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JUN 2018

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Business Development 18 / june 2018 / hme news 3B Medical, Inc. Rio Nasal Pillow (R o 1000) ■ Ultra light at just 2.6 ounces. ■ Soft adjustable headgear for patient comfort. ■ Easy-to-change nasal cushion, with guidelines for a perfect fit. Dalton Medical Corp. Nasal Mask ■ Designed for simplicity. ■ Easy to fit, lightweight and a small profile. ■ As low as $29.50. Human Design Medical / Breas Medical Z1 a uto CP a P ■ Ultra-small, full featured, travel CPAP. ■ Optional PowerShell—an integrated rechargeable battery pack now available with an extended life battery. ■ Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android mobile devices to Nitelog sleep data app. CPAPs/masks Catego R y Sleep By John Andrews, Contributing e ditor S eeking encouraging news among the chronic beleaguerment in the HM e market can be a challenge, but one area where providers may find hope is with sleep therapy. a s the category matures, awareness of obstructive sleep apnea is growing among the public and in the phy- sician community, where more patients are being prescribed c P a P therapy. V g M r espiratory, a division of Water- loo, i owa-based V g M g roup, has seen the growth firsthand. "Family practice and internal medicine physicians, as well as nurse practitioners, are recognizing sleep therapy as a growing market," said Dave Lyman, vice president of V g M r espiratory, nothing that there is much more data available on the treatment of sleep disorders than there has been in the past. Some data suggests that 100 million peo- ple worldwide have sleep apnea and that 80% remain undiagnosed. "While awareness may be rising, we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to diagnosis and treatment," said Tom c ata- lano, director of global sleep therapy mar- keting for Philips Sleep and r espiratory c are. "This is not to say we aren't on the right track—in fact, globally we're seeing increased attention on sleep therapy and this is partially due to the many types of physicians who are becoming more inter- ested in sleep." The high percentage of people with undi- agnosed apnea serves as motivation for San Diego-based r esMed to continue broadcast- ing the message about o S a 's harmful health impact and its complex web of co-morbidi- ties, said a my c ook, marketing director of connected sleep devices. Sleep market embraces tech "We are dedicated to getting the word out worldwide about how sleep apnea is directly linked to other life-threatening diseases like heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes; and how c P a P treatment helps reduce the risk and effects of those conditions while saving long-term costs," c ook said. o n the whole, an expanding sleep therapy market is good news for the HM e industry, but at the same time, providers need to be prepared to handle incrementally higher patient volumes, said Morgan Dopplick, director of resupply operations for Law- renceville, g a.-based Brightree. "The continued patient growth our cus- tomers experience, despite a challenging healthcare climate, gives every indication that the area of sleep therapy continues its growth trajectory as patients continue to be diagnosed," Dopplick said. " i t's imperative that HM e s have access to the right resupply programs and technology, as well as integra- tion with sleep therapy equipment from key manufacturers, to meet their patient's needs." Tech-compliance link There is a strong connection between c P a P compliance and technological tools facilitat- ing closer communication between patients and providers. c atalano sees patients becoming more interested in actively par- ticipating in their own care and that tech- nology is playing a key role in helping them. For instance, Phillips' c are o rchestrator delivers patient data directly to care teams via smart phone, tablet or P c so that they can make informed clinical decisions in real time, which c atalano says "unites technol- ogies, resources, people and information for helping millions of patients living with respiratory disease and sleep disorders. Technology with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cel- lular connectivity has helped HM e provid- ers get the data easier and sooner to monitor compliance, Lyman added. " i t is proven that the sooner you can help the patient that is not compliant, whether it is a pressure, mask or humidification issue, the better chance to get them compliant with the physician's order," he said. "Most manufacturers have online programs and videos to help providers, but it still comes down to the provider's program on how well the respiratory therapist educates the patient on their disease state and equipment. Tech- nology is a tool that complements clinical expertise." n ewton, Mass.