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JUL 2018

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Smart Talk hme news / july 2018 / 11 M & a patient collections l ock it down like Fort Knox By Jennife R l eon Q. You've decided to implement a 'card on file' program. What should you do next? a . There are four simple steps. s elect a p ayment v endor Don't skip to last chapter By Jonathan s ado C k Q. What is exit planning and how do i explore the strategic options for my HM e business? a . Just as you make many impor- tant decisions to start, build and grow your business, it is vitally important that you properly pre- pare and plan your eventual exit or business succession. Just as you wouldn't read only the last chapter in a book, you need to read all the chapters leading up to your exit. This process starts with building a living dashboard on your busi- ness performance. This includes tracking and monitoring key metrics on a monthly basis and understanding regulatory issues and market fluctuations specific to your specific niche. The met- rics may include the obvious P&L analysis and balance sheets along with reimbursement by product line and payer. Employee perfor- mance metrics are also an impor- tant aspect that should not be ignored. Once you have gathered the essential data, engaging with a market professional or advisory will help you to benchmark valu- ation. There are many factors that impact valuation and it is impor- tant to anticipate hurdles and deal with them proactively. Strategic options come in many forms and flavors, ranging from an outright sale to a recapitalization of the business. For HME companies, sometimes a merger of equals can substantially scale and produce a stronger, more valuable business. With your valuation benchmark in hand and an understanding of the various types of transactions you may pursue, it's time for a little soul searching and goal set- ting. Most transactions perform best when the business is not in distress. By monitoring these key metrics and market valuation, you can weigh your goals with the cur- rent market and when the time is right, execute a well-planned and successful transaction. hme Jonathan Sadock is managing partner at Paragon Ventures. Reach him at jsa- that h olds the hI ghest pc I dss c ert I f I cat I on First and foremost, you want to make sure your vendor has a strict set of security requirements in place for the management and protection of cardholders' private information and other payment processing related activity. u pdate Internal p rocedures Surely your staff is not photo- copying card information, sav- ing it in an Outlook task item or writing it down—are they? If you answered yes to any of that, stop! Update internal pro- cesses and procedures to lock that information down like Fort Knox in a secure environment and most importantly, change your staff behaviors and expec- tations. That outdated way is no longer the way. s et e qu I pment s tandards Begin to set standards like whether or not automatic pay- ment should be mandatory for certain types of equipment, or which patients may be best suit- ed for an automatic payment plan. Provide employees with clear guidelines and scripts that will assist in patient communica- tion regarding financial respon- sibility. t ra I n s taff Some of these changes might seem easy to implement, but remem- ber that even small changes can have a significant effect on staff. Provide employees step-by-step directions to help them feel confi- dent when engaging patients. The last thing you want is uneducated staff; training will ensure the best possible practices are being used going forward. hme Jennifer Leon is vice president, patient collections, at Brightree. Reach her at

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