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MAY 2018

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Rx and Specialty Providers hme news / may 2018 / 17 DMEPOS Provider Accreditation BOC HELPS YOU get back to what matters You are committed to providing your patients with what they need to be successful. Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) understands you want a credentialing partner who feels the same way about you. Considered the blue ribbon of credentialing, BOC accreditation ensures your facility is compliant with CMS. And, your patients are assured of quality care. Switch your accreditation to BOC! 877.776.2200 Tom Fise to step down at ao P a after 12-year tenure ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Tom Fise will step down from his role as executive director of the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Associa- tion when his contract expires at the end of 2018. "On behalf of AOPA, I would like to thank Tom for his dedication and com- mitment to the orthotic and prosthetic industry," said Jim We- ber, president of AOPA, in a press release. "His legislative and regula- tory experience has been most valuable to AOPA as he has worked to champion our association's needs to Congress, CMS and other regulatory bodies." Fise has been with AOPA nearly 12 years. AOPA's exec- utive committee has appointed a seven- member search committee to find Fise's successor. It has also engaged Sterling Martin Associates, a leading national ex- ecutive search firm, to guide the process. Sterling Martin focuses exclusively on the association and nonprofit sectors, and has significant experience in the health- care space. AOPA anticipates filling the position by the end of August, allowing sufficient time for a successful transition of leadership. Tom Fise product mix was 73.8%, compared to 63.3% in 2016. "Bio s crip concluded 2017 with strong fourth quarter financial results, deliver- ing significant year-over-year increases in core revenue mix, gross profit margin, adjusted e B itd A and cash provided by operating activities," said d aniel Green- leaf, president and ceo . " o ur fourth quarter adjusted e B itd A of $16.8 mil- lion, a record amount, indicates our turn- around plan is working. We look forward to more progress in 2018, growing our core business and expanding our profit- ability, while making select investments in people, technology, and infrastructure setting up Bio s crip to have a break out year in 2019." hme MONE y LINE c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e O ff SHORING c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e like consumer electronics than medical devices, says Levitt. " t he AirMini looks like it could have come from Apple," he said. " p eople see it as a technology device related to sleep, so it doesn't have that negative connotation." p rovider r obyn p arrott has carried the t ranscend for several years and also offers the AirMini and d ream s tation Go. "Males that travel quite a bit—busi- nessmen—it's easier for them," said p arrott, president of t roy, Mich.-based s leep s olutions. " i t's a pain to carry a big unit with them." Levitt makes it clear to customers that travel devices are meant to be sec- ondary devices. t hey still need a tradi- t RAVEL C p A p p OISED t O GRO w c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e t ELEMEDICINE c o n t i n u e d f r o m p r e v i o u s pa g e t hat should change down the road, says d r. r oy Maynard, medical director for p H s . " t here's a lot of potential for telemed in many aspects, but the biggest problem is to get paid for it," he said. " i think as reimbursement moves forward, it will become more prevalent." a customer service rep based in i ndia, r oys- ter says, that's not the case with Health s cope employees. t he p hilippines has a western- ized culture— e nglish is widely spoken and the country has a huge surplus of nurses, who are empathetic and caring. "We pay at the higher end of the scale and people want to work for us," she said. "We have a low turnover rate and a consistent product. You get what you pay for." hme tional unit for home use. "We sell the travel device as a product for travel and portabili- ty," he said. "When you are home, it doesn't see the light of day." o ne interesting phe- nomenon Levitt has noticed: t ravel devices themselves are leading people to seek help for sleep apnea. " t hey look at it as this cool device that will help them sleep and they find out it requires a prescription," he said. " t hat opens the conversation of what's going on when they are sleeping and often leads them to the diagnosis path." hme With a territory that stretches across Minnesota and into parts of Wisconsin, i owa and the d akotas, the primary benefit of telemed to p H s is the huge cost savings on gas, mileage and clinicians time. Anderson puts about 50,000 miles a year on her car for home visits. " i can see more patients and will probably be able to focus more on the higher-tech kids that i have to see in the home," she said. hme Jay Levitt

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