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■ VGM's Maria Markusen says the retail game plan has evolved. See story next page. Parachute Health wants to kill the fax machine . . . . . . . . . 1 Compass goes through major sales reorg . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Motion Composites targets US . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 3B Medical buys VBOX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Vendors 20 hme news / may 2018 / Briefs 3B m edical obtains 'quick ramp' to P oc s WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – 3B Medical has acquired VBOX, a research and development com- pany for portable oxygen concentrators. 3B Medical now has exclusive global licensing to VBOX's extensive portfolio of intellectual property, including 14 U.S. and eight foreign patents. "The agreement provides 3B Medi- cal with a very quick ramp to market for the most technologically advanced wearable oxygen concentrator in the world," said Alex Lucio, CEO of 3B Medical. The Prometheus Group becomes Prochant CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Prometheus Group, a provider of HME revenue cycle management services, is rebranding to Prochant. Along with a new name, the company has a new logo, graphics, website and messaging. The new name consists of two parts: pro and chant, with pro representing the professional and proactive nature of the company's team members; and with chant representing the persistent and relentless nature of its activi- ties. Prochant has two services offerings: full- service billing and staff augmentation. Permobil launches consumer app LEBANON, Tenn. – Permobil has launched the My Permobil consumer app as part of its Permobil Connect platform. The free app provides enhanced performance and usage data to help consumers get the most out of their connected wheelchairs. "In a world where everything is connected, it just makes sense for our wheelchairs to be, as well," said Larry Jackson, president of Permobil Ameri- cas. With the app, users can view data on ev- erything from battery charge and status level to travel distance and seat function. Service technicians already use the Permobil Con- nect platform to perform remote diagnostics. c ure m edical heads north NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Cure Medical has expanded into Canada with its Ultra Ready- to-Use Catheters. "We continuously receive requests from Canadian sales partners and end users who are looking for a quality-made, affordable intermittent catheter that is not made with known carcinogens like DEHP or BPA," said John Anderson, CEO, in a press release. The Cure Ultra line includes straight and coude options for men and a ready-to- use straight catheter for women. s unset h ealthcare expands CHICAGO – Sunset Healthcare Solutions plans to add TENS units to its product offerings, it announced recently. The two affordable models, the TEN100 and TEN200, will launch this spring. Sunset, a manufacturer of respi- ratory equipment, will also add a new nebu- lizer and a new knee scooter to its line this spring. "This is an exciting time at Sunset," said P.J. Ruflin, director of sales. "While we are expanding, we still have the same great value and commitment to our customers that they've come to expect from us." Carbon kings Philips, lullabies and influencers Philips was the secondary sponsor for an "immersive overnight sleep experience" per- formed by composer Max Richter at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on March 12 (left). The concert, beginning at midnight and running until 8:30 a.m. on March 13, saw Richter and a string ensemble perform an eight-hour lullaby that was composed to aid relaxation, medication and sleep. Richter has performed similar concerts in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. This was the concert's North American debut. Also at SXSW, Philips brought together influencers from all over the world in the days before the concert and asked them "What happens when you don't get enough sleep?" The strangers went on tour from Los Angeles to Austin, completing sleep-related challenges and sharing their views on sleep. The tour culminated at SXSW, where the influencers shared content during the Richter concert. team player Compass gets aggressive C O m PA s s h e A LT h S e e N e X T PA G e By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor m IDDLEBURG HEIGHT s , Ohio – With four acquisitions under its belt, Compass Health Brands is now in full-on sales mode. The company, a merger of Carex Health Brands and Ros- coe Medical, has hired four new people to lead its sales efforts: Greg Zenko as senior vice president of the HME division; Todd Blockinger as vice president of strategic accounts; Michael Scarsella as national sales director; and Peter Kaplan as vice president of product management. "Compass Health's go-to By Tracy Orze L , c ontributing Writer QUEBEC CITY – Motion Composites, an ultra-light manual wheelchair manufacturer with 10 years under its belt in the Canadian and European markets, is ready to crack the U.S. market wide open. The company is actively hir- ing agents and full-time reps in several states, says CEO and founder Eric Simoneau, who has been dubbed the "Steve Jobs of the manual wheelchair industry" by industry veteran Cody Verrett. "We want to support 100% of the U.S. territory and that's going to be the focus for the next few years," Simoneau said. Motion Composites has also been massively reinvesting in its R&D to expand its product line and design products targeted for the American market. The company grew out of a 2005 school project when Sim- oneau and co-founder David Gingras were attending college together. The two were passion- ate about carbon fiber composite material and looking for products to improve. "When we realized that fold- ing wheelchairs can weigh 45 pounds, it just didn't make sense," said Simoneau. "There was a huge technology gap between what's possible to be made with com- posite material (and what is), and that was the idea behind Motion Composites." By Liz Beau L ieu, e ditor C OD y V ERRETT , a 21-year veteran of the industry, has started a consult- ing company called Hudson- Tree Holdings to help complex rehab manufacturers take their businesses to the next level. Verrett now counts ROVI, the complex rehab division of Shoprider, where he previ- ously served as president, as a client. His previous w o r k e x p e - r i e n c e a l s o includes stints at Quantum R e h a b a n d AT G R e h a b (now Numotion). "I'm branching out and hop- ing to do what I did with ROVI's brand awareness with other companies," said Verrett, who spearheaded promoting the company on the web through social media and on the streets through a nationwide tour. "I don't know too many ATPs who haven't heard of ROVI." That level of awareness may not be the case for two other companies now in Hudson- Tree's portfolio: Plainview, N. y .-based BioDynamics LTD and Quebec City-based Motion Composites. For BioDynamics, a manu- facturer of wheelchair seats and backs, Verrett aims to take a company that is well known regionally and make it well know nationally. "They have a line, the BIO Motion Composites moves carbon fiber to the mainstream for manual wheelchairs market strategy has been tradi- tionally executed mainly with our inside sales team," said Stuart Straus, president and CEO. "Due to our recent acqui- sitions and aggressive growth, we decided to make a strate- gic investment in a field sales force." In a little more than a year, Compass Health has acquired Meridian Medical, Richmar, ProBasics by PMI, and the Strengthtape brand of kinesi- ology tape from Endevr. With Zenko as lead, Com- pass Health has reorganized the company into four busi- ness units: Carex for retail/ cash products; Roscoe for respiratory products; Meridi- an for therapeutic support sur- faces; and ProBasics for DME. "We consider Compass Health to be a house of brands that now offers the market- place with a one-stop shop Verrett launches Hudson Tree Holdings Cody Verrett Stuart Straus C O DY v e R R e T T S e e N e X T PA G e C A R B O N K i N G S S e e N e X T PA G e

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