-based Human Design Medical has focused on technology that boosts compliance with Z1 c P a Ps that are portable and feature Bluetooth connectivity. "These features help patients and thera- pists to easily set the device and see their sleep data," said Tom Miller, HDM's general manager of sleep. " i n addition, the Z1 does not require a special mask and hose." c ook cited a c H e ST study that found that 87% of patients who were both remote- ly and self-monitoring were adherent on c P a P, compared to 50% to 60% not on a cloud-connected monitoring device. " r esMed has 5 million patients world- wide on cloud-connected c P a Ps that offer both remote patient monitoring and easy- to-use self-monitoring app, my a ir, which gives patients access to their nightly c P a P data and personalized coaching for improv- ing their sleep," she said. Besides helping increase compliance rates, technology is also instrumental in reducing provider costs, Dopplick said. "With challenges facing the market and straining our customers' resources, lever- aging technology is key to reducing cost," Dopplick said. "Technology must help HM e s improve accuracy and efficiency u P wa RD t R a J e C to R y ■ Deep sleep: The numbers show that awareness of obstructive sleep apnea's harmful health effects has gained tremendous traction with the public and in the physician community. This heightened awareness has led to higher adoption rates of CPAPs, though the category is still in its initial growth phase. F a C i N g C o MP lia NC e ■ Enticing users: By developing CPAPs that are more comfortable and portable, along with enhancing connectivity of the units, sleep equipment manufacturers are contributing to better patient compliance with therapy. V alue o F D ata ■ Making the case: Providers need to collect sleep therapy data to share with payers, health systems and referral sources. By sharing data with payers, providers can show the critical role they play in the outcomes of patients with sleep disorders. while maximizing their revenue opportu- nities during the ordering process. i t's also essential that these tools enable low-touch, easy-to-use options for order fulfillment, as well as provide downstream benefits in claims processing and both patient and payer collections. By leveraging technology, a provider can optimize the resupply lifecy- cle of an order while reducing cost, allowing them to focus more on patient care." a nother key provider cost that technol- ogy is addressing concerns retrieving equip- ment for patients who fail to meet the mini- mum usage threshold, said Brian Palmer, senior global product manager for Somerset, Pa.-based Drive DeVilbiss. " n ewer c P a P devices have algorithms that can determine if c P a P is even the right therapy for some apnea patients," he said. "Patients with periodic breathing or central apnea may not feel better after using thera- py, so they may stop using it. h M e Fisher & Paykel Healthcare F&P eso N 2 ■ Visiblue headgear can be stretched directly over the head for an easy fit. ■ Rollfit technology automatically adjusts the seal on the bridge of the nose. ■ Removable, washable diffuser to muffle the noise and reduce draft. apnea/masks/eson-2/ Hans Rudolph Inc. 7600 s e R ies V2 CP a P/Bi- l e V el Full Fa C e Mask ■ Flexible mask that forms to the contours of the face. ■ Patented chin cup helps keep mask secure and from riding up the face. ■ Soft, one-piece face piece that helps ensure a correct seal and comfortable fit. ResMed Quiet a i R D i FF use R F o R a i R Fit F20/ a i Rt ou C h F20 ■ Diffuser vent elbow for ResMed's AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 full- face masks. ■ Reduces noise by 89%. ■ Produces a 70% gentler exhaled air flow. us/en/consumer/products/mask-series/ airtouch-20-series.html Philips Respironics D R ea Ms tatio N ■ Built-in Bluetooth, cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity to DreamMapper, Care Orchestrator, and EncoreAnywhere. ■ Available in multiple configurations: CPAP Pro, Auto CPAP, BiPAP Pro, Auto BiPAP. ■ EZ Start's automatic, personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure help patients gradually acclimate to their prescribed therapy. Compass Health Brands D R ea Me asy CP a P Nasal Mask s ta R te R k it ■ Sizing guide makes fitting a breeze. ■ Flexible design allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit. ■ Kit includes small, medium and large Comfort Cushion seals. Brightree B R ight R ee Co NN e C tPR o Patie N t Resu PP ly oP ti M i Z atio N ■ Automated patient contact management combined with data analytics and services ■ Leverages HME patient data in real time. to improve the patient experience and enhance profitability. ■ Live calling and resupply order intake management services; patient pay integration. Resupply Barber Holding, LLC P R o V e N t- s lee P aPN ea t he R a P y ■ FDA cleared for treating OSA. ■ Great for frequent travelers or those who struggle with bulky CPAP equipment. ■ For individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnea who wish to explore other options. Airway Management M y ta P P a P Nasal Pillow Mask ■ Use an upper tray to anchor the mask in place. This stability means less movement, no leaks and no headgear required. ■ Low pressure drop. ■ One of the quietest masks on the market. Sunset Healthcare Solutions CP a P Clea N i N g w i P es ■ Safe and effective. ■ With aloe vera and Vitamin E. ■ Private label available with minimum quantity commitment. GEMCO Medical CP a P t u B i N g – s ta ND a RD gR ey ■ Available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch lengths. ■ Lightweight, heavy-duty. ■ Will work with most CPAP machines. Other

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