a hotel room or go camping," said Levitt. "We do hear from a lot of people who, when they travel, don't use their cp A p and we lec- ture them about that. You don't get any nights off from sleep apnea." i t doesn't hurt that trav- el cp A p devices look more Classic SleepCare expands 'Scope' Health s cope s ervices to offer offshore staffing services. p articipating providers pay a monthly fee "per seat" for an employee to perform various tasks, everything from admin- istrative functions, to patient services and care, to sales, says r oyster. " i think most companies have gone through significant lay- offs in the past few years," she said. "( o ffshoring) gives you an opportunity to start growing your business again or maybe add another line of business and diversify." r oyster says the service makes the most sense for providers with 20 or more employee positions to offshore. But it doesn't all have to happen at once. "Most companies identify what their biggest pain point is," she said. "You could start with patient compliance, patient con- tact and slowly move it over." For anyone who's ever had dif- ficulty communicating with, say, BioScrip's earnings decline on the tank and turn it on, and check patient demographics like allergies, medications, w e i g h t a n d whether they a r e h a v i n g any difficulty g e t t i n g s u p p l i e s o r have any other issues. " i t 's l i k e F a c e t i m e , " said Anderson. "We are able to actually see everything we need to see in the home that we normally w o u l d b e doing for a home visit." t he telemed sessions are kind of a bonus visit to ensure safe patient care because there is no reimbursement for the sessions—but the provider wasn't getting paid for the in-home visits, either. Telemedicine offers bonus opportunity Provider launches HealthScope Services to offer offshore staffing t R AV E L c pa p s e e n e x t pa g e M O N E y L I N E s e e n e x t pa g e Not-so-dista Nt O f f S H O R I N G s e e n e x t pa g e t E L E M E D s e e n e x t pa g e Dan Greenleaf Travel CP a P devi C es, like the Philips DreamStation Go, allow users to remain compliant with therapy . Jill Anderson Roy Maynard Briefs s oleo h ealth opens new location in w est Virginia MCKINNE y , t exas – Soleo Health has expanded its national specialty infusion pharmacy plat- form to 19 states with licensure in 50 states. It recently opened a state-of-the-art pharma- cy in West Virginia that allows the company to care for patients not only in West Virginia but also western Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley. The West Virginia location, as with most of Soleo's pharmacy locations, offers the flexibility of receiving care at home or at an on-site ambulatory infusion suite. In the past several months, Soleo has also opened several other specialty infusion pharmacy lo- cations throughout the country, including in Orlando, Fla.; St. Louis; and Denver. o ption c are tapped to provide new h IV therapy BANNOCKBURN, Ill. – Option Care has been selected by Theratechnologies as an infu- sion provider for Trogarzo, multidrug resis- tant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infections. Option Care will provide personalized care management support to patients receiving Trogarzo infusions. "Our ability to provide unmatched home and alter- nate treatment site infusion services allow us to partner with innovators bringing ground- breaking therapies like Trogarzo to market," said Matt Deans, vice president, business development at Option Care. a scensia expands access for c ontour products BASEL, Switzerland – Ascensia Diabetes Care has improved access to its Contour Next meters and test strips for UnitedHealthcare members, it announced recently. Effective April 1, individuals can access the brand's products through their pharmacy benefit at a tier 2 co-pay level. Previously, a prior au- thorization was required. aa D e releases tip sheet for mail-order program CHICAGO – The American Association of Dia- betes Educators has released a tip sheet for navigating Medicare's national mail-order program for diabetes testing supplies. The tip sheet, which was developed by the AADE's Professional Practice Committee, provides information on: what is the program, why has it caused concern and what can diabe- tes educators do to help. The tip sheet rec- ommends that diabetes educators explain the program and how it works to people with diabetes; walks them through the CMS website, which can be overwhelming; write "no substitutions" on prescriptions for those that require a particular brand for a signifi- cant reason; encourage those who are sent incorrect supplies to call 1-800-Medicare or the fraud hotline of the Office of Inspector General; and point out that if their brand isn't available through the program they may pur- chase supplies at their local pharmacy, if the pharmacy accepts Medicare reimbursement and assignment, with a 20% coinsurance af- ter the Part B deductible is met.

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