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JUN 2018

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Providers 12 www. H m E n E ws. CO m / jun E 2018 / H m E n E ws The Easy Enteral SoluƟon SENTINEL ® plus Ease of use and affordability in an enteral system Enteral Feeding Pump DUAL DISPLAY EASE OF USE DOSE CHECK SIMPLE ALARMS ENFit® ADMINISTRATION SETS WE DO NOT BILL MEDICARE OR MEDICAID The Homecare Wholesale Distributor that DOES NOT COMPETE with your HME/DME! PURCHASE WHOLESALE $375/PUMP! CALL 1-800-461-1370 TO START SAVING TODAY ! Nationwide Patient Home Delivery for Enteral Feeding Products WWW.SUPREMEMEDICAL.COM Tracy Orzel, c ontributing Writer TAMPA, Fla. – Tampa Medical Sup- ply has launched bracesbandag-, a new e-com- merce website, to meet consumer demand. "We'd get a lot of calls out of the blue: ' d o you have this? d o you have that?'" said Greg Gram- bor, president of Tampa Medical Supply. "That's how we saw that there was a need out there and this (website) is our response." Braces, Bandages and Beyond carries an array of products, including braces, incontinence supplies, c PAP machines, wheel- chairs, compression stockings and aids to daily living. The website is Tampa Medical Supply's second online venture, its first being, a distributor of prescription level compression equipment to nurs- ing homes, hospitals and surgery centers. With big-box stores like k mart and Toys r Us closing left and right, not only is e-commerce the wave of the future, but it's a great option for companies seeking to minimize overhead, says Gram- bor, who utilizes drop shipping direct from the manufacturer. However, with so many com- panies opening online shops, Grambor says it's important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Tampa Medical hops on e-commerce bandwagon "We offer personalized assis- tance," he said. "We invite people on the website to call us if they have questions or need help selecting a product. When they call us they don't get an operator who doesn't know anything—they get one of our long time employees. You don't get that from Amazon." Grambor's advice for those look- ing to start their own e-commerce website: i nvest in at least one site engine optimization service. hme can do that,'" she said. "We're on a first name basis with so many of our callers and word-of-mouth is still your best referral." Many of Bishop's customers these days are caregivers buying for family members and willing to pay cash for items and service, she says. " i f mom needs it, they want to get her what she needs," she said. "We did a bed setup recently and delivered it three hours away. Her daughter said, ' i don't know who (local Medicare providers are) there, i don't want to deal with it. c an i just buy it?'" Bishop likes helping to make people's lives easier, even if it's something as small as a cup holder for a resident of the assisted living facility where her mother resides. "At least once or twice a week, i 'll have someone ask me for some- thing," she said. "Later on, when they need something bigger, they'll say, 'call r osemary's daughter; she'll take care of us.'" hme DIAMOND c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1 We looked at the services, the phy- sicians, the demographics." Big picture, these partnerships position Med c are to take advan- tage of the increasing role of post- acute services in health care's shift toward value-based care. "The home is the safest and least expensive place to be, and it's where most people want to be," Sphon said. " i t's a matter of whether pay- ers and others are willing to pay for that care." hme MEDCARE c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1 and trailer at $112,000 and says it will probably cost him about $45,000 to replace it, though he's hopeful insurance will cover most of it. "We're a small mom-and- pop," he said. "We're doing real- ly well this year, but $45,000 is not a loss i can easily absorb." Murphey feels worse for the clients, who have been very understanding. " i t takes months for the Medi- care process," he said. "Now they've got to wait longer. i feel confident we'll find them." hme GRAND THEF T c o n t i n u e d f r o m pa g e 1 1

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