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JUN 2018

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Smart Talk 8 / june 2018 / hme news billing online learning Keep it clean By Ronda Buh R meste R Q. The industry focus has changed due to lower reimbursements, stringent documentation requirements, and working with a leaner staff making intake key. Can we go back to the basics of reviewing the intake process? a . Your intake team is responsible for col- lecting the order, medical records and sup- porting documentation. If any required information is missing or inaccurate, the team must go back to the referral source to obtain the correct information and explain why it is needed. This is why it is so important to ensure your intake staff is thoroughly educated about medical policy requirements and company policies. The intake process needs to be so clean that when the documentation gets to the billing team, the claim is ready to be sub- mitted for payment. Collecting information from both the patient and the referral source is critically g o out and create By B R ie Cohen Vla C h Q. Where do i start when looking to build clinical online learning? a . It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Here are some basic first steps to get you moving in the right direction. To start building clinical online learning, you'll need a learning management system. An LMS is an application that houses and delivers courses to your learners, as well as reports and tracks their learning. There are many LMS applications to choose from. The LMS that's right for your organization depends on many factors, including what kind of tracking and reporting you want to do, and what kind of learning you want to house and deliver. You'll also need to create the course con- tent. Who are the people that will design, create and review your online content? At Pediatric Home Service we have a project manager, eLearning developer, clinical sub- ject matter experts (SMEs), clinical review- important, making sure coverage criteria is met and verifying the patient's information for claim submission. It starts with the cor- rect spelling of the patient's name and the patient's current and permanent addresses. The permanent address on file with Social Security is important to know because it could be in a competitive bid area or have a representative payee on file, which affects how the claim is processed and reimbursed. The patient's file must contain a copy of their insurance card. Do not rely on another health care entity (e.g., hospital) for accurate insurance information for DME benefits. Emergency contact information is important. This should be someone who does not live with the patient, such as a family member, neighbor or friend. This is helpful in situations where the patient does not return phone calls, needs to return equipment, or has an outstanding balance. Implementing flow sheets for the intake to billing process is beneficial for making sure all the necessary steps are followed and completed. hme Ronda Buhrmester is director of reimburse- ment for The VGM Group. Reach her at ronda. ers, and multimedia specialists. Courses can be as interactive or as simple as you want them to be. It could be a video, PDF or activity. We like to create interactive online courses using an eLearning authoring tool. Using this tool, we create courses that contain videos, photos, voiceover, closed cap- tions, animations, and interactions where the learner can click on objects and drag them around their screen. Our goal is to keep learners engaged! We are able to track how learners interact with the courses and if they fail or pass knowledge checks. My advice is to go out there and start creating. Don't wait for every- thing to be perfect. Cre- ate a course, and improve it with each new course you create. While it's a lot of work, the finished product is worth the effort. hme Brie Cohen Vlach is education supervisor at Pediatric Home Service. Reach her at bgcohenv- Go out there and start creating. Don't wait for everything to be perfect. Create a course, and improve it with each new course you create. The data to drive your business forward eep! eep! Data! Data!

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