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Rx and Specialty Providers hme news / june 2018 / 17 Business Summit Program highlights include: • The evolving market for post-acute care • How technology can fuel rural healthcare • The "anti-Amazon" approach: Keep e-tailers away from your customers • Why M&A in HME may be making a comeback • Patient engagement tools: Not just a trend • Street Talk Workshops on patient collections and employee engagement View the full program and register online: Sponsored by: Gold Silver Bronze Attend the Summit for business education and ideas to keep your HME business heading in the right direction. Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Sept. 16-18, 2018 Sept. 16-18, 2018 The DeSoto The DeSoto "If patients are not getting set up quick- ly, and if they aren't hearing from their DME supplier after set up, then we think there's a pretty good opportunity for us to bring value to the market." While Medical Service Company, which was founded by Marx's grandpar- ents in 1950, has built a solid reputation over the years, MSC Sleep is building its own reputation in new markets, he says. "Our service speaks for itself," said Marx. "Our job is to make sure our cus- tomers are happy and they have good things to say. The other side of that is, we need to make sure we are promoting our value to our sleep lab partners and the rest of the community." hme what patients deal with until they hear it direct from the source, says Theresa Shu- mard, patient advocate. "We want the FDA to better understand the complete sleep apnea patient journey and possibly foster the development and delivery of better care," she said. "It's important to be proactive, and research of this kind can benefit the patient of today MS c SLEE p C o N T i N u e d f R o M p A g e 1 OSA p ATIENTS , r EG u LATO r S TO MEET C o N T i N u e d f R o M p R e v i o u S p A g e hme : Treating OSA reduces health problems like diabetes and heart failure . Are payers more willing these days to pay for preventive treatment? Cantor: b ecause of the downstream costs for not adhering, the payer actually saves money. This is one of those cases where prevention is a win-win. The payer more than gets back the cost in terms of avoided costs. HME: Will we see more adoption of this type of program for other diseases? Cantor: This kind of program, what I call data-supported adherence, (will become more widespread). I see doctors and nurses beginning to work with it for asthma patients. When you get data feedback, it enables a dif- ferent clinical conversation. This is the way of the future. hme cANTO r C o N T i N u e d f R o M p R e v i o u S p A g e BASEL, Switzerland – Ascensia Diabetes Care has improved access to its Contour Next meters and test strips for UnitedHealthcare mem- bers, it announced today. Effective April 1, individuals can access the brand's products through their pharmacy benefit at a tier 2 co-pay level. Previously, a prior authorization was required. "This change will give more people the opportunity to access these prod- ucts, and at a reasonable cost," said Robert Schumm, vice president and managing direc- tor of Ascensia Diabetes Care US. Tan D em T arge T s a us T ralas I a SAN DIEGO – Medical Device maker Tandem Diabetes Care has inked distribution agree- ments with Australasian Medical & Scien- tific Ltd (AMSL) and New Zealand Medical & Scientific Ltd (NZMS) to distribute Tan- dem's t:slim X2 Insulin Pump in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. "Partner- ing with key international distributors fur- thers our mission to expand available insu- lin pump choices for people with diabetes worldwide," said Kim b lickenstaff, president and CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care. "AMSL and NZMS have significant experience intro- ducing a variety of diabetes-specific prod- ucts to patients and healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand, and we look forward to working with them to bring the Ascensia expands access t:slim X2 Insulin Pump to the communities they serve." In February, Tandem submitted a medical device license application to health Canada to market its t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Dexcom g 5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring integration. Inol I fe pr I mes a D w T o DI s T r I bu T e Inojex TO r ONTO – Inolife R&D has entered into a letter of intent with ADW Diabetes for the distribu- tion of its Inojex, a patented and FDA-cleared needle-free injection device. With ADW as a new partner, Inolife will have strategic access to one of the biggest insulin markets in the world, according to a press release. " b y connecting innovative needle-free insu- lin delivery technologies to ADW's diabetic community, we will create new opportuni- ties and synergies that otherwise would not have been available to our companies," said Michael Wright, president and CEO of Ino- life. "Partnering with ADW fits perfectly into our vision that every individual should have the opportunity to receive healthcare that is empowering, safe and respectful." Company officials say the fear of needles is a leading reason why people with diabetes do not stay on track with their care team's rec- ommendations for optimum blood glucose management. hme DI A betes notes and in the future." Insurance issues present the larg- est barrier to care for patients, says Shumard. "They may have difficulties with high deductibles or they are shut out of insur- ance completely for whatever reason," she said. "Sometimes they just can't afford another sleep study." hme

